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Slim Fast Review – Does it Really Work?

In existence in the pound destruction world of the contemporary time are food stand-in drinks that exist to make the promise of banishing calories from your daily menu to reduce the number of pounds possessed by your body. One of the food stand-in drinks on the pound-elimination market has been titled Slim Fast.

Slim Fast is perhaps highest in popularity of the well-known products in food stand-in drink history. While it may be of a necessity locate drinks that are similar in pharmacies or located in supplement stores, due to its high popularity Slim Fast is purchasable from all grocery stores in the country. While Slim Fast has experienced alterations since it was introduced primarily in the late 70’s, its promises remain the same: quick pound reduction that simply requires you to refrain from experiencing your favorite foods, instead of removing them from your menu entirely.

Slim Fast’s enduring popularity could possibly be a fact that will convince your mind that it really in reality is an effective meal replacement shake that the weight loss market has to offer, but is this really true? Whether it is or not, Slim Fast’s popularity doesn’t constitute it being necessary to rush out and buy it without first performing inspection into how this item is to be used and what ingredients are locatable in its formula. So before you choose Slim Fast as your meal replacement shake of choice, view our review of the item to learn more.

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What is it?

The Slim Fast weight loss regimen seems fairly easy to stick to. It simply requires you to replace a periodic amount of food a day with either a Slim Fast stand-in drink or snack bar. According to Slim Fast’s official website, your third remaining meal should consist of about 500 calories. You are also permitted to consume snacks per day, providing they do not outnumber the amount of 100 calories.  Given that your only requirements being simply replace two consumable meals a day with Slim Fast, you possess the possibility to pretty much tailor this regimen to whatever works perfect in your favor. If you desire your day’s beginning with with a decent breakfast, you still can, providing you replace lunch and dinner with Slim Fast drinks. Alternatively, you can enjoy lunch in your day’s middle by replacing breakfast and dinner with Slim Fast, and so on. Slim Fast is also reportedly capable of controlling your hunger and reducing your cravings for approximately four hours, due to the protein contained in the product’s formula.

Who makes it?

Slim Fast’s official home on the web makes no declaration of which company owns and produces the product. However, post-research I discovered a detailed history of Slim Fast’s production. Slim Fast was originally manufactured in 1977 by Thompson Medical, the founder of which is called S. Daniel Abraham. In 2000, it was purchased by Unilever, who eventually sold the brand to Kainos Capital in 2023.  Kainos Capital is a private equity firm based in Dallas who still produce Slim Fast today, along with grand varieties of consumer brands focused on health and additionally wellness.

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Does it work?

According to its official website, Slim Fast has passed the test to destroy twice the number of pounds that you’d lose by including a small number of calories in your diet. Unfortunately, Slim Fast fails to provide descriptions or links to any information regarding these clinical trials. Based on independent user reviews that were discoverable by me online, Slim Fast’s results do not seem to be guaranteed. While some users do seem to have lost weight by sticking to Slim Fast’s daily regimen, others failed to see any weight loss, or worse, even gained weight. Judging from the amount of sugar and other sweeteners found in Slim Fast’s formula, I wasn’t really surprised by this. Let’s solve the question of what Slim Fast is comprised of.

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Slim Fast’s Ingredients and Dosages

After taking an examination of Slim Fast’s ingredients, I didn’t experience pleasure by what I found. First of all, Slim Fast is not in possession of any talents typically found in weight loss supplements, so it can’t really do anything to alter your body’s pound-destruction capabilities. It was also my displeasure to count the amount of sugar in its formula too; while different flavors contain different amounts, a Slim Fast drink can contain up to 18 grams of sugar. With that much sugar, you actually run the risk of gaining weight by drinking Slim Fast. On top of that, some Slim Fast products reportedly contain artificial sweeteners such as Aspartame in addition to Acesulfame Potassium, which means that if you’re on a quest for product with only natural ingredients, your search will lead you elsewhere. While each Slim Fast product contains varying ingredients, I have included a copy of the nutrition and ingredient facts for the brand’s “Cappuccino Delight” flavor below:

Amount Per Serving Percent Daily Value
Calories 190 N/A
Calories from fat 50 N/A
Total Fat 6g 9%
Saturated Fat 1.5g 8%
Trans Fat 0g 0g
Cholesterol 10mg 3%
Total Carbs 25g 8%
Dietary Fiber 5g  20%
Sugars 18g N/A
Protein 10g 20%

From this information we can ascertain that a single serving of Slim Fast contains 190 calories, which is actually kind of a lot for a food stand-in drinks such as this. In fact, many meal replacement shakes like this contain as few as 90 calories, a whole hundred less than the calories found in Slim Fast. Almost a quarter of Slim Fast’s calories come from the fat in its formula too, amounting to the answer that it’s definitely not a low-fat product. If you’re desiring a method to banish fat from your diet, superior options than this drink exist.

A complete list of the ingredients found in Slim Fast are possibly viewed below:

Fat free milk Water Sugar
Gum Arabic Canola oil Milk protein concentrate
Cellulose gel Coffee powder Mono and diglycerides
Potassium phosphate Hydrogenated soybean oil Maltodextrin
Soy lecithin Cellulose gum Carrageenan
Cocoa Sodium bicarbonate Sucralose
Acesulfame potassium Sodium citrate Citric acid
Vitamins and minerals Magnesium phosphate Calcium phosphate
Sodium ascorabte Vitamin E acetate Zinc gluconate
Ferric orthophosphate Niacinamide Calcium pantothenate
Manganese sulfate Vitamin A palmitate Pyridoxine hydrochloride
Riboflavin Thiamin monotriate Folic acid
Chromium chloride Biotin Sodium molybdate
Potassium iodide Phylloquinone Sodium selenite
Cyanocobalamin Cholecalciferol

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Are there possible side effects?

The independent reviews of Slim Fast that I found online didn’t describe any major side effects, but some users seem to have suffered from headaches, stomach pains, bad gas and diarrhea after drinking itt.

Slim Fast reportedly contains two potentially dangerous artificial sweeteners, Aspartame and additionally Acesulfame Potassium, a link has been drawn between both of which and pound-gaining with side effects. The mentioned effects include everything from headaches and nausea to more serious and dangerous adverse effects like memory loss, depression, anxiety, vision disruption and kidney complexions, in addition to seizures and brain tumors. While I couldn’t find any instances of Slim Fast users suffering from any of these more adverse side effects, it’s always cur negative effects a product’s ingredients are known to cause.

While not technically a side effect, many recent reviews complained about the relatively new plastic bottles that Slim Fast is now sold in, claiming that the plastic around the opening is sharp enough to cut your lips if you drink directly from the bottle.

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While it enjoys being extremely popular, it actually missess being the best method for losing or even controlling your weight. This product contains a lot of sugar, and various artificial sweeteners as well, which means that you run the risk of actually gaining pounds if you do not own caution. While using it as it has been recommended may help you drop a few pounds, it’s unlikely that this kind of pound-dropping able to be sustained; you’re likely to recollect the pounds when your time with the item draws to an end. So if failing to dedicate yourself to actually improving your diet while it’s employed will mean the weight you lose while using it may come right back before too long.

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