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Lean 1 Review – How Safe and Effective is it?

In a similar manner to other diet shakes, Lean 1 is in the existence to be of capabilities to allegedly assist in weight simply by acting as a stand-in to place for two high-calorie meals that you may consume in any given day. For example, by drinking a Lean 1 shake instead of heading to a conveniently fast location for lunch, you will limit how many calories you consume and should begin to see some gradual pound destruction. Nutrition 53 recommends substituting Nutrition 53 for two meals and being sure that the third meal that you eat doesn’t contain too many calories. While you may be worried that skipping meals in favor of replacement shakes might leave your body undernourished, Lean 1 apparently contains all the nutrients and vitamins your body needs to remain in good health throughout the day.

While many diet shakes do nothing but help you remain controlling weight by allowing you to destroy calories, Lean 1 actually contains a few ingredients typically found in proper weight loss products as well. Among the forefront ingredients of these are an extract of Green Coffee, which contains Chlorogenic Acid that many believe to be in possession of metabolistic benefits. Heightening your metabolism improves the way it processes calories and turns them into energy, decreasing the amount that will be put into storage as body pounds

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What is Lean 1?

Lean 1 is a diet shake in the design to aid you in destroying some pounds by allowing it for be to possible that you can eliminate higher-calorie meals thay our diet may have become accustomed to including.  The primary advantage that Lean 1 seems to have over other similar meal stand-in shakes that it contains ingredients that actually have weight loss properties, like Green Coffee and Hoodia Gordonii, which may mean that it’s capable of more effective weight loss than its peers. If your interests are in the shape of discovering just what Lean 1 can do, continue reading my comprehensive review of the product.

Who makes Lean 1?

Lean 1 is one of several dietary supplement products produced by Nutrition 53. There isn’t must existence of things to be learned that is locatable on the official Nutrition 53 website, but a brief “about” page does explain that Nutrition 53 was founded by former NFL football player Bill Romanowski.

The most important and valuable thing that I learned from the official Nutrition 53 website is the possibility of purchasing products such as Lean 1 online directly from the company itself. This is always a relief to learn; all too often supplement companies do not sell their products directly, forcing you to have to seek products out from third party distributors who may be untrustworthy and unreliable. By purchasing a product directly from its core creators, you posess the knowlege that your money is actually going in the direction of who deserves it, or that the company will at least take responsibility if for any reason Lean 1 doesn’t meet your expectations.

EDITOR'S TIP: Combine this supplement with a proven diet shake such as 18SHAKE for better results.

Does Lean 1 work?

A major number of independent reviews I found online by people who’ve actually tried Lean 1 seem to be pretty positive. Users do not mind the taste, and many seem to have destroyed pounds thanks to this product. However, you should know that meal replacement shakes such as this are usually not the most effective long-term pound destruction method. When you eventually stop using Lean 1, it’s quite likely that you’ll put any weight you’ve lost right back on if you return to the diet you had been previously living on.

Our top rated products will be more effective in actually helping you lost weight.

Lean 1’s Ingredients and Dosages

Unlike many other meal replacement shakes, Lean 1 actually contains some fat-destroying and appetite-killing ingredients typically locatable in more powerful weight loss products. These include the following duo of ingredients:

Green Coffee: surpassing the most popular weight loss ingredient, due to the opinion of popularity surrounding its beneficial work on your metabolism and improve the methods by which you destroy fat. Green Coffee Beans apparently possess abilities of of having such an effect on your body the fact of which is because roasting has not taken place. The meaning behind this is that a large amount of their possessions still include Chlorogenic Acid, the possesion of which is believed of being capable of having metabolistic benefits.

Hoodia Gordonii: This ingredient is extracted from an herbal substance locatable in the Kalahari Desert, existing in South Africa. It is considered to be in the posession of eliminating hunger cravings.

Alpha-Lipoic Acid: This compound occurs naturally in bodies belonging to humans and is posession of abilities to kill your appetite.

While these cannot be stood up to the more potent of the ingredients on the market, the fact that Lean 1’s formula includes them at all is encouraging, as most meal replacement shakes such as this are capable of nothing more than keeping you feeling full across the day due to the responsibility of proteins and fiber found in their formulas. The fact that Lean 1 contains Green Coffee Beans in addition to appetite-suppressing ingredients means that it may be of more effectiveness of assisting in pound destruction than other similar meal replacement shakes.

A full list of the ingredients found in Lean 1 are locatable on item’s official website; I have reproduced it below:

Whey protein isolate Milk protein isolate Pea protein isolate
Micellar casein Sodium caseinate Taurine
L-leucine L-Glutamine Cane juiced solids
Sunflower oil Soluble cornfiber Inulin
Drum dried watermelon Drum dried cranberry Dehydrated broccoli
Dehydrated carrot Drum dried pomegranate Drum dried blueberry
Dehydrated beet Dehydrated barley Dehydrated spinach
Dehydrated tomato Dehydrated parsley Mangosteen powder
Freeze dried acai powder Goji powder Dehydrated cabbage
Dehydrated apricot Dehydrated mango Canola oil
Phytosterols Potassium citrate Xanthan gum
Guar gum Carrageenan Titanium dioxide
Sodium bicarbonate Flaxseed Aminogen
Rice bran Green coffee bean extract Hoodia gordonii
Alpha lipoic acid Rice germ Green tea extract
Grape skin extract Grape seed extract Chlorella
Matcha bacillus coagulans Lactobacillus acidophilus Beta glucans
Potassium chloride Sodium chloride Calcium phosphate
Ascorbic acid D-alpha-tocopherly acetate Ferrous