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Prostatrinex Review – Does it Work?

Prostatrinex is a daily nutritional supplement that is designed to provide prostate support and improve urinary performance. It is useful for controlling the symptoms that are experienced by men that have inflamed, irritated, or swollen prostates, as well as those of men that are suffering from benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH) or chronic prostatitis (CP).

The foundation of Prostatrinex’s formula is a base level of core nutrition that helps to nourish the prostate by providing the basic vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that it needs for proper daily functionality. It also is thought to be useful for long term prostate health, as it can help to control the growth of the prostate and potentially prevent the development of prostate cancer.

Prostatrinex has one of the most effective ingredients formulas that our team has ever analyzed. They are also manufactured by a well-respected company, and have received excellent reviews from their previous users. Click here to use a special 70% off coupon that is exclusive to our readers.

Disclaimer: Individual Results May Vary. Results in testimonials are atypical and results will vary on individual circumstances. We recommend all products with a healthy diet & exercise.

What is it?

Prostatrinex is used by older men that are experiencing disruptions in their normal urological functions due to prostate swelling. As men age, the prostate continues to grow, and at some point most men will experience some form of prostate-related issues.

The most common symptoms that men experience are issues such as difficulty starting, continuing, or effectively stopping their urinary streams. This may also include pain and discomfort during the urinary process, as well as difficulty with completely emptying the urethra of all residual urine.

Another very common prostate-related problem that many men experience is an increase in the frequency with which they have to go to the bathroom. This can cause frustration, embarrassment, and can disrupt healthy sleep patterns as men have to get out of bed in order to go to the bathroom.

Prostatrinex works by helping to both reduce the severity of these symptoms, as well as attempting to improve some of the root conditions that can cause them in the first place. Proper nutritional support with effective herbal supplementation is a way that many men choose to control the severity of their prostate symptoms without having to resort to prescription medication or surgical options.

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Who makes it?

Prostatrinex is a product of 18nutrition, a health, wellness, athletic, and sexual performance supplements manufacturer based in Los Angeles, California. They are known for their line of meal replacement shakes, as well as for a variety of potent, well-respected brands of supplements.

18nutrition has received excellent reviews from their previous users and are considered by our review team to be one of the premier companies in the industry. They focus on creating products that work with the body’s natural systems in order to help it function at its highest, healthiest possible levels.

Their products are manufactured using all-natural products and in accordance with official Good Manufacturing Practices. 18nutrition offers satisfaction guarantees to their customers, promising their money back if not 100% satisfied.

Does Prostatrinex work?

Prostatrinex is an effective prostate health supplement for a number of reasons, most notably its diverse and potent ingredients blend. The mark of a good prostate health blend is that it uses a diverse array of ingredients that can improve prostate health and urological function in as many different ways as possible.

This works to maximize both the number of men that it is effective for and the overall impact that it can have on those men. It uses a complete ingredients blend that has potential for immediate reduction in the severity of the symptoms of prostate swelling, works to reduce the size of the prostate, and provides the nutrients that the gland needs in order to produce healthy quantities of seminal fluid and regulate hormone function.

Prostatrinex also has potential for helping to block the conversion of healthy cells into malignant precancerous ones. This may reduce the chances that the user develops prostate cancer in the future or help to inhibit the spread of certain types of preexisting cancers. Click here to see our experts’ top ten list of the top prostate health products that are currently available without a prescription.

Prostatrinex Ingredients and Dosage

Prostatrinex has an impressively diverse selection of ingredients that includes a variety of amino acids, essential trace elements, basic vitamins, and herbal ingredients that are used to control prostate size, improve urinary performance, reduce inflammation, and in general nourish the body and its natural biological processes. All of their ingredients are all derived from natural sources and have long clinical histories of effectiveness and safety.

Some of the key additives in their blend include:

Saw Palmetto: One of the most popular ingredients for products of this nature due to its multiple beneficial effects on the prostate and urinary function. Saw palmetto has been shown to help slow or reverse the growth of the prostate, reduce inflammation throughout the body, and also improve basic urological performance.

Pygeum: Extracts taken from the bark of the pygeum africanum tree, which are also exceptionally useful in products of this type. Like saw palmetto, pygeum is capable of reducing prostate size while also providing anti-inflammatory effects throughout the body.

Beta-sitosterol and other phytosterols: These are chemicals found in saw palmetto, pygeum, and other plant sources that have a strong history of improving urological function in its users and reducing the symptoms of BPH and CP.

Zinc: An essential trace element critical to a variety of biological functions, including daily prostate functioning. Zinc is found in its highest concentrations in the prostate, where it can also help to prevent the malignant conversion of otherwise healthy cells.

L-Alanine and L-Glutamic acid: Two amino acids that, like zinc, are needed to support the basic nutritional needs of the prostate. Improved levels of L-Alanine and L-Glutamic acid are associated with a reduction in the growth rate of the prostate and improved urinary functioning.

L-Glycine: Another amino acid that is not as critical for daily functionality but that has potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. L-Glycine may also be useful for helping to prevent the development of prostate cancer later in life.

Maitake, reishi, and shitake mushroom extracts: Several different forms of fungal ingredients that have been potentially linked to the prevention of prostate cancer. They tend to be high in lentinan, an enzyme that inhibits the spread of cancer-causing agents in the body.

Green Tea Extracts: A compound that is high in polyphenols and that has powerful antioxidant and anti-carcinogenic properties. It can also reduce instances of irritation, prostate swelling, and can improve immune function generally.

Stinging Nettle: An herbal ingredient that is commonly found in prostate health products because of its abilities to improve urinary performance. It’s especially helpful for restoring lost stream strength and for helping reduce the pain and difficulty that are associated with prostate-related urological issues.

Are there potential side effects?

The ingredients found in Prostatrinex are all-natural and tend to be well tolerated by the majority of humans. The basic vitamins, amino acids, and essential trace elements are needed by the body for effective everyday biological functionality and as such pose almost no risk to any user.

Some of the herbal ingredients possess very mild allergic potential, however these reactions tend to be exceptionally rare. Our panel of health and wellness experts do not have any significant concerns about the ingredients that are used in Prostatrinex.


Our review team was very impressed with Prostatrinex for a variety of reasons. They approved of how many different effective substances they were able to include in their blend, maximizing its potential impact for the largest number of people.

This includes providing the amino acids and essential trace elements that are found in the highest concentrations in the gland itself, herbal ingredients like saw palmetto and pygeum that can slow prostate growth or even potentially reverse it, and urinary performance aids that can help men regain their lost urinary functionality.

This may also include decreasing the frequency and intensity of urinary urges, improving the strength of users’ urinary stream, and reducing the pain and discomfort that can be associated with prostate swelling and irritation. Additionally, it may help men avoid issues like residual urine trapped in the urethra and the complications that that can lead to, as well as providing long-term preventative care.

Prostatrinex has all of the main features that our team is looking for when they evaluate a prostate health supplement including size control, symptom control, basic core nutrition, and long term support. They consider it the top over the counter prostate health product on the market and strongly encourage our readers that are still looking for an effective prostate health supplement to try Prostatrinex first.

It has a history of effectiveness with past users, it’s received positive reviews both from our team and from other experts in the industry, and it’s produced by one of the top manufacturers in the industry. Click here to visit the homepage for Prostatrinex to learn more about their manufacturing process and to get a 70% discount on any purchases.

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