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Libitrinex Review (UPDATE: 2023) | 13 Things You Need to Know

In the world of female libido enhancement it can be challenging trying to find a proper solution which is natural, well-rounded, and effective enough to actually deliver results. Libitrinex is a natural libido enhancing supplement for women that is claimed to be the best of its kind. After thoroughly reviewing it it’s clear that this brand was better than the average supplement.

Time tested herbs are used which can provide aphrodisiac benefits as well as improve blood flow so one can feel sexual vigor. In reviewing the dosage strength and ingredients it reveals that they use natural extracts which can deliver effects. The company also simplifies the key main ingredients use by providing a clear explanation as to their benefits, and they say it’s the best supplement for female libido.

What is it?

Libitrinex is a natural female libido enhancing supplement that contains 9 active ingredients in the form of herbs and amino acids.  Each of these ingredients is well-researched in studies by scientific 3rd parties.

The full dosage strength is also cited which reveals that they use a high amount of each ingredient at the right amount. The right amount meaning there is just enough to give notable effects, without overdoing it and potentially leading to side effects.

Their official website goes over testimonials and their user reviews reveal just how functional it was for many. People were able to notice great changes to their sex lives, with an invigorated sense of sexual vigor.

As far as pricing the company sells this at a reasonable price when you factor in the high quality of ingredients. They offer a money back return policy as well and they outline their full terms and conditions in a simple and informative way.

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Who makes it?

The Health Research Institute creates Libitrinex and they operate out of Los Aneles, California. You can read their full contact details on their official website including hours of operation, email, phone number, and address.

In reviewing them fully there hasn’t been any issues with the FDA or FTC, nor have they had any recalls or pressing concerns. User reviews about the company policies and their treatment of customers is also favorable.

As mentioned they do offer a 30 day money back return policy, and they make their mode of operation easy to understand so you know exactly what you’re getting and how the company operates.

They also give a full breakdown of Libitrinex and they help explain in simple terms what it does, who it’s meant for, and how to take it. The simplified ingredient explanation also showcases that they do know what they’re talking about, as they do not exaggerate or make unjustified claims about the intention of each ingredient.

Does Libitrinex work?

On the Libitrinex website they make it easy to understand the intention of the supplement, as well as what the ingredients are meant to do individually. Often this can be exaggerated but the makers of Libitrinex make it clear as to what it the formula can do, and in 3rd party reviews it reveals that they are accurate in their judgement.

You can also read testimonials on their website from women who were able to take control of their sex lives, and who had a reinvigorated sex life. They were more readily in the mood and they had a recharged sexual chemistry with their partners. This is made possible by the well-regarded ingredients which we’ll go over in the next section.

The use of stimulant free aphrodisiacs and natural extracts make it easier for the body to work at an optimal level. This can also improve overall wellness by reducing fatigue and supporting healthy blood flow.

Libitrinex Ingredients and Dosage

Each ingredient has a unique benefit that when mixed together can further maximize libido. For example the added Maca has been used in Peru as a aphrodisiac for quite a long time. It has the ability to alleviate fatigue and help reduce the risk of sexual dysfunctions. This has been used to help improve sexual desire and make it easier to be in the mood whenever the moment strikes.

Tongkat Ali has been traditionally used as a way to increase the desire for sex and to help reduce the risk for infertility. It has active chemicals which have been well-studied for their ability to improve sexual function. This ingredient is also used for both men and women as a natural libido enhancer.

The amino acid L-Arginine HCL is also added which has been used to support blood flow and improve athletic function so fatigue doesn’t stop one from being active. This can translate into more sexual stamina and more sensation to the genitals. It is naturally found in food but when supplemented, this can further improve results so one is better able to maintain sexual activity.

Horny Goat Weed is an herbal extract that has been used in Chinese medicine as a way to increase sexual desire, support blood flow, and it’s even made to support menopausal women. It is a staple ingredient added to many libido enhancing brands due to its reliable effects.

Plenty of natural extracts are added to this which when used as directed can help stimulate healthy libido in women.

Are there potential side effects?

Libitrinex has only natural ingredients and does not contain any artificial additives or potentially harmful stimulants. They also blend the ingredients in a way where it’s potent enough to deliver effects, but not overwhelming to the point where it might raise the risk for side effects.

It’s impossible for any supplement to claim it is 100% free of side effects as there might be a small percentage of people who are allergic to a specific ingredient. However, Libitrinex comes close to being as side effect free as possible with their use of wholesome and well researched ingredients. Each ingredient has multiple scientific studies performed on it to help reveal what it is capable of. When combining this formula it serves to only maximize its potential even more.

In analyzing the ingredients via many 3rd party studies and user reviews of the supplement itself, it also reveals how likely safe it is. It does not appear that it has a particular risk for any symptoms according to these findings. The company also makes this in a facility which is GMP approved, so this ensures there are 3rd party reviews of the manufacturing process. This is the best way to ensure that the dosing strength is consistent, the facility is clean, and that any issues which may arise are taken care of in a timely manner.

The company also provides the full supplements facts so you can review the formula for yourself to determine if it fits your needs. This transparency is what makes it easy to help understand what this supplement is capable of.


The highly regarded Libitrinex is made with studied ingredients that are added in sufficient and potent amounts. This is highly regarded by customers and you can also read great testimonials on their official website. You can tell by examining the ingredients and their dosage strength that the creators made it their duty to ensure the formula is well-rounded enough.

There were only positive things found about the company as well, as they have not had any pressing issues with any watchdog groups or government agencies. This supplement is made free of cheap or artificial additives of any kind, and they make it clear as to what the benefits are. They also have an outstanding return policy and have been well-regarded for their business practices. Their website is very transparent and easy to understand for those who aren’t familiar with technical jargon or detailed scientific explanations.

This is the reason why Libitrinex won our editor’s choice for the best female libido enhancing supplement. Users were able to experience results, it’s all-natural, the company is reputable, they offer a great return policy, and it’s an all-around effective supplement.

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