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18 Shake Review – Does It Work?

With many options to choose from in the meal replacement world, it can be difficult finding the right brand. Everyone claims to offer the best solution, but so many fail to provide a nutrient dense, high quality product. 18Shake is a meal replacement that claims to be the very best weight loss product. After taking a look at this brand, it became obvious why there are many claimed benefits.

It contains only natural ingredients, and there’s no added binders, fillers, or unnecessary ingredients. The official website also mentions how it’s meant for “sustained weight loss”, as well as an “overall healthier body”.  So the brand does have a lot of good qualities that make it stand out. There’s also a lot of clarity on what is offered, and how it’s made to produce results. This brand claims to be the “#1 luxury meal replacement” due to its formula of high protein, fiber, and nutrients. They’re currently offering a 70% discount on their official website; click the link to find out more.

What is it?

18Shake is an all-natural meal replacement made with a Duo-protein formula of both whey protein concentrate, and whey protein isolate. These two high quality proteins are not just high at 15 grams per serving, but it’s an easy to digest and powerful tool for weight loss.

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The added 5 grams of quality fiber and only one gram of sugar is also an effective combination to suppress appetite. Sugar can cause cravings for food, as well as metabolism disorders. That’s why at just a gram of sugar, this brand has the right amount to add flavor without sacrificing health.

Written testimonials and before and after photos are also provided to show how effective this meal replacement is. These users mention how difficult it was for them to lose weight before this shake. Between 5 months to 2 years these people have consistently used this shake for impressive weight loss.

Each bag costs $79.99 if purchased alone, and deep discounts are offered on multiple purchases. They also offer a 30 day 100% money back guarantee. This removes the possibility of using this shake without the safety of a guarantee. Not all brands offer great money back return like this.

The company website is offering customers a unique 70% off discount offer which you can access by clicking here.

Who makes it?

18_shake_about18Nutrition makes 18Shake and they operate out of Los Angeles, California. No outstanding complaints have been filed against the company, and they have a proven track record of customer satisfaction.

They’re also in good standing with the Better Business Bureau, so they’re an assured good company that treats their customers well.

They make sure to explain exactly how their company works, and they do offer a solid 30-day money back guarantee. All the information on what 18Shake provides, and how they run is clearly outlined in their website. They’re very transparent about how they operate and what they offer.

Judging from their “How it works?” section, they know exactly what they’re doing when it comes to making this shake. They explain the benefits of their ingredients, as well as offer detailed information as to how it benefits weight loss and lean muscle growth. There’s even an accurate scientific explanation as to the ingredients added. 18Shake is being offered at a 70% off discount from the original price; click the link to get a hold of it.

Does 18Shake work?

The official website outlines all the benefits of this shake, and they back it up with evidence. They mention how the added minerals and B vitamins offer energy and weight loss benefits. There’s even descriptions on how there is a thyroid boosting effect with the added iodine. On the official site you can read all about the benefits of using this shake in an easy to understand yet scientific manner.

They also explain the dangers of using brands with GMO soy, while highlighting the known benefits of whey protein. It’s clear with the kinds of ingredients added that this shake is beneficial for weight loss and appetite suppression. It has just enough protein, fiber, and carbohydrates to satisfy a full meal. This is done with an only 90 calorie per serving offering, which is incredibly low.  When choosing a meal replacement it’s important to keep calories low, while still making sure there is real appetite suppressing qualities.

There’s also many positive reviews listed online. People mention how beneficial it was for weight loss, as well as adding how it tasted good and mixed well. The consensus online is that this product truly works, and that it’s easy to use.

Their own testimonials also show dramatic weight loss change.

When purchased on their official website there is a 70% reduced rate off of the average price.

18Shake Ingredients and Dosage

Untitled-1Only all natural ingredients are added to this blend. There’s digestive resistant maltodextrin, which is a potent soluble fiber shown to improve overall gut health. It also provides 5 grams of fiber, which is 21% of the advised daily intake.

There’s also just 1 gram of sugar that comes from stevia extract. This sweetener not only has little to no effect on blood sugar, but it’s made from a natural plant and it has been shown to be the best sweetener available. This is because unlike other ingredients like corn syrup, fructose, or cane sugar, it doesn’t have addictive and weight gaining qualities. These other sweeteners can actually increase weight, even if there are other wholesome ingredients added.

