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Nutrimeal Free Review – How Safe and Effective is it?

In the period of time titled as the current age there are in existence a tremendous quantity of methods by which humans employ to destroy the pounds they do not desire to possess. Of these options there are the existence of rigorous routines of diets that possess the necessity of keeping you controlled in relation to the items of food that can remain in your menu. An alternative existing option is pound-reduction pills, the point of which are to be consumed due to their design of enhancing the capabilities of the metabolism that your body is in possession of. The final choice that may be an interest possessed by you is the food stand-in drink. The design of these beverages is to act as your assist in pound reduction by standing-in for a quantity of meals that are possessed by your daily routine. If you are in possession of an appeal for these items, the decision may exist in your mind of which item to select. I can be similar to an assistant to you in aiding your difficult choice down the road of stand-in items.

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What is It?

Nutrimeal Free exists as a meal substitution beverage which is of the design to assist you in controlling and limit the consumable amount calories you have set for a day. By simply replacing one or two high-calorie meals per day with a Nutrimeal Free drink, it should be a possibility for you to gradually destroy some poundst. Let’s learn a little more about Nutrimeal Free and try to figure out if it’s the right meal substitution product for you.

Who Makes It?

Nutrimeal Free is produced and sold by Usana Health Sciences, who produces a number of fitness and health products. Founded in 1992 and created by a man the name of whom is Myron W. Wentz, the company is now run by Dave Wentz and  out of Salt Lake City, which is a city located in Utah. Seeing that a supplement company operates out of Utah is always a minor cause for concern, as the state is historically known in the health community for producing phony products and scamming people looking for diet pills and shakes away from their money. Still, Usana Health Services looks reputable enough, so there is not a necessary explanation to believe that that may be possible of being the case here.

Usana appears to have distribution centers located in several countries and continents, and their website does a fairly decent job of supplying plenty of contact information for each one, including physical addresses, email contacts and toll-free phone numbers. The company also has significant social media presence; they run their own blog and have accounts on Facebook and Twitter.

Nutrimeal Free can be purchased on Usana’s official website for $32.95. Honestly, this strikes me as kind of expensive when the fact is considered that each pack of Nutrimeal Free only contains 9 servings. Considering many people use meal replacements like this twice a day, that would only last you half a week.

EDITOR'S TIP: Combine this supplement with a proven diet shake such as 18SHAKE for better results.

Does Nutrimeal Free Work?

I looked online for some testimonials created by people whose experiences include actually trying Nutrimeal Free and found some pretty positive testimonials. People actually do appear to have pounds destroyed by replacing a few meals a day with this product. However, I found some negative reviews as well, although these were mainly critical of Nutrimeal Free’s taste and texture. Still, if you aren’t the type of person who can live off a shake the taste of which they don’t enjoy, you should probably consider looking into a shake of which you have more confidence in your ability to be pleased by.

Nutrimeal Free’s Ingredients and Dosage

In speaking of a diet shake’s nutritional information, there is a trio of necessary components you should really pay attention to. These include the product’s calories, as well as the proteins and fibersr that are numbered in the product’s formula. Nutrimeal Free’s nutritional information is freely available on this product’s official webpage and packaging, so let’s take a close inspection and reveal what we can learn.

Amount Per Serving Percent Daily Value
Calories 220 N/A
Calories from fat 60 N/A
Total Fat 7 g 11%
Saturated Fat 1 g 5%
Trans Fat 0 g N/A
Cholesterol 0 mg N/A
Total Carbs 26 g 9%
Dietary Fiber 8 g 32%
Sugars 12 g N/A
Protein 15 g 30%

According to this information, a solitary serving of Nutrimeal Free contains 220 calories. That’s actually a lot for a meal substitution like this, considering how many other diet beverages contain half that amount; some even have as low as 90 calories. Of those 220 calories, 60 of them come from that. Since we know both of those numbers, we can determine what percentage of a solitary serving of Nutrimeal Free comes from the items fat. All we are required tdo is a little math to figure that out; here’s how we can determine the percentage of fat in a solitary serving of Nutrimeal Free:

(Calories from fat ÷ Total calories in the product) x 100

(60 ÷ 220) x 100 = 27%

So 27% of a solitary serving of Nutrimeal Free comes from fat. That’s a really high number for a product like this. In fact, according to the FDA, a number that high actually qualifies Nutrimeal Free as a “high fat” product. In order to qualify as a low fat product, a solitary serving of a product like this must consist of no more than 5% fat. Anything with higher than 20% is labeled as high fat; that’s a threshold that Nutrimeal Free goes pretty far past. Many dieters obviously try to limit the numbers of fat they consume; if you’re among them, you may be desiring to look into a food stand-in drink that has a little less fat than Nutrimeal Free.

