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Shakeology Review (UPDATED 2023): Don’t Buy Before You Read This!

Meal replacement shakes are used to help substitute what can be a highly caloric meal and by doing so, help to provide consistent weight loss results. For there to be actual results however, depends largely on the overall quality of the shakes and their ability to suppress appetite while nourishing the body.

Shakeology is made with what’s claimed to be wholesome ingredients which can support weight loss and overall health. It has become a very popular meal replacement shake due to its use of marketing and unique formula of superfoods, probiotics, and enzymes. In this review we will be going deep into Shakeology to help you understand all you need to know about it. Review our list of top rated meal replacement shakes to learn about what the best options are for weight loss.

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What is it?

The added fats, protein, and fiber are intended to help support lasting appetite suppression so there’s less of a chance of eating junk food. The provided energy is intended to support workouts and the nutrients are to also prevent junk food cravings. Many different benefits are explained such as its taste which they say feels like an indulgent treat.

Added to it is a blend of vegan protein from many grains, and to help digest the entire formula they add enzymes. A few vitamins and minerals are also offered per serving.

Our top 10 list features the best weight loss meal replacement shakes.

Who makes it?

Shakeology is made by Beach Body LLC; unfortunately there were many complaints from consumers who said that they were difficult to work with when it comes to customer service and product returns. They paid a total $3.6 million in penalties due to their reoccurring auto-billing cycle that consumers were unaware of.  Because they did so without notifying consumers, they were found guilty.

Additionally there were charges that the company had false and misleading claims made about their claimed scientifically produced products.

Our review team has looked at many meal replacement shakes and we’ve determined which offer the best weight loss results.

EDITOR'S TIP: Combine this supplement with a proven diet shake such as 18SHAKE for better results.

Does Shakeology work?

While Shakeology uses weight loss imagery such as a tape measure wrapped around a shake glass with an hourglass figure, Shakeology really isn’t a conventional weight loss product. Like most meal replacement shakes, it’s actually designed more to help you cut out fatty or unnecessary foods than in helping support direct weight loss.

However, many customers that used it said that they failed to see any weight loss results. It’s not clear whether or not this was caused by the high amount of sugar sourced from cane, or due to the lack of appetite suppression that some consumers said was an issue.

The amount of fiber seems sufficiently high, and though the calories are only slightly more so than the average shake, it’s difficult to know for certain why so many failed to lose weight. For some it simply didn’t provide enough appetite suppression to be considered an effective enough meal replacement. It might be because of this lack of appetite suppression that customers failed to lose weight.

Our top rated meal replacement shakes are effective for weight loss.

Shakeology’s Ingredients and Dosage

You can find the following nutritional information on the official Shakeology website. This is for their chocolate flavor:

Amount Per Serving Percent Daily Value
Calories 160 N/A
Calories from fat 20 N/A
Total Fat 2.5g 4%
Saturated Fat 1g 5%
Trans Fat 0g N/A
Cholesterol 5mg 2%
Total Carbs 17g 6%
Dietary Fiber 6g 24%
Sugars 7g N/A
Protein 17g 29%

Depending on the flavor, a single serving of Shakeology consists of about 160 calories, which is more so than many other meal replacement shakes, some of which contain as few as 90 calories. Since we know that 20 of these calories come from fat, we can determine that a single serving of Shakeology has a total of 12% fat. While this isn’t so low as to qualify Shakeology as a low-fat product, it is fairly low and about average for a meal replacement.

While Shakeology’s blend consists of several different ingredients, some of the key ingredients consist of.

Whey Protein: Contains all of the natural amino acids that the body requires every day in order in order for many important body functions to stay regular. It is a rich source of protein and it easy for the body to absorb, considered a bioavailable and great protein source. Athletes will often use this as a way to build lean muscle and to maintain existing muscle.

The vegan flavor does not contain whey protein and instead uses different versions of plant based protein.

Pea Protein: This ingredient is hypoallergenic and contains certain rich amino acids. Because it is not a complete amino acid source, it has to be mixed with other forms of protein so there are no deficiencies.