18 vitamin and minerals are also added in high amounts. This is critically important when selecting a meal replacement. Since you’re substituting a meal, you have to ensure you’re getting the right nutrients to keep a healthy body.

You can do one or two shakes depending on your goals. Though with just one shake a day, you get a well-rounded meal replacement.

Are there potential side effects?

Since only all natural ingredients are added, this shake doesn’t have any of the issues that an artificial based formula would have. However, all natural doesn’t always mean it’s going to be safe.

This brand doesn’t add any soy that is common in meal replacements. This ensures you won’t have any potential hormone imbalances. They also offer a great sweetener in stevia, which is also proven safe to use.

The ingredients added to this blend are also easy to digest, and they’re all added in a specifically balanced way. They even offer a full nutritional listing as well as a list of all the amino acids added. This makes it easy to see how this brand is a functional meal replacement. When substituting meals, it’s important to get a right balance of amino acids to ensure there is no possible health damaging effects. The body uses amino acids to make sure all its important processes are functioning correctly.

Judging from the customer reviews, ingredients listing, and testimonials, this brand does not provide any possible side effects.

Using both Sletrokor and 18Shake can be an effective way to enjoy well-rounded weight loss results. You gain the appetite suppression effects and low calories of a meal replacement shake, and a blend of potent plant extracts which can also reduce appetite while aiding metabolism. When taken individually customers have noted Sletrokor and 18Shake helped them lose weight. By blending both you enhance the ability to support your weight loss goals.

Both contain only natural ingredients that can work together for enhanced potency. The reason for this is the easy to digest protein, the healthy fiber which aids digestion and reduces appetite, as well as the proprietary formula in Sletrokor. Sletrokor contains studied ingredients such as  phaseo vulgaris which can aid metabolism and control blood sugar, aloe vera which also enhances metabolism and aids digestion, chitosan which reduces cholesterol and  fats, and many other potent extracts which have science to support their weight loss benefits.

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18Shake has only all natural ingredients inside a nutritionally balanced ingredient blend. It’s incredibly well reviewed by customers due to its appetite suppression and weight loss benefits.

No issues were listed with side effects or a lack of weight loss from customers. People reviewed the company well, and it’s clear from the support that this brand is effective. For the price you’re paying this brand provides a very well priced mixture of wholesome ingredients. There’s no unnecessary additives added and there’s even a great money back return policy with no questions asked.

18Shake won the editors choice for best meal replacement because of its well rounded nutritional profile, quality all natural ingredients, appetite suppression, great customer reviews, its fair return policy, and its overall effectiveness.

Update: 18Shake currently has a promotion that includes a 70% OFF discount, free shipping and a free weight loss e-book.

Official website:

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6 Responses to 18 Shake Review – Does It Work?

  1. Cindy says:

    I have been using Chocolate 18shake for 3 months and love it! I look forward to my treat each day. Mixed with unsweetened almond milk, 1/2 frozen banana, peanut butter, and spinach and its quite delicious.

  2. Nota Lemming says:

    I began the original 90-day Challenge with 18shake 2 years ago. It was better-tasting than anything else I tried, cost-effective, proven, very high quality ingredients and slowed me to lose 55 lbs in 8 mos. I’ve kept it off since then and even saved money on my grocery bill as a customer! Last year 18shake came out worth a new formula without soy that’s even more effective! The taste isn’t as sweet, but still better than any other I’ve tried.

  3. BillieJo says:

    I am currently using 18shake and getting amazing results. I have chocolate and vanilla. I personally only like the vanilla with peanut butter added, but the other flavor is fantastic with just almond milk, water and ice. The shakes are great and they work!

  4. Diane says:

    I have been drinking 18 Shake for 1 year now. I have had great results with weightloss and I think it tastes great and I am the pickiest person I know. It helps keep me full for 3-4 hours and gets all my veggies in. I was on high blood pressure medication and since the 1st two weeks of eating clean and drinking a shake a day my levels are so good the Dr. took me off all my medications. My Father has had some stomach issues when drinking it but he also is not eating clean and has had his Gall Bladder removed so I think its maybe more of a unhealthy diet than the 18 Shake for him. Not sure how some of you are mixing it up but mine seriously tastes like a chocolate Peanut Butter milk shake, YUM YUM

  5. mary says:

    Does the shake contain fructose?

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