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Yoli Yes Review – Does it Really Work?

In the world of pound destruction very popular items that exist are in the possession of the title of food stand-in drinks. By employing these drinks in replacement of a duo of the meals on your current menu, the pounds you no longer desire to be in possession of will allegedly be banished from your body. The sound of this is ideal pound destruction, if there was no existence of the fact pertaining towards an unreliability in many of these drinks.

Yoli Yes is a food stand-in drink the design of which is to heighten the amount of energization as well as additionally your physical health in a myriad of various ways. Unfortunately, none of these benefits actually include weight loss. While shakes similar to Yoli Yes contain ingredients to act in assistance with destroying hunger for snacks, Yoli Yes is geared more towards alkalizing your blood and improving the way various aspects of your body’s health like your digestive and immune systems function. If you’re still curious about Yoli Yes, read on to discover what I learned about this product.

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What is It?

Yoli Yes is a diet beverage that you drink instead of the meals you eat. By doing so, you can limit how many calories your body consumes. This should be enough to help you gradually lose some weight in a healthy way. Yoli Yes also contains some fiber to keep you full in between meals, as well as a special kind of protein to keep you energized. Hopefully this exposition will be of aid to you in deciding if you’d like to give Yoli Yes a try.

Who Makes It?

Yoli Yes is made by a company called Yoli LLC. Unfortunately, a lack of information is in existence about the company on the official Yoli website. There’s only some information about the Yoli leadership team, which is headed by the company’s founder and CEO, Robby Fender. There’s some contact information too, including a phone number and an address for the Yoli headquarters in Salt Lake City. This area is home to a lot of pound destruction scams, so it could be ideal to exercise cautions buying from diet companies that are in Salt Lake City.

You can buy Yoli products directly from the website. You can buy Yoli Yes in many different forms, including packets, canisters and even multi-package kits. Yoli Yes comes in many different flavors, including chocolate, vanilla and fruit flavors. Unfortunately, Yoli Yes can get pretty expensive. While a simple order of packets will cost you $40 dollars, a whole kit goes for over $300 dollars. That’s a lot to spend on a shake like this, especially if you’re not sure if it’s going to work. Yoli doesn’t offer any kind of return policy either, so if you don’t like Yoli Yes, you’re going to be stuck with it.

EDITOR'S TIP: Combine this supplement with a proven diet shake such as 18SHAKE for better results.

Does Yoli Yes Work?

You can find testimonials created by people who have tried Yoli Yes online. According to the reviews, Yoli Yes hasn’t worked for everyone. Yoli Yes has helped some people lose weight but other people have been disappointed. Some people don’t like the taste either; they say it tastes like cardboard. If your feelings include being unable to like the taste, or that trying Yoli Yes will be a waste of time, you should look for a shake that has satisfied more people.

Yoli Yes’ Ingredients and Dosage

The following nutritional information is available on this product’s official website and packaging:

Amount Per Serving Percent Daily Value
Calories 80 N/A
Calories from fat 10 N/A
Total Fat 1 g 2%
Saturated Fat 0.5 g 3%
Trans Fat 0 g 0%
Cholesterol 15 mg 5%
Total Carbs 9 g 3%
Dietary Fiber 4 g 16%
Sugars 2 g N/A
Protein 12 g 22%

It’s beneficial for us to have access to this information because it helps us learn some valuable things about Yoli Yes. For example, we can see the countable number of calories in Yoli Yes, as well as how much fiber and protein. Let’s examine each of these things more closely.

Calories and Fat:

Since you drink shakes like these to cut out calories, you want to know the caloric amount you’re going to be receiving from the shakes. According to the above information, Yoli Yes contains 80 calories, which is very low for a shake like this. Many shakes contain almost 200 calories, meaning that if a drink with not a high amount of calories is your goal, this shake is for you.

Only 10 of these calories come from fat; since we know these two numbers, we can calculate what percentage of a single Yoli Yes serving comes from its fat. It is just necessary to perform math to determine that. Here’s how we can determine the percentage of fat in a single Yoli Yes serving:

(Calories from fat ÷ Total calories in the product) x 100 = Percentage of fat

(10 ÷ 80) x 100 = 12.5%

So a single Yoli Yes serving is made up of 12.5% fat. Just like Yoli Yes’ counted calories is lowered, its percentage of fat is pretty low too. However, it does not quite meet the FDA’s standards for a low-fat product. To do so, less than 5% of a product’s single serving must come from its fat. However, 12.5% is still a much lower amount than you’ll find in high number of other shakes like this. If your desire is for a low-fat shake, you can definitely do worse than Yoli Yes.

