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Lean Body Review – Does it Really Work?

Inside the business of pound elimination exists a title of one device variety that is the food stand-in drink. By acting as a stand-in for the duo of meals in which your day sees you eat, these items possess the capabilities that will be your assistance in shedding the pounds in your possession that are no long desirable to you. Ideally your pounds will be banished.

Lean Body’s a dietary supplement product designed and marketed by Lee Labrada’s Labrada Nutrition Company. Its design is to function as a meal supplement to provide you protein to build lean muscles, essential vitamins and crucial minerals to preserve your body’s health shape and appetite-suppressing ingredients to prevent you from snacking throughout the day. However, some contradictory information on Labrada’s website leaves me a little confused as to whether this item is actually in possession of capabilities for pound reduction. In the even that you’re confused too and desire to understand more clearly the capabilities of Lean Body continue reading my comprehensive review of this product.

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What is Lean Body?

While its name may imply otherwise, the trenches of the Labrada website hide fine print that will actually admit that can’t reduce any pounds at all. Instead of destroying you weight, its design is deliver optimal numbers of lean muscle-building proteins that you may not have been getting from the meals you’ll be starting to replace.

An honest confession of mine would be that Lean Body’s advertising to be a little confusing. While the aforementioned miniscule print makes the claim to not release your weight, the remaining official Lean Body information able to be discovered on the Labrada website spends quite a bit of time talking about how this protein shake also contains ingredients that can allegedly improve the way your body manages and burns fat. However, I looked through Lean Body’s ingredients attendence and failed in trying to locate ingredients that I believe would be capable of doing this. So what’s the story here? Unfortunately, many products like Lean Body make confusing claims about weight loss that they never bother to explain, and I’m afraid that Lean Body is just another example of this.

Who makes it

It’s produced by a supplement company by the name of Labrada Nutrition, which was founded in 1995 by IFBB Pro Body Building Hall of Fame member Lee Labrada, who still acts as the company’s CEO. Labrada’s website seems to be very personalized; his picture is all over it and the site features links to his Facebook, Twitter, blog and other social media accounts. In a market dominated by shady supplement corporations, it’s refreshing to possess the opportunity to put a face to a product.

It is not in possession of its own official website, but  information about the product, including a complete account of ingredients found inside its formula, are locatable on the official Labrada Website. Unfortunately, you cannot buy Lean Body directly from Labrada Nutrition itself. I’m also discouraged to find this out, because it means it’ll be your task to then locate a third-party supplement distributor to get your hands on the product. These kinds of distributors may be impossible to trust; all too often they’re just shady supplement shops trying to rip you off. I’d feel a lot better recommending this if you could buy it straight from an official source.

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Does Lean Body work?

Despite Lean Body’s confusing claims, my examination showed a bunch of good reviews of this product on sites like Amazon. However, the majority are mainly focused on the product’s meal replacement properties and don’t really mention anything about weight loss. While a couple of users do mention losing weight, they also seem to have developed habits that I feel may be more responsible for their weight loss than Lean Body, such as regular exercise. So while Lean Body may help you drop some pounds, you’re probably going to need to meet it halfway and put in some work yourself.

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Lean Body’s Ingredients and Dosages

The following nutritional information for it is locatable on the item’s website:

Amount Per Serving Percent Daily Value
Calories 330 N/A
Calories from fat 70 N/A
Total Fat 8g 12%
Saturated Fat 2.5g 13%
Trans Fat 0g N/A
Cholesterol 80mg 27%
Total Carbs 24g 8%
Dietary Fiber 8g 32%
Sugars 6g N/A
Protein 40g 80%

A sole serving of it carries 330 calories. This is very high for drinks, many of which contain as low as 90 calories. Of these 330 calories, only 70 come from fat; using this information, we can determine what percentage of a solitary serving of it comes from the item’s fat. We just need to perform mathematics to determine that. Here’s how we can figure it out:

Fat calories / Total calories X 100

70 / 330 X 100 = 21%

So 21% of a single serving of Lean Body comes from the product’s fat. Considering the fact that the Food and Drug Administration categorizes products with more than 20% to be high in fat,that means that Lean Body is technically a high-fat shake. Since a product’s single serving has to contain less than 5% fat to qualify as a low-fat product, Lean Body definitely doesn’t meet that requirement.

You can find a full list of the ingredients found in Lean Body’s formula on the official Labrada Nutrition website, but you may be disappointed by what you find. This is because Lean Body contains quite a few unnatural sweeteners that you may want to avoid if you’re trying to be as healthy as possible. Lean Body’s synthetic ingredients and other ingredients that may be cause for concern include the following:

  • Sucralose: an artificial sweetener that may be detrimental to your health if you use it for too long.
  • Acesulfame Potassium: A salt containing known carcinogens that may result in side effects as grave as cancer if consumed over too long a period of time. I’m worried by how little scientific research has been done on this ingredient and the fact that it is still allowed on the market by the Food and Drug Administration.
  • Fructose: a simple sugar that your liver has a hard time processing. As a result, you may actually gain weight from consuming too much of this ingredient.
  • Soy Protein Isolate: while this ingredient is actually quite common in shakes like this, it could possibly lower the amount of hormones in your thyroid and weaken your immune system, both of which could lead to health complications.

The following list of ingredients in Lean Body can be found on the official Labrada website:

Whey protein concentrate Soy protein isolate Whey protein isolate
Milk protein isolate Glutamine peptides Sunflower oil
Creamer Corn syrup solids Sodium caseinate
Monoglycerides Diglycerides Dipotassium phosphate
Tricalcium phosphate Soy lecithin Tocopherols
Flacseed oil Borage oil Cocoa
di-calcium phosphate Magnesium oxide Ascorbic acid
Vitamin E acetate Niacinamide Electrolytic iron
Zinc oxide d-calcium pantothenate Pyridoxine hydrochloride
Copper gluconate Riboflavin Vitamin A acetate
Thiamin mononitrate Folic acid Potassium iodide
Cyanocobalamin Fructose Salt
Sucralose Acesulfame potassium

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Are there possible side effects?

Unfortunately, it sounds like there are actually quite a few that might occur from using Lean Body, thanks to the several sweetening agents I mentioned earlier. These side effects include headaches, stomach cramps, irritable bowl, dizziness, muscle cramps and skin irritation.

However, the sweetening agents in Lean Body also sound like they can cause even worse side effects than the aforementioned minor ones. For example, Acesulfame Potassium is believed to have caused cancer in animals that it has been tested on. Consuming this ingredient for long periods of time is also believed to be linked to liver and kidney problems, as well as issues with your eyesight and mood swings as well.

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Lean Body is a dietary meal replacement product to help you build lean muscle and keep your appetite in check. However, I don’t think this product really contains any ingredients that will really help you lose weight, and some of its unnatural synthetic ingredients actually sound like they could result in some pretty dangerous side effects. For your health, safety and weight loss goals, I’d recommend staying away from Lean Body in favor of a shake with only natural ingredients.

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