The added whey protein is a solid addition to any weight loss plan, since it can help alleviate hunger for hours. The major issue is that they add whey alongside other forms of protein, making it impossible to know for certain if the majority per serving is whey, or if it mostly plant based protein.

The serving size for their regular non-vegan shake has 17 grams of protein which is a high amount, but without knowing more it’s impossible to tell if it is mostly whey based.

Unfortunately, many of these ingredients are included in a proprietary blend, so it’s impossible to know the amount of each ingredient that can actually be found in Shakeology. Hopefully there’s enough for the shake to actually be effective, but it’s difficult to determine. Proprietary blends are not commonly used in shakes and are more common to supplements. Shakeology’s proprietary blend also includes a ton of different “superfoods” to contribute taste and other various health benefits unrelated to weight loss.

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The full list of Shakeology’s ingredients has been reproduced below for your convenience:

Whey protein isolate Pea protein Flax
Chia Quinoa Amaranth
Cacao Maca Pea fiber
Yacon Chlorella Spirulina
Acerola cherry Chicory root fiber Camu-camu
Pomegranate Sacha inchi Astragalus
Bilberry Blueberry Goji berry
Spinach Acai MSM
Ashwagandha Cordyceps Enzyme blend
Amylase Cellulose Lactace
Glucoamylase Alpha-galactosidase Invertase
Kale Maitake Reishi seed
Green tea Rose hips Schisandra
Tulsi Cinnamon Ginkgo
EDITOR'S TIP: Check our list of approved diet shakes to make a right purchase decision!

Are there possible side effects?

The general consensus among the weight loss community is that it’s unlikely for Shakeology to result in any kind of negative side effects. However, some people are concerned about some of the trace amounts of various metals that can be found in Shakeology. While the creators say this is due to natural minerals like Iron, others are afraid that Shakeology’s natural ingredients are frequently contaminated, which may make them dangerous to consume.

Some consumers did say that there were unwanted side effects such as stomach aches, cramps, nausea, bloating, and diarrhea. It’s unknown what kind of ingredients could have caused this effect, but it did make it undrinkable for those customers.

You won’t need to worry about side effects if you let us help you find a good supplement for you.


While Shakeology may not be a traditional dietary aid, some of its ingredients actually do look like they could help keep your body healthy enough and able to support weight loss naturally and gradually. However, the real way that you’re going to lose weight by using this product is by employing it as a meal substitute. This will mean replacing some of the high calorie foods that you’re used to eating with Shakeology in order to control and limit the calories you ingest in a day. This will help you begin to gradually lose weight.

However, it is important to remember that using shakes like this to lose weight is not always the best way to do so if you’re looking for long-term weight loss. If you go back to eating the high calorie meals that you’re used to, it’s likely that you’re going to put the weight you’ve lost back on. Thus, you’re going to have to make some permanent changes to your diet if you want your weight loss to be permanent too.

As far as Shakeology being any good as a meal replacement remains to be seen. The high price, mixed reviews, and use of unnecessary additives fail to make it one of the best shakes available.

The main concern with Shakeology is that the standard non-vegan shake has mixed pea and whey, and it’s unknown what the total amount of whey is. The company was also outed in a lawsuit which determined they lied about their practices, and that they were dishonest about the health claims made about their products.

Check out our list of approved products and let us help you find the supplement that’s right for you.

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One Response to Shakeology Review (UPDATED 2023): Don’t Buy Before You Read This!

  1. Mommom says:

    These shakes contain a lot of ingredients. My daughter is a Beach Body Coach and consumes these shakes everyday. I had some samples and was fine, they tasted great. About 4 months after that I ordered a new batch and when I drank the first shake my throat started to close up. I found out that the shake has a sulfa ingredient in it, and I’m allergic to Sulfa ‘drugs’. I hadn’t the slightest idea the shakes would contain such ingredients. I’m sad that I can’t drink the shakes, they were delicious. Thank you for your article. Sorry to be so wordy in my comment.

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