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Rockin’ Wellness Review – The Truth About This Product.

In the period of time titled as the current age there are in existence a tremendous quantity of methods by which humans employ to destroy the pounds they do not desire to possess. Of these options there are the existence of rigorous routines of diets that possess the necessity of keeping you controlled in relation to the items of food that can remain in your menu. An alternative existing option is pound-reduction pills, the point of which are to be consumed due to their design of enhancing the capabilities of the metabolism that your body is in possession of.

The final choice that may be an interest possessed by you is the food stand-in drink. The design of these beverages is to act as your assist in pound reduction by standing-in for a quantity of meals that are possessed by your daily routine. If you are in possession of an appeal for these items, the decision may exist in your mind of which item to select. I can be similar to an assistant to you in aiding your difficult choice down the road of stand-in items.

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What is it?

Rockin’ Wellness is a powdered shake mix of the design to assist you lose weight. All that is necessary is for it to stand-in for a duo of the meals you’re used to eating throughout the day with the shakes you can make from Rockin’ Wellness powder. By doing this, you should banish a majority of the unnecessary calories you’re used to getting and gradually begin to destroy pounds. However, I am not of the assurance that Rockin’ Wellness contains the ideal abilities for which this is required to happen.  is right for you.

Who Makes It?

According to the official Rockin’ Wellness website, this shake powder is the creation of a company that is also called Rockin’ Wellness. Apparently, Rockin’ Wellness was formed by two “music-loving, health-minded individuals” named Mike and Seth. Rockin’ Wellness also markets several other products, such as apparel based on their products, tote bags and shake-mixing bottles and cups.

Unfortunately, many of the reviews for this product that I found on sites like Amazon criticize the company for conning people out of money, via an unadvertised auto-billing policy. This is one of the easiest ways for a company to lose my respect and one of the reasons why I’m very reluctant to recommend Rockin’ Wellness.

If purchased directly from the company’s website, a 30-serving portion of Rockin’ Wellness powder costs $38.99. However, I’m not sure how long a 30-serving portion is capable of lasting, considering the fact that you’re instructed to use anywhere from 1-4 servings per day. It seems like it would be up to you to make Rockin’ Wellness last for however long you need it to, which is something you should consider before buying this shake powder.

There are several forms of contact information available on the official Rockin’ Wellness website, such as a phone number and an address for mailing the location in Happauge, New York. The site also features a pop-up live chat, but requires you to register your email address in order to use it.

Rockin’ Wellness comes with a monthlong guarantee that even extends to opened containers of their product. The item’s official site contains information and instructions for how to return Rockin’ Wellness for a different Rockin’ Wellness supplement or a complete refund.

EDITOR'S TIP: Combine this supplement with a proven diet shake such as 18SHAKE for better results.

Does Rockin’ Wellness Work?

If you use Rockin’ Wellness as intended, it seems quite possible that you should actually begin to gradually lose some weight. However, you’re going to be required to adhere to a pretty strict diet, replacing one or even a duo of meals per day with Rockin’ Wellness shakes. However, when you look at Rockin’ Wellness’ nutritional facts, your thinking about using this product may occur twice as your meal replacement shake of choice…

Rockin’ Wellness’s Ingredients and Dosage

The following nutritional information is available on the item’s official site and packaging:

Amount Per Serving Percent Daily Value
Calories   90 N/A
Calories from fat   30 N/A
Total Fat   3.5g 5%
Saturated Fat   1g 1%
Trans Fat   0g N/A
Cholesterol   0g N/A
Total Carbs   12g 4%
Dietary Fiber   2g 8%
Sugars   6g N/A
Protein   4g 8%

A single scoop of Rockin’ Wellness looks like it contains 90 calories. Considering the reality that the official Rockin’ Wellness website recommends using anywhere from 1-4 scoops of Rockin’ Wellness powder per day, that could be up to 360 calories you’re getting. That’s admittedly not a lot compared to the food you’re probably used to eating, but other products like this frequently contain as low as half this amount, so using a different meal replacement shake will probably help you cut out more calories than this one.

The nutritional information that can be located on Rockin’ Wellness’ website and packaging informs you that individual scoops of this shake’s powder contains 90 calories, 30 of which come from fat. By doing a little math, we can reveal the fat percentage that is located in each solitary serving of Rockin Wellness’ powder. Let’s perform math and see if we can determine how many of this product’s calories exist due to fat…

(Calories of Fat / Final Number of Calories) X 100

(30 / 90) X 100 = 33.3 %

If a serving of Rockin’ Wellness’ powder is 33.3% fat, that means that roughly a third of this product’s calories exist from fat. That’s a pretty sizable amount for a meal replacement shake such as this one, so if you’re attempting to banish lot of fat from your diet, you may have better luck with a different product.

Fiber plays a vital role in any meal replacement shake; its what keeps you feeling full in spite of the reality that you’re cutting out the majority of food that you’re eating. Hence, I was really disappointed to see that a single scoop of Rockin’ Wellness powder only contains 2 grams of fiber. While meal replacement shakes admittedly tend to skimp on fiber with too much frequency, I’m still in possession of the opinion that this is pretty low, and it’s reason to doubt that Rockin’ Wellness is really capable of keeping you feeling full enough to prevent you from eating and snacking in between meals.

I was similarly disappointed to see that a single serving of Rockin’ Wellness only has 4 grams of protein, which is a lot less than other meal replacement shakes. It sounds like it should take 2 scoops to make one Rockin’ Wellness shake, which amounts to 8 protein grams per drink; that’s still relatively low when you consider the fact that meal replacement shakes often contain up to 20 grams of protein per serving. If your fears include not obtaining enough protein from a shake-based diet, you may desire to experience a product that contains a little more protein than this one does.

Rockin’ Wellness contains the ingredients that follow:

Chocolate Goji Berry Hulled Hemp Seed
Brown Rice Protein Lecithin (soy) Maca Root
Chia Seed Evaporated Cane Juice Banana Fruit
Green Tea Extract Yerba Mate Leaf Guar Gum
Flaxseed L Acidophilus Stevia Extract
Vitamin C Iron Calcium
Magnesium Potassium

I was actually a little surprised to see some actual weight loss ingredients typically found in other supplements, such as diet pills. For example, Green Tea and Yerba Mate are frequently loctabale in items that claim to be able to heighten the metabolism you possess and improve the methods employed when your body burns fat. Unfortunately, the dosages of these ingredients aren’t disclosed, so there is no possibility to reveal whether or not Rockin’ Wellness actually contains enough of them to really have any effect on your metabolism.

Many dieters try to stay away from soy; while Rockin’ Wellness does contain soy in the appearance of Lecithin, this is at least better than Soy Isolate Protein, which many other meal replacement shakes feature in their formulas. Soy Isolate Protein can have negative effects on your thyroid and immune system if you consume it for too long a period of time, but you shouldn’t encounter any issues in regards to that with Rockin’ Wellness.

If you care about natural ingredients, you probably desire to avoid genetically modified organisms, commonly referred to as GMO’s. Fortunately for you, Rockin’ Wellness prides itself of being free of any Genetically Modified Organisms, the presence of which turns off many dieters who try to stick to products that only contain natural and organic ingredients.

The official website of Rockin’ Wellness also makes the statement that that the item is Gluten-free. Surely, I could not locate any gluten-based ingredients in the Rockin’ Wellness formula. To qualify as a “gluten free” product, a single serving must contain no more than 20 gluten ppms.

If your interest is to locate products composed of natural ingredients, our approvable list is of assistance.

EDITOR'S TIP: Check our list of approved diet shakes to make a right purchase decision!

What Possible Side Effects May Happen

There were no locatable reviews written by any users who have claimed to experience negative side effects as a result of using Rockin’ Wellness.

Similar quantities of money can purchase for you products of superiority.


While you can probably gradually lose some weight by replacing a few of your daily meals with Rockin’ Wellness shakes, it is not of the appearance like this product has the necessary ingredients that it would need to compete with other meal replacement shakes. That means you’ll probably see better results if you go with something else. On top of this, all of the negative reviews surrounding this company make this product pretty hard to recommend. If your desire is to avoid being scammed, it sounds like you’d be safer with a different company and a different product.

Check out our list of approved products and let us help you find a supplement that’s right for you.

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One Response to Rockin’ Wellness Review – The Truth About This Product.

  1. Claire Austin says:

    I don’t think rockin wellness is advertised as a weight loss drink rather a health booster full of natural ingredients and no chemical nasties. I have used their product for over a year, not to lose weight but to boost my health and as a stand in for breakfast. One scoop is plenty. So the 90 calories actually doesn’t count as a healthy amount for breakfast so I further supliment with a banana. The drink is delicious and I’m always full until lunch.

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