Next, let’s see how much protein can be located in Nutrimeal Free. Protein is an vital component of any meal replacement shake because it sustains you in feeling energized across the lenght of the day while assisting you to maintain your body’s muscle mass. According to this product’s nutritional information, a solitary serving of Nutrimeal Free contains 15 grams of protein. While that’s not the most protein I’ve seen in a shake like this, it’s not too bad. Still, when the fact is considered that many other meal replacement drinks can contain up to 20 or even 25 grams of protein, you could definitely find a shake with more protein without too much trouble.

Perhaps among the highest vital aspects of any meal replacement product is how much fiber can be located in its formula. Since you’re going to cut out a high amount of the meals your body’s used to getting, it follows that you’ll be getting a lot less food. Obviously, this can leave you feeling pretty hungry, so it’s possible that you’ll be tempted to eat or snack in between shakes and meals. The fiber in a food stand-in drink what’s supposed to keep your belly satisfied, killing your appetite and reducing the urge to eat throughout the day. Fortunately, Nutrimeal Free contains 8 grams of fiber, which is actually one of the higher numbers I’ve seen in a product like this. Too many meal substitutes only contain 4 or 5 grams of fiber. Nutrimeal Free definitely seems like it would be more capable of keeping you feeling full than a lot of its competitors.

This titled list of components was able to be located on the item’s website:

Non-GMO Plant Protein Blend Pea protein isolate Potato protein isolate
Cane fiber Acacia gum Dextrin
Pea fiber Cellulose gum Xanthan gum
Organic cane sugar High oleic sunflower oil Maltodextrin
Potassium phosphate Calcium carbonate Magnesium oxide
Ascorbic acid Ferrous fumerate Zinc gluconate
Niacinamide Folic acid Riboflavin
Pyridoxine Potassium iodide Thiamin hydrochloride
Cyanocobalamin d-alpha tocopheryl acetate Retinyl palmitate
Cholecalciferol Coconut oil Food starch
Diglycerides Sea salt Stevia leaf extract
Vitamin A Vitamin B6 Vitamin B12
Vitamin C Vitamin D

Looking at how many fiber based ingredients can be found among this list, such as cane and pea fiber, it’s no wonder that Nutrimeal Free has such an impressive amount of fiber in it. I was actually pretty pleased with the entirety of this ingredients list. Not only is it free of genetically modified organisms, but it’s also gluten free and doesn’t contain any soy either. Many dieters try to stay away from ingredients like soy, gluten and GMO’s; if you’re making an attempt to avoid those too, you shouldn’t have any problems with the ingredients found in Nutrimeal Free.

If your interests are directing you towards natural ingredients, you should visit our approvable products list.

EDITOR'S TIP: Check our list of approved diet shakes to make a right purchase decision!

What Possible Side Effects May Be Experienced?

When the fact is considered that Nutrimeal Free only contains natural ingredients, it doesn’t look like it should be capable of resulting in any negative side effects. None of the reviews that I found created by humans who have actually used Nutrimeal Free describe any kind of negative side effects either. Still, you should always be sure to check the list of ingredients of any supplement or shake you decide to try just to be sure that it won’t lead to negativity in your health in any way.

A similar number of money can direct you towards superior products.


I’m actually pretty impressed by Nutrimeal Free. This shake seems like it has enough protein and fiber to keep you going through the day if you decide to use it as a meal substitution. However, you’ll need to be careful about eventually eliminating it from your diet, as it’s always possible for you to put any weight you lose while using a meal replacement shake right back on if you go back to the high calorie foods you were used to eating. If you want the weight you lose thanks to Nutrimeal Free to be permanent, you’ll have to make some permanent changes to your diet and lifestyle as well.

Check out our list of approvable items and let us help you find a supplement that is capable of being correct for you.

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