While counting calories can help you, you must also see how much fiber and protein is in a shake like this. Let’s examine those next.


Fiber is an important thing to pay attention to in diet products, especially in shakes that replace your meals. Since you’ll eat less food, you might get hungrier than you usually do in between meals. When you get hungry, you’re more likely to eat and snack in between meals, so you may as well not be trying to diet at all. If your desire is for shake that will prevent your belly from feeling hunger, its fiber proportions will have to be high. The role played by viber is vital in helping to keep you feeling full in spite of the meals you’re not eating. However, a lot of shakes like this often feel like they can skimp on fiber just because they contain a lot of protein in their formula. While protein is important, the best shakes contain healthy doses of both.

With 4 grams of fiber, Yoli Yes doesn’t exactly have the most fiber I’ve seen in a diet shake. However, it fails to be the lowest amount either. While better shakes often have 6, 7 or 8 grams of fiber to keep you really full, 4 grams should do a pretty decent job of preventing you from feeling too hungry in between meals.


This also plays a crucial role in keeping you full. However, it does more than just fill up your stomach. It also sustains your feelings of energization and prohibits you from feeling weak and malnourished, which can happen if you start skipping meals. The best shakes usually contain 20 or even 25 grams of protein to keep you feeling full, healthy and energized.

Yoli Yes only has 14 grams of protein, which is a disappointing number. That means that other shakes contain almost twice the protein as Yoli Yes. If you really want a shake that will keep you feeling healthy, you can find better options than Yoli Yes.

Next, let us examine the ingredients we can find in the Yoli Yes formula:

Pomegranate Carrot Olive leaf
Grape seed extract Cissus Irvinga
Acai Alfalfa Maqui
Spinach Moringa Broccoli
Bacillus coagulans Purawhey native Whey protein
Inulin Cocoa powder Xylitol
Guar gum Stevia extract Luo han guo

One good thing about Yoli Yes‘ ingredients is that this shake doesn’t include soy, gluten or genetically modified organisms. If you only want natural ingredients, Yoli Yes could be a good pick.

Among the sources of protein Yoli Yes chooses to highlight on its website is a patented type of whey protein called Purawhey. The Yoli Yes website explains that this type of protein is processed, explaining that it is lacking of any unnatural hormones and is very biologically active to result in maximum absorption by your body. This is very superior to the protein that comes from soy, because soy protein can often be bad for you if you consume it for too long. A problem with this type of whey protein should not exist though. Still, I do wish the Yoli Yes formula included a bit more protein.

Our top 10 list can point you towards products with better ingredients.

EDITOR'S TIP: Check our list of approved diet shakes to make a right purchase decision!

Are There Possible Side Effects?

Since all of the ingredients in Yoli Yes’ formula are all-natural, using Yoli Yes shouldn’t result in any side effects that could damage your health.

Betters options are on the market for less money.


While Yoli Yes contains a good kind of protein, it doesn’t contain quite enough of it. I was also underwhelmed by Yoli Yes’ fiber content. You could possibly consider very carefully if your desire is to give Yoli Yes a try or not, since the entirety of the reviews are not all great and Yoli Yes can be very expensive.

Inspect our approvable products list and let us assist you in finding a better diet aid than this one.

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2 Responses to Yoli Yes Review – Does it Really Work?

  1. Monique Zen says:

    Yoli is networking. Therefore, every person who drinks it must be able to sell to recoup the cost.
    i paid $320.00 and the dumb thing about me, was not doing my homework. I immediately succumb to the testimonials of people who were really thin & not overweight. they said it was to maintain their weight. today July 25,2016 is my 7th day & lost 3 lbs which is nothing compared to a healthy veggies & low crabs diet Kaiser provided to me. I lost my $320.00 which was part of my savings for my trip to New Zealand.
    Yoli NO!!!!

  2. steve danon says:

    I have been ordering Yoli Truth for ten-years. This last batch tasted bad. I called Yoli and they gave me some ridiculous story about product contents and it was a known issue. They said I could ship it back at my expense. Add on the original shipping charge that they would not refund. They are sending out bad product knowing it. DON’T EVER BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM AGAIN. WHO KNOW’s WHAT YOU ARE GETTING !!!!!!

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