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Spiru-Tein Review – Is Spiru-Tein Safe?

While Spiru-Tein seems like it could potentially be a decent method for controlling your weight and helping you cut back on a number of greatening fattening foods you might have gained accustomation to consuming, this product’s formula leave me skeptical that it’s actually capable of resulting in substantial weight loss. If you desire to increase your knowledge what this product can and can’t do, continue reading my review of Spiru-Tein to find out just what this product can do.

The way Spiru-Tein works is virtually identical to every other meal replacement drink that’s sold. You simply drink a Spiru-Tein shake instead of eating a high-calorie meal. By banishing such a sizable number calories away from your menu, you should begin to shed pounds. This type of weight loss usually appeals to people who’d rather not worry about sticking to low-calorie diets, instead preferring to just remove one or two meals a day altogether, replacing them with an easy to drink low-calorie beverage with enough healthy ingredients, vitamins and minerals to keep them feeling satisfied and energized enough to go about their day.

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What is it?

Spiru-Tein is a powdered meal replacement shake mix designed to help both males and women control their weight and shed some pounds. While Spiru-Tein’s formula doesn’t contain typical weight loss ingredients that are commonly used to assist in your body’s burning of more fat, or suppress hunger and cravings, you can reportedly still lose weight by replacing some of your high-calorie meals with a Spiru-Tein shake. While this means you eat less, Spiru-Tein claims that the ingredients in their shakes such as bee pollen will be enough to keep your appetite at bay, while the numerous variety of vitamins and crucial minerals found in Spiru-Tein will help keep your body properly nourished.

Who makes it?

Spiru-Tein is an example of numberous products that make up Nature’s Plus line of health and weight loss items. Nature’s Plus items are produced and marketed by Natural Organics Inc., a supplement production company located in the New York area of Melville. Nature’s Plus was originally founded in the first years of the 1970s by an expert pharmaceutical specialist named Gerald Kessler. While it does not seem like you can purchase Nature’s Plus creations directly from the company itself, the company’s official website provides a retailer locator to help you find where you can purchase products such as Spiru-Tein. I also found Spiru-Tein for sale from popular supplement distribution places such as GNC. It’s always a relief to discover that an item is widely available for purchase from trusted retailers, as it means your abilities will not resort to obtaining the product from potentially shady or untrustworthy third-party distributors who are all too often just trying to rip you off.

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Does Spiru-Tein work?

In addition to working as a low-calorie stand-in drink, Spiru-Tein also claims to be able to destroy your appetite and prohibit your cravings to snack, apparently thanks to a special soy blend of proteins extracted from rice and peas, along with bee pollen and oat brans.

The independent reviews I found for Spiru-Tein were generally pretty good. Many users seem to enjoy the item’s taste, and even seem to have lost some weight simply by replacing a few portionings of food per day with Spiru-Tein shakes. However, some of the reviews I found implied that any weight loss achieved by using Spiru-Tein will likely not be permanent. It seems very likely that you will regain the pounds back after stopping your employment of Spiru-Tein as a food stand-in. For more sustainable weight loss, the possibility is that you’d be making a superior decision in looking for a supplement or diet pill that actually improves the way your metabolism functions, increasing the numbers of fat your body can destroy.

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Spiru-Tein’s Ingredients and Dosages

Upon inspecting Spiru-Tein’s ingredients, I was disappointed to find a complete lack of any elements of pound destruction. While many weight loss supplements contain ingredients such as green tea that are intended to improve the methods by which your body releases fat and turns the calories you eat into energy, meal replacement shakes usually do nothing but suppress your appetite to prohibit you from gaining too much hunger after substituting a shake for one of the full meals that you’re used to eating. Unfortunately, Spiru-Tein is no exception to this trend. While it may help control your appetite thanks to the fiber and bee pollen found in its formula, Spiru-Tein doesn’t have any ingredients intended to actively help your body burn fat.

A complete list comprising Spiru-Tein’s facts of nutrition can be found on the official Nature’s Plus website. I have reproduced Spiru-Tein’s nutritional label below:

Amount Per Serving Percent Daily Value
Calories 99 N/A
Calories from fat 0 N/A
Total Fat 0g N/A
Saturated Fat 0g N/A
Trans Fat 0g N/A
Cholesterol 0g N/A
Total Carbs 11g 4%
Dietary Fiber 1g 4%
Sugars 8g N/A
Protein 14g 28%

It looks like a solitary serving of Spiru-Tein contains 99 calories. Not only is this a lot less than the calories you’re probably used to consuming from the food that’s already a component of your diet but the number is relatively less for a food stand-in drink too; especially when it is taken into considerationthat a numberous lot of meal replacement shakes frequently contain upwards of 150 calories in their formulas. Better still, according to Spiru-Tein’s nutritional label, none of these calories come from fat, which means that Spiru-Tein more than meets the FDA’s qualifications for a low-fat product.

The ingredients that are locatable in Spiru-Tein’s formula are as follows:

Rice protein Pea protein Soy protein isolate
Fermented soy Fructose Maltodextrin
Tri-calcium phosphate Natural vanilla Potassium citrate
Magnesium oxide Guar gum Psyllium
Oat bran Microcrystalline cellulose Vitamin C
Vitamin E Choline bitartrate Inositol
Apple pectin Bee pollen Niacinamide
Vitamin A palmitate Zinc oxide Manganese sulfate
Ferrous fumerate Calcium pantothenate Lecithin
Lemon bioflavonoids Papaya Bromelain
Chlorophyll Pyridoxine HCI Riboflavin
Thiamine HCI Vitamin B12 Vitamin D
Folic acid Biotin Potassium iodide
Chromium chrloide Sodium selentire Sodium molybdate

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Are there possible side effects?

Spiru-Tein’s formula contains the popular meal replacement shake ingredient Soy Protein Isolate. While this ingredient can commonly be found in substitution beverages such as Spiru-Tein, the thing is actually not as safe as the weight loss community once believed. Actually, recent studies have linked prolonged consumption of Soy Protein Isolate to several health conditions, such as a reduced amount of hormones in your thyroid and even a weakened immune system. Your profession does not have to be that of a doctor to know that both of these things are capable of resulting in serious health complications. While none of the reviews I found written by actual Spiru-Tein users claimed to experience any side effects like this, you may still want to be careful about how long you use this product for.

I think it’s also worth mentioning that 8 of Spiru-Tein’s 11 grams of carbohydrates come from the sugar found in the product. If not used responsibly, it’s possible that drinking Spiru-Tein shakes could actually result in weight gain rather than weight loss.

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Considering the fact that it’s low in fat and contains a lot of protein, it sounds like it might be possible to lose some weight gradually by incorporating Spiru-Tein into your diet as a substitute for some of the high calorie meals that you’ve gotten used to eating. However, I’m a little concerned by the lack of fiber in this product. With only 1 gram per serving, Spiru-Tein just does not sound like it would be capable of keeping you feeling full in between meals or reducing the urge to snack and cheat on your diet. Spiru-Tein also contains Soy Protein Isolate, a potentially unhealthy ingredient that many dieters try to stay away from. Considering the lack of necessary ingredients and the presence of ones you should avoid, I just don’t think I can recommend Spiru-Tein.

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