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Shakeology Shake Review – Is Shakeology Shake Safe?

There are items in existence that can be titled food stand-in drinks. The design of these items is to abolish your pounds by standing-in for a duo or single amount of the food your belly gets daily. In order for destruction of pounds to be of occurrence, your diet must adhere to this requirement and many of your food items must fanish from your menu.

Shakeology is in the category of a drink you consume in the place of your customary meals containing high quantities of fibers in addition to proteins to ensure a sense of satiety throughout the day while simultaneously assisting in the avoidance of unhealthy meals that you may be used to consuming regularly. The peak of popularity has been assumed by Shakeology, but I am still in possess of queries. Still, the mystery of Shakeology being the one item you should select to be your assistant in the pound destruction process remains. This exposition into Shakeology will provide you aid in selecting the decision of Shakeology being ideal for your desires or not.

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What is it?

While Shakeology is not primarily designed for weight loss, cutting away an amount of unhealthy foods you’ve had to settle on for sustenance sounds like an idealistic opportunity to put yourself on a quest for gradual, healthy weight loss. However, you may be looking for a quicker, more potent pound killing method. If that’s so, I should express apologies to you that Shakeology probably isn’t going to succeed at being the answer. Still, join me in inspecting this meal replacement shake to see exactly its capabilities and its failures.

Who makes it?

Information located in the trenches of this product’s official website implies that Shakeology is made by Beach Body LLC, a supplement company that produces sizable varieties of things to elevate your health to superiority. Unfortunately it was incapable of me to find quite a few complaints that imply Beach Body is a difficult company to work with when it regards customer service and product returns. That fails to be the least ideal thing which has been learned by me for a supplement company, but I still advise you to patronize this organization at your own risk.

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Does Shakeology work?

While Shakeology uses weight loss imagery such as a tape measure wrapped around a shake glass with an hourglass figure, Shakeology really isn’t a conventional weight loss product. Like most meal replacement shakes, it’s actually designed more to help you cut out fatty or unnecessary foods than aiding the assistance of your dropping some pounds and destroying weight. However, sizable numbers of individuals that exist in the community seem to think that you may indeed actually see some gradual weight loss if you drink Shakeology frequently enough. This is not due to any powerful fat burning ingredients in the shake’s formula, but because by the nutritious shake usurping the food that’s usually consumable, you’re potentially banishing from your routine the empty calories previously obtained from unhealthy foods that we’re all guilty of eating. These empty calories are what’s responsible for the accumulation of fat in your body, so by eliminating them from your diet in favor of Shakeology, you might start to see yourself gradually begin to lose some weight.

However, while Shakeology’s formula may be free of conventional fat burners, it does claim to be in the possession of the capabilities to destroy your longing for trash and junk food. Given how much fiber can generally be found in shakes like this, there is no opinion of mine concerning a problem seeing how Shakeology will possess abilities to leave you feeling full for hours, but the meaning escapes me concerning the method by which it is supposed to convince your thought patterns to stop wanting to eat junk food when your appetite does return. Shakeology even says that it can turn your junk food cravings into cravings for healthier foods, which doesn’t really make sense to us. I was disappointed but not surprised to find that Shakeology doesn’t really address this claim anywhere else on their official website, because my thinking is still perplexed how a simple meal replacement shake can rewire what kinds of food you want to eat.

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Shakeology’s Ingredients and Dosage

You can find the following nutritional information on the official Shakeology website:

Amount Per Serving Percent Daily Value
Calories 160 N/A
Calories from fat 20 N/A
Total Fat 2g 3%
Saturated Fat 1g 5%
Trans Fat 0g N/A
Cholesterol 0mg N/A
Total Carbs 17g 6%
Dietary Fiber 6g 24%
Sugars 6g N/A
Protein 17g 34%

It looks like a single serving of Shakeology consists of 160 calories, which is quite a bit compared to other shakes like this, some of which contain as few as 90 calories. Since we know that 20 of these calories come from fat, we can determine that a single serving of Shakeology is comprised of 12% fat. While this isn’t so low as to qualify Shakeology as a low-fat product, you can definitely do worse than that.

While Shakeology’s blend consists of a ton of different ingredients, the foundation of the shake is largely composed of two key ingredients that you’re going to want to know about. As I explained before, Shakeology’s formula doesn’t really contain any traditionally fat burning components, these two key ingredients are actually believed to contribute to gradual

Whey Protein: this ingredient contains all of the natural amino acids that your body needs to get each day in order to remain healthy. Why protein is also commonly believed to contribute to healthy cholesterol, which in turn should make it easier for your body to naturally and gradually start losing weight.

Pea Protein: this ingredient is hypoallergenic and contains amino acids that keep your body in a constant state in which it can more easily build muscle and burn fat.

While these ingredients may help keep your body in a state where burning fat works a little more smoothly, they’re not going to have the same effects as many of the fat-burning ingredients that you find in traditional diet pills or other products like that. It’s not going to raise your body temperature or boost your metabolism. Rather, it sounds like it’s just going to help your body burn fat as well as it should already be able to, instead of doing anything to influence or improve the process.

Unfortunately, these ingredients are included in a proprietary blend, so it’s impossible for me to know the amount of each ingredient that can actually be found in Shakeology. Hopefully there’s enough for the shake to actually be effective, but the disappointing thing about proprietary blends is that you just can’t know for sure. Shakeology’s proprietary blend also includes a ton of different “superfoods” to contribute taste and other various health benefits unrelated to weight loss.

The full list of Shakeology’s ingredients has been reproduced below for your convenience:

Whey protein isolate Pea protein Flax
Chia Quinoa Amaranth
Cacao Maca Pea fiber
Yacon Chlorella Spirulina
Acerola cherry Chicory root fiber Camu-camu
Pomegranate Sacha inchi Astragalus
Bilberry Blueberry goji berry
Spinach acai Msm
Ashwagandha Cordyceps Enzyme blend
Amylase Cellulose Lactace
Glucoamylase Alpha-galactosidase Invertase
Kale Maitake reishi seed
Green tea Rose hips Schisandra
Tulsi Cinnamon Ginkgo

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Are there possible side effects?

While the general consensus among the weight loss community is that it’s unexpected for Shakeology to result in any kind of negative side effects. However, some people are concerned about some of the trace amounts of various metals that can be found in Shakeology. While the creators say this is due to natural minerals like Iron, others are afraid that Shakeology’s natural ingredients are frequently contaminated by their environment, which may make them dangerous to consume.

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While Shakeology may not be a traditional dietary aid, some of its ingredients actually do look like they could play a role in keeping your body in a healthy enough state for weight loss to occur naturally and gradually. However, the real way that you’re going to lose weight by using this product is by employing it as a meal substitution. This will mean replacing some of the high calorie foods that you’re used to eating with Shakeology in order to control and limit the calories you ingest in a day. This will help you begin to gradually lose weight. However, you must remember that using shakes like this to lose weight is not always the best way to do so if you’re looking for long-term weight loss. If you go back to eating the high calorie meals that you’re used to, it’s likely that you’re going to put the weight you’ve lost back on. Thus, you’re going to have to make some permanent changes to your diet if you want your weight loss to be permanent too.

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One Response to Shakeology Shake Review – Is Shakeology Shake Safe?

  1. Mommom says:

    These shakes contain a lot of ingredients. My daughter is a Beach Body Coach and consumes these shakes everyday. I had some samples and was fine, they tasted great. About 4 months after that I ordered a new batch and when I drank the first shake my throat started to close up. I found out that the shake has a sulfa ingredient in it, and I’m allergic to Sulfa ‘drugs’. I hadn’t the slightest idea the shakes would contain such ingredients. I’m sad that I can’t drink the shakes, they were delicious. Thank you for your article. Sorry to be so wordy in my comment.

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