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Vitakor Review – Is Vitakor Safe for You?

Metabolism boosters can come in different forms, some of which offer a blend of ingredients made to support healthy weight loss.  These mixtures of ingredients are known as proprietary formulas. The great thing about a proprietary formula is that you get the benefits of many different ingredients, but at a reduced price than if you were to purchase these additives separate. Brands that feature all natural ingredients also make it easier to make a secure purchase, since these kinds of ingredients are often more studied and safer than artificial ingredients.

Vitakor’s website uses an easy to read format that highlights how their ingredients work, and they even feature real testimonials.  They highlight their supplement by adding detailed information, and by letting customers know that it’s an effective fat burner.  One key ingredient used in Vitakor is Raspberry Ketones, which has now become a popular weight loss ingredient that has shown impressive results.  The website is very clear on what this supplement has to offer their customers.

What is it?

The intended benefits of Vitakor are increased metabolism and all around fat burning via its all-natural ingredients.  It also has the added benefit of antioxidants, which are useful for supporting a healthy immune system, and they’re effective in preventing the damaging effects of aging. So there are additional benefits that don’t just include weight loss.

Their website also makes sure to mention that they use only high quality ingredients. Since the product is made in a GMP certified facility, it’s clear that they use FDA standards to ensure a quality brand. This takes the guesswork out of purchasing Vitakor with any sort of doubts about its overall quality. Without there being some sort of 3rd party to ensure there’s a consistent product, companies have to do their own accounting. This isn’t the case with this supplement. A GMP certification also reduces the likelihood of there being any contaminations or an inconsistent supplement.

Each bottle is backed by a 100% money back guarantee, and it’s made to last one month. At the price of $59.99 for all the ingredients added, it’s a good price. They currently offer a 70% off discount as well so this price may not last.  It’s also a good thing that their money back guarantee extends to people who weren’t satisfied with results. This makes a return easy and dependant on whether or not the customer is fully satisfied. Sometimes brands will have disclaimers that make it impossible to make a return.

Who makes it?

The creators of Vitakor are the 18Nutrition company. They’re from Los Angeles, California, and they also make other supplements for weight loss with only all natural ingredients that are also free of any harmful stimulants or binders.

They list their contact information including phone number, email, and address. This makes it easy to know whether or not the company is running a legitimate business.

They also don’t offer an auto enrollment plan, which is a good thing, as some companies will lock people into month-to-month contracts. The company is really transparent in the way they promote themselves, no sort of scams or tricks are presented, and they clearly list how they operate as well as the quality of their ingredients.  Every important piece of information including their money back guarantee is explained in full detail.

There are no negative reviews against the company, and there’s no complaints from them not honoring their money back return policy.

Does Vitakor work?

The ingredients in this formula are explained in detail, and it’s easy to see why they’re so effective.  There’s added ingredients like Raspberry Ketones, which are effective at both fat burning and at providing healthy antioxidants.

Raspberry Ketones are the main ingredient in Vitakor, and the company even adds how this ingredient was seen as a “Fat-Burner in a bottle” according to a medical TV doctor. This ingredient is a popular one since it became clear it was beneficial for aiding in weight loss. It’s also safe to use and has a very potent fat burning effect.

There’s added testimonials as well which showcase how effective this formula truly is. One man lost 29 pounds, a woman lost 26 pounds, and another woman lost a total of 36 pounds. This came from people who were once discouraged from taking weight loss supplements. The man who used this pill mentioned how he noticed weight loss results incredibly quickly, and he also lost belly fat in the process.

Their results can be seen on the official website complete with before and after photo’s for each person. The results are really impressive for each person. They also list their accomplishments via text, by explaining their experience with Vitakor. The great thing about this is that you can see the full transformation, and these people did end up losing significant amounts of weight.

The benefit to their money back guarantee is that you don’t have to worry about wasting your money on this brand if it doesn’t work for you. Though judging from the testimonials and quality of ingredients, this brand does seem effective enough to not warrant a return. Offering a return isn’t always standard practice, and often companies will only allow a return on their own specific terms. They instead allow for returns if one isn’t fully satisfied with their own weight loss results.

Vitakor Ingredients and Dosage

The proprietary formula blends together several natural ingredients. The main one being Raspberry Ketones that is both safe and effective for increasing metabolism. It’s often a very expensive ingredient that became recently popular after it showed incredible fat burning potential.

There’s also an explanation of 6 other ingredients, which include the B vitamin rich African Mango. This ingredient also works as a metabolism booster, and its been shown to be effective as an appetite suppressant. Then there’s Cascara Sagrada, a mild laxative that aids in proper digestion. Flax Seed Oil is a fiber rich appetite suppressing oil. Fennel Seed is not only useful as a diuretic, but it has the ability to reduce bloating and it promotes healthy digestion. A rich in antioxidants ingredient is Pumpkin Seed, this prevents the sings of aging from appearing as quickly as they would normally, while helping aid a healthy looking complexion. Finally, the last explained ingredient is Cape Aloe; this is also an antioxidant that also has the added benefit of aiding a healthy digestive system.

Each 60 capsule bottle should be taken at a daily serving of 2 capsules a day. It’s fairly simple and easy to take, as the capsules don’t require complicated timing or dosing requirements.  A benefit of all these ingredients is that they’ve all been shown to be safe to take in the amounts that are featured in the supplements facts list.

The quality of ingredients clearly had to be researched, as there’s a synergistic quality, which makes this a potent blend for overall health benefits and weight loss. The kinds of ingredients used are also largely considered health foods. Flax Seed Oil, Pumpkin Seed, Fennel Seed, Oat Bran, Licorice Root, Ginger Goldenseal, and many others are often used as nutrient rich ingredients due to their complex nutritional profiles.


Are there potential side effects?

After searching all the ingredients, it became clear that there are no side effects to worry about. Its been well reviewed by customers who mention they took it for month long periods. You can see this in the customer testimonials which mention how well received this product was. In the people who noticed weight loss, there was an overwhelmingly positive experience due to its ease of use.

This is like due to the all-natural formula, which is added in specific amounts. It’s clear that from the explanation of the ingredients that it’s been specifically added to help prevent any unwanted symptoms. The ingredients are mixed in a proper blend that makes it not just effective, but safe to use as well. The all-natural ingredients have long been used in ancient cultures as a way to treat many symptoms, and there’s current research, which show how safe they are.

There’s no added binders, filers, or artificial ingredients. Also, without they’re being any stimulants there’s no worry of a tolerance or potential long term side effects. Not only are there no side effects to worry about, but also the addition of additives such as Cape Aloe, Cascara Sagrada, Fennel Seed, Flax Seed Oil, and African Mango are actually beneficial for improving overall digestion.


After giving Vitakor a thorough review, it’s clear that it’s beneficial for increasing metabolism. The entire formula can make it easy for one to manage their weight.

It’s also made with a potent proprietary formula that is all-natural, and free of any unwanted ingredients like fillers or stimulants. This brand relies more on natural ingredients instead of short-term fix solutions like stimulants, which means it can be useful in the long term.

Another added benefit to this product is the 100% money back guarantee. The company who makes it is reputable and they use strict GMP standards to ensure repeat quality from batch to batch. There’s no scams being run as the company and the brand is well reviewed, and they even offer testimonials to show just how potent Vitakor truly is.

It’s a great metabolism booster that can help with weight management, and it scored a #3 rating by our review team.

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