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Optifast Review – Is Optifast Safe?

In existence on the pound destruction market is a food stand-drink the title of which is Optifast. It is in possession of the desire to serve as assistance in abolishing your undesired pounds.

If Optifast works, your efforts will be seriously required with dedication in the program. Unlike other dietary and meal replacement supplements, losing weight with Optifast fails to be simple like just drinking a shake a few times a day. Optifast is a complex and multifaceted pound destruction regiment requires you to you to be medically examined for any potential health risks prior to the beginning. I appreciate Nestlé’s concern for people using Optifast to drop pounds, but I have difficulty being convinced that Optifast is worth this kind of trouble.

The hoops Optifast makes you jump through don’t end there. You can’t buy it in stores or purchase it from the product’s official website; an appointment must be created at a special Optifast clinic to be examined and approved for treatment. You’re required to pay a steep entrance fee of $185 too, plus the money you then are required to offer payment for Optifast’s meal replacements. Once you start the Optifast program, next in line a strict diet and activity plan which will be specifically assigned to destroy your pounds while you additionally receive periodic health and progress check ups.

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What is Optifast?

Optifast is not quite like anything else we’ve ever seen on the weight loss market. It isn’t a diet pill or a meal replacement product. Instead, it’s a rigorous and intensive weight loss plan involving a diet entirely of the comprisement of liquids in addition to soups, an exercise and fitness routine, and frequent check ups by clinics that monitor your health and progress. To speak frankly, my mind was in a way blown by just how complex and intensive the Optifast program seems to be. Optifast requires you to stick strictly to its requirements for 26 weeks, which means your lifestyle that you’re living will need to face down some changes that will be very serious. Obviously, Optifast isn’t a prime choice for the casual reduction of pounds You may be interested in a program with so much structure though, so read this review and see if Optifast could be the program for you.

Who makes Optifast?

I’m never happy after discovering a product is made by a company that I know nothing about. Fortunately, that’s not case with Optifast. This is because Optifast is made by Nestlé, an extremely popular dessert company whose products you’re no doubt familiar with. I was pleased to see that Nestlé maintains a website that looks and functions as professionally as I expect from a company of their size and reputation. They provide various forms of contact, as well as links to their company’s own official site. If brand recognition is something you value, the high profile and respectability of Optifast is definitely will be an attractive quality of this meal replacement plan.

Unfortunately, the one area where the official information Nestlé provides falls short may be the most important. While the company lists some of the nutritional information for Optifast products on the Optifast website, they haven’t published a list of ingredients for potential buyers to see. I really do not like having to invest the value of time in a product that the ingredients of which remain mysterious. I would feel much more confident recommending Optifast if Nestlé provided would tell people what all the ingredients were.

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Does Optifast work?

Considering everything Optifast requires of you, I was relieved to find a bunch of reviews written by people who actually have lost weight because of the Optifast plan’s multifaceted treatments. However, the question you face is if everything Optifast requires of you is worth it. A commitment is necessary on your part for making some serious adjustments to your life.

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Optifast’s Ingredients and Dosages

Some nutritional information about Optifast are locatable on this item’s official webpage. Unfortunately, there are some pretty significant gaping holes in this information. Here’s our examination of information we’re given about Optifast.

Amount Per Serving Percent Daily Value
Calories 100 N/A
Calories from fat ??? N/A
Total Fat 3g 5%
Saturated Fat 0g N/A
Trans Fat 0g N/A
Cholesterol < 5mg N/A
Total Carbs 5g 2%
Dietary Fiber ??? N/A
Sugars ??? N/A
Protein 12g 24%

As I said, this information leaves quite a number of empty holes. I will examine what’s been discovered.

According to this nutritional information,  a single serving of Optifast contains 100 calories. That’s not too bad, especially when drinks in this caterogery frequently contain almost 200 calories, nearly twice the amount found in Optifast. However, I was pretty disappointed to see that Optifast fails to provide how many of these calories come from fat. Lacking this data, it isimpossible for us to be of certainty that Optifast is a high fat or low fat product. Taking into a considerable mindset that many dieters try to avoid items in large possessions of fat, this seems like it would be some pretty important information that Optifast has failed to disclose here.

I was also disappointed that Optifast doesn’t even tell you how much fiber is contained in its meal replacement shakes. If much food you’re used to is banished, it should follow that you might feel a little hungry and weak because you’re proceeding with less eating. Meal replacement shakes usually include fiber to help keep your stomach in a satieted states, lacking the knowledge of how much fiber is in a shake like this it’s impossible for us to have the knowledge if it can be capable of preventing hunger from afflicting you all day.

The following list of ingredients is able to be discovered on Optifast’s website:

Water Sugar Sodium
Caseinate Calcium caseinate Corn syrup solids
High oleic sunflower oil Potassium citrate Calcium phosphate tribasicmagnesium chloride
Sodium chloride Natural and artificial flavors Cellulose gel
Carrageenan Potassium hydroxide Monoglycerides
Diglycerides Soy lecithin Ascorbic acid
Cellulose gum Choline chloride Ferrous lecithin
Zinc sulfate Alpha tocopheryl acetate Niacinamide
Calcium pantothenate Copper gluconate Manganese sulfate
Pyridoxine hydrochloride Thiamin hydrochloride Vitamin A plamitate
Riboflavin Chromium chloride Folic acid
Biotin Potassium iodide Sodium molybdate
Sodium selenite Phytonadione Cholecalciferol

While other meal replacement plans simply require you to put the shake in for a meal or two numbers in day Optifast plan consists of nothing but an entire diet of liquids, comprised of shakes and soups. This might one number of the plan’s more unattractive concepts, especially if you’re reluctant to give up some of your favorite foods. An diet of many liquids definitely doesn’t appeal to all, and you’re encouraged by me to think long and hard an option that looks like this one will be in your case sustainable during the Optifast treatment.

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Are there possible side effects?

It wasn’t possible to pinpoint too many instances of people suffering side effects from using the Optifast plan. Given the truth that Optifast plan requires frequent health check ups, it seems like this program would actually be pretty safe. However, you might be reluctant to subject yourself to frequent check ups if you are of the opinion that that thing qualifies as scrutiny of your habits, especially if you’re not in the mindset of there being anything wrong with letting yourself cheat your diet every occasional time..

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While the Optifast plan may help you lose weight, it sounds like you’re going to put in a lot of hard work to get there. You’re going to have to change many aspects of your life, exercising more and completely revamping your diet. It’s also going to cost you quite a bit of money. If you feel like you need the kind of structure Optifast offers in order to stick to a diet and have the resources to invest in it, you may find it rewarding.  However, if you’re just looking for a meal replacement shake that can conveniently help you lose weight, instead of forcing you to stick to a strict fitness plan, you may want to consider a different product.

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