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Femmetrinol Review – Does It Work?

Menopause is a natural process which has had very little support in the form of supplements to help relieve the symptoms experienced. Issues like hot flashes, mood swings, reduced metabolism, thinning hair, dry skin, sleep issues, and night sweats are just some of the complications experienced which can make life more difficult.

Femmetrinol is one supplement currently available which the creators say is the best solution for menopause, but is this truly accurate? On first glance they do have a high rate of customer reviews and the company seems reputable but does this actually mean Femmetrinol is a quality menopause supplement? In this review we’ll examine reviews, the ingredient dosage, and learn whether or not this can be a trusted supplement for the treatment of menopause symptoms.

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What Is It?

Femmetrinol provides a natural blend of ingredients all of which have been 3rd party reviewed to help with the treatment of menopause symptoms. It relies on a formula which can help with helping ease overall tension and difficult to deal with symptoms that can occur to those with menopause.

This is known to help with supporting all the side effects one can have during menopause. Because it is provided in an AM/PM formula this means it can help with all-day use for consistent support.

The company also ensures that they do not add any cheap filler of unwanted preservatives which can contribute to side effects.

It’s pricing is very fair when you consider the quality of ingredients added, and the website is transparent and provides many answered questions to help understand what Femmetrinol can do, and how it has helped people.

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Who Makes It?

The team behind Femmetrinol is well-regarded and they have not had any issues with FTC, FDA, or any sort of recalls or lawsuits. They seem reputable and have not had any controversies of issues in the past.

The company also provides their full contact details including their email, address, and phone number so one can ensure quick communication.

On their official website they also provide a descriptive explanation as to how their supplement is made to work, and they even provide glowing testimonials from real users who were able to notice great benefits. From examining all the available information it also appears consumers have said they are easy to deal with.

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Does Femmetrinol Work?

Their formula relies on many natural herbs, amino acids, and ingredients which can work within the brain to help stabilize mood so there is less of a risk for mood swings.

They use many studies ingredients that have shown the ability to regulate the body, and which have had a history of use as natural approaches to help reduce menopause related symptoms. Recent 3rd party studies have shown that each ingredient can actually help provide many of the touted benefits.

User reviews have also been highly favorable as people were able to reduce their menopause symptoms. The reason for this makes sense as the formula is very well-rounded and it uses many well-studied and highly regarded substances. This can help deliver benefits without providing any potentially harsh additives.

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Femmetrinol Ingredients and Dosage

Ingredients in this are all natural and wholesome. Additives like Wild Yam have been used since the 18th century as a way to help provide effects similar to estrogen. This has been used to help treat morning sickness, menstrual cramps, nausea, and other menopause related symptoms.

Yet another healthy plant extract is Black Cohosh which Native Americans have used to help treat menopause related symptoms as well. This has been studied and shown to contain a chemical also found on aspirin which can help with weak bones and painful menstruation. This is why this ingredient will often be included in a menopause treatment supplement.

Also added to this blend are Chasteberry, L-Theanine, melatonin, valerian, GABA, motherwort and much more. Chasteberry for example has had a long history of use as a way to affect the reproductive cycle in women, and it has been used to help those suffering from PMS. L-Theanine is a heathy amino acid found in green tea which can help ease tension without there being any debilitating drowsiness.

Overall the entire formulas has a unique benefit that when combined can maximize the reduction of menopause related complications.

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Are There Side Effects?

Judging from the quality of user reviews, the studies on the formula, and the lack of any artificial or harsh additives, it seems that the formula in Femmetrinol would be likely well-tolerated. Of course, just like any other supplement, one may have an allergy to certain additives. This is why it’s always advised to seek a physician’s advice before taking any supplement.

The fact that there hasn’t been any complaints from users however, and that the formula in this comes from natural sources, there doesn’t seem to be any alarming additives in this formula which have shown the risk for dangerous side effects.

They creators also ensure that this is produced in a GMP certified facility, which allows for there to be routine check-ups which can assure the overall quality. The company also seems reputable and they have not had any issues with recalls of any sort.

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Because Femmetrinol has such as varied formula of natural extracts which have been studied by 3rd party reviews to help with treating menopause symptoms, this is no doubt a helpful formula.

They provide a great price, user reviews have been greatly favorable, the company is reputable, and there is a detailed explanation as to what is possible. Because of all these reasons it was rated the number 1 brand of its kind.

Femmetrinol won the Editor’s Award for the top ranked menopause treatment supplement based on all its numerous beneficial factors. It outranked many other similar supplements with its all-natural and wholesome formula.

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4 Responses to Femmetrinol Review – Does It Work?

  1. Cindy Bean says:

    I’m a woman in her mid-fifties and I’ve been having issues with hot flashes and night sweats for over a decade. I’ve been taking prescription medications for the last few years to control it, but I recently had to stop due to interactions with other meds I was taking. I decided to see what natural options there were available to me, which is when I found Femmetrinol.

    They’d gotten good reviews and after doing some research it seemed like they used a pretty good selection of ingredients. They used better stuff than most of the other brands, but also seemed like they were still pretty reasonably priced, so I bought one bottle as a sample.

    I take a one in the morning, and then a one more before I go to bed at night, and within a couple weeks I’d started to notice a huge difference in my hot flashes, and my night sweats were almost totally gone. I still get a flash every now and then, but for the most part my mood swings have stopped, and all of my other symptoms have basically disappeared as well. I wouldn’t mind if the capsules weren’t so big, but overall it’s great. I’ve already ordered more bottles.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Almost finished with my first bottle of Femmetrinol and so far results are good. Haven’t had a hot flash in weeks and even my family has noticed that my moods and stress levels have improved. I didn’t tell them that I’d started taking anything, so they keep asking me about what changed. I’m definitely less cranky and I feel happier and kinder in general. I’ve tried a lot of other stuff in the past and never really noticed anything. I know that there are millions of other women out there dealing with this stuff, so I felt like I was obligated to say something about it. Seems like they’ve gotten pretty good reviews from other folks as well. Nothing toxic in their blend, good pill casings; very highly recommended.

  3. Mary says:

    I have tried 4 other over the counter and mail order supplements before Femmetrinol and none of them worked. I have been taking Femmetrinol for 2 1/2 years, I feel so much better. My blood pressure went down ( I had reached the point of having to take medication for it- not any more) my mood swings have leveled out. The night sweats are almost gone 1 episode a night. I only take 1 pill every morning with food. Small price to pay for my sanity back.

  4. Crystal hallick says:

    Do these help with weight gain from menopause?

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