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Vega One Review – How Safe and Effective is it?

Are you expecting to see immediate pound reduction soon as you start taking Vega One? You may be disappointed. This shake is not in possession of any pound-burning ingredients that you can typically find in powerful weight loss supplements or diet pills. It does not possess capabilities of peaking your metabolism or improve the way your body processes fat and calories. Instead, the sole way to destroy pounds by using Vega One is to employ it as a fill-in for portions of meals you usually eat. The meaning of this amounts to you banishing numerable higher-calorie meals you’re in accustoms with eating for a Vega One drink. For example, in contrast to eating a big breakfast and an unhealthy lunch, you might drink 2 Vega One drinks instead. You can still eat a normal meal for dinner, but by cutting out a duo of meals you will be controlling and eliminating a sizable lot of the calories you consume. By limiting your calories, you limit the amount of fat that can potentially be build up in your body, which means you should gradually begin to see some pound elimination.

You may expect that cutting out so many calories and more than one meal per day may leave your body feeling weak, hungry and malnourished. However, Vega assures users that this fails to be the case. Thanks to the 20 grams of proteins, in addition to the nutrients and vitamins you can find in Vega One’s formula, your body will get all things the necessities for it requires like feeling your health and energization throughout the day. Vega also claims that the 7 grams of fibers in the drink’s formula will be satisfactory in satiating your stomach, curbing your appetite and eliminating the urge to place snacks between your larger-sized meals.

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What is it?

Vega One is a food stand-in drink that aims to assist in destroying your pounds replacing one or two high-calorie meals with low-calorie shakes to limit the numerable calories you devour in a day, resulting in gradual pound elimination. If it is your desire to expand your knowledge of what Vega One can do, check out this comprehensive review I’ve composed for the product.

Who makes it?

Vega One is produced and sold by a company sharing the same title, Vega. While Vega One is not in possession of its own individual website, lots of information is locatable about the product, as well as Vega’s other shakes and supplements on the Vega company’s official site. Vega’s website seems to primarily be an online shop where you can purchase the company’s products, which is actually among the things that are enjoyable to see on a company’s website. If your choice alters between purchasing directly from the company that makes it and purchasing it from a third-party distributor, you should always choose to buy straight from the source. Doing so allows your piece of mind to be sustained that the company will (hopefully) take full responsibility should your satisfaction with their product not succeed. While third-party distributors are all too often run by shady dealers just looking to rip you off, buying directly from a company is good ensurement that you’re avoiding them taking your advantage of.

I was even more pleased to see that Vega One comes with a monthlong ensurement of your funds returned, and that Vega provides not only phone numbers where they can be reached, but physical addresses of their warehouses in the U.S. and in Canada so customers know where to return their products if they want to. In consideration of their actual products, Vega One does an adequate performance of supplying potential buyers with everything necessary to be known about them, including reproductions of their shakes and bars’ nutrional date on labels. When the fact is considered that some companies fail to provide information like this, I enjoyed seeing that Vega One wasn’t one of them. This company is adequate in the task of convincing you they’re a supplement provider that you can trust.

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Does it work?

I was actually capable of locating a bunch of positive testimonials by people whose experiences involved having lost weight thanks to using Vega One to replace several meals per day. However, it was possible to locate negative reviews claiming that Vega One has recently changed its formula, reducing the number of vitamins and crucial minerals that you will see in its formula. This may mean that Vega One may no longer be as effective at keeping your body in peak health as it once was. While some users claim to prefer the new version, in actuality there are bountiful negative reviews on Vega’s own site complaining that the newer formula tastes really bad, has more calories and almost twice the fat content of the previous version.

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Its Ingredients and Dosages

You can find Vega One’s nutritional information on Vega’s official site, but I’ve listed the titles in the product’s nutritional label here for your convenience:

Amount Per Serving Percent Daily Value
Calories 170 N/A
Calories from fat 60 N/A
Total Fat 6g 10%
Saturated Fat 1g 5%
Trans Fat 0g <1%
Cholesterol 0mg 0%
Total Carb 13g 13g
Dietary Fiber 7g 27%
Sugars <1g N/A
Protein 20g 40%
Pea protein Whole flaxseed Cocoa powder
Organic acacia gum Hemp protein Vega saviseed
Sacha inchi protein Organic gelatinized maca root Organic broccoli
Organic spirulina Organic kale Organic marine algae calcium
Spinach Broccoli Carrot beet
Tomato Apple Cranberry
Orange Blueberry Strawberry
Shiitake mushroom Chlorella vulgaris Papaya extract
Probiotics Grape seed extract Organic pomegranate
Acai Mangosteen Organic goji
Organic maqui

As is viewable, its composure is almost exclusively of plant-based ingredients, such as organic broccoli and fruit and vegetable blends. I was pleased to see 20 grams of proteins in the product’s formula, but I retain skepticism that 7 grams of proteis will be of an adequate measure to sustain your stomach iin between meals. Many food stand-in drinks like this contain up to twice that amount of fiber.

It looks like a solitary serving of it contains 170 calories, which is an honestly higher number for food stand-in shakes, many of which contain less than 100 calories. It’ll definitely be smaller calories than the meals you’re already used to eating, but if your quest is for a drink with the lowest amount of calories possible, you can do better.

Since we know that 60 of these calories originating from fat, we can calculate what percentage of a solitary serving of Vega One consists of fat. This is the path to figuring that out:

Fat Calories / Total Calories X 100

60 / 170 X 100 = 35%

So 35% of a solitary serving of it consists of fat. Honestly, that’s a lot of fat in a solitary serving. Considering the fact that the FDA only considers products with less than 5% fat in a solitary serving to be low-fat, I’d say that Vega One definitely doesn’t qualify as a low fat product. So if you’re looking for a low-fat meal replacement shake to help you banish some fat from your diet, your quest for a product such as this may take you elsewhere.

EDITOR'S TIP: Check our list of approved diet shakes to make a right purchase decision!

Are there possible side effects?

While I wasn’t able to find too many user reviews detailing any adverse side effects, a few of them made mention of experiencing some digestive issues, stomach aches and bloating a time after consuming it.

We can be your assistants in locating items with no side effects.


If you want an all-natural shake to fill in for your meals, you may consider giving Vega One a try. However, your decision might be to give second thoughts to it given the high amount of calories and percentage of fat found in a solitary serving of Vega One. It doesn’t meet the FDA’s standards for a lowered fat product, so if your goals include the capability to cut fat out of your diet, there are in existence better products on the market than Vega One that will be more effective for a goal like that.

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  1. Tiffany Cooke says:

    I want to know how often u can drink these I’m usually a late riser like noon. And have a shake vega1, then by 5 im making dinner 4 family salad for myself with all the goodies like greens, and mayybe turkey burger sliced on top of salad or chicken breast , or tuna along with a shake and since I’m up late I have my chocolate flavor for my sweet cravings. Is that too much in 1 day?

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