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Unjury Review – Does it Really Work?

The weight loss community is growing increasingly distrusting of diet pills, after products lacking in legitimacy have resulted in people similar to yourself giving products that are fake their money. Quickly taking the place of diet pills as the most popular form of health supplement is the diet shake. These (hopefully) tasty and nutritious shakes are frequently designed to serve as meal replacements, delivering you with energetic means that provide possibilities for your energy to persist all day as well as things comprised in their formulas that will result in your superior body shape. I imagine that anyone would rather drink a tasty chocolate shake than take a diet pill, so it makes sense that shakes of the variety of meal replacements more popular than ever.

When the fact is considered that the existence of so many items are present, consideration must be possessed for how to select the correct item for your desires. I possess the potential to be your assistant in aiding you to make this selection; join my inspection of this popular item to widen your knowledge about food stand-in drinks.

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What is It?

Unjury is a fitness shake that’s supposed to provide you with a healthy dose of protein. However, unlike many shakes like this, it does not seem to me like it’d be too capable of taking the place of your meals so that you can eliminate some calories from your diet and lose weight. While its formula contains plenty of protein, it doesn’t contain any fiber to keep you feeling satisfied and full. Hopefully this review can help you decide if Unjury is the right diet aid for you.

Who Makes It?

Unjury is produced by ProSynthesis Laboratories Inc. ProSynthesis Labs was founded in 1974 by a registered dietitian who is identified on the company’s website only by the name Martha. There actually isn’t information about this company on the official Unjury website, asides from the typical supplement fluff about how the company prefers to use only the best ingredients, and things like that. However there are several forms of contact information on the ProSynthesis Labs website; for instance, I found a phone number, email address and the company’s business hours. By following the information the company provides for its money-back guarantee, you can also find an address for the company, which seems to be located in Sterling, Virginia.

You can purchase Unjury straight from its official website. A container of Unjury costs $22.95 when bought from the website itself. Each container contains 17 servings; considering that you’re usually supposed to use beverages like this twice a day, that means that one container should last you a little more than a week. Unjury is sold with a 100% money-back guarantee.

EDITOR'S TIP: Combine this supplement with a proven diet shake such as 18SHAKE for better results.

Does Unjury Work?

If found some pretty positive reviews written by people who have actually tried Unjury. Unfortunately, not too many of these reviews actually mention weight loss. Most of them just seem pretty satisfied with how much protein you can get by regularly drinking Unjury shakes. This gives the impression that Unjury might be better utilized as a protein supplement to help you pack on muscle, or energize you at the gym, rather than as a proper meal substitution weight loss shake.

Some of the reviews I found were also displeased by the way this shake tastes. If you have your doubts that you might dislike the taste yourself, I recommend looking for a product you can feel confident that you’re actually going to enjoy.

Unjury’s Ingredients and Dosage

The following nutritional information is available on this product’s official website and packaging:

Amount Per Serving Percent Daily Value
Calories 100 N/A
Calories from fat 0 N/A
Total Fat 0 g 0%
Saturated Fat 0 g 0%
Trans Fat 0 g 0%
Cholesterol 0 mg 0%
Total Carbs 3 g 1%
Dietary Fiber 0 g 0%
Sugars 2 g N/A
Protein 21 g 58%

This information allows us to learn some pretty important things about Unjury. Perhaps the three most vital aspects you should be paying attention to while considering a meal replacement beverage like this one are the product’s calories, fiber and protein, so let’s examine each of these aspects.


According to the above nutritional information, a single serving of Unjury contains 100 calories. That’s not too bad for a product like this. While some meal substitution drinks contain as few as 90 or 80 calories, many can contain up to 200 calories – nearly twice the amount of those found in Unjury. It also doesn’t look like any of these calories come from fat. In fact, Unjury’s formula doesn’t seem to contain any kind of fat at all, which means that we don’t have to worry about trying to figure out whether Unjury qualifies as a high or low fat product by the Food and Drug Administration’s standards.


While counting calories can be helpful, it’s more important to see how much fiber is in a meal replacement drink’s formula. Drinks like this are intended to take the place of the high-calorie meals that you are accustomed to eating. You substitute a shake or smoothie for one or two meals a day in order to cut calories from your diet and gradually lose weight. However, by cutting out most of the food you’re used to eating, you’re probably going to start feeling pretty hungry throughout the day. That may tempt you to snack in between meals, which kind of defeats the purpose of using a dieting shake in the first place. This is why drinks like this include fiber in their formulas: to keep you feeling full in between shakes and meals and prevent you from eating and snacking throughout the day.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like Unjury contains any fiber whatsoever. Given this complete lack of fiber, I have a hard time seeing how Unjury could work as an adequate meal substitute at all. Other shakes like this commonly contain up to 8 grams of fiber to keep you full and curb your appetite in between shakes and meals. Without any fiber in its formula, Unjury just doesn’t seem like it’d be a very capable or effective replacement for the meals you’re used to eating.


While Unjury doesn’t have any fat or fiber, it does look like its formula has a pretty decent amount of protein. Looking at its nutritional information, we can see that Unjury has 21 grams of protein, which definitely isn’t bad for a meal substitution product. Unjury definitely isn’t a terrible choice when it comes to maintaining muscle mass or keeping you feeling energized. In fact, Unjury seems like it would be much better employed to help you work out at the gym than to replace your meals, cut calories and help you shed pounds

Next, let’s see what ingredients are in Unjury’s formula.

Whey protein isolate Fructose Cocoa powder
Natural and artificial flavors Soy lecithin Xanthan gum
Sea salt Aspartame Acesulfame potassium
Potassium chloride

Unfortunately, it looks like this list of ingredients contains a few things that might turn you away from this product. A lot of dieters try to avoid ingredients like soy and artificial sweeteners, both of which are in Unjury. For example, this product contains acesulfame potassium, an artificial sweetener that may result in bad adverse effects. Unjury also contains soy lecithin. While that isn’t the worst kind of soy commonly found in products like this, you might still want find something else if you’d prefer to avoid soy entirely.

Our top 10 list is a good place to find weight loss options without any unnatural ingredients.

EDITOR'S TIP: Check our list of approved diet shakes to make a right purchase decision!

Are There Possible Side Effects?

One of the artificial sweeteners that can be found in Unjury is acesulfame potassium, an ingredient that has been linked to several negative side effects. Prolonged consumption of this ingredient has been known to result in headaches, nausea, confusion, vision-related problems, depression and negative kidney and liver conditions. So you might want to exercise some caution when it comes to how long a period of time you use Unjury for.

There are better weight loss options available to you for the same amounts of money or less.


I’m not  sure if Unjury is quite capable of actually working as an effective meal substitute. When you cut out meals in favor of shakes like this, it follows that you’ll probably start feeling pretty hungry in between meals and shakes. If a shake can’t keep you full, it’s probably that you will eat or snack throughout the day, which completely defeats the purpose of trying to diet at all. Given the fact that Unjury’s formula doesn’t’ have any fiber in it, it really doesn’t seem likely that it’ll be able to keep you full at all. There does seem to be a decent amount of protein in this product’s formula though, so it should at least be able to keep you feeling energized, maintain your muscles or boost your performance at the gym.

Something else you should remain aware of when deciding to choose Unjury as your diet shake of choice is the presence of artificial ingredients and sweeteners in this product’s formula, including acesulfame potassium, which can actually cause some nasty adverse effects. So if you want a natural shake that will keep you full, it might be better to try something else besides Unjury.

Check out our list of approved products and let us assist you in finding a diet aid that’s better for your needs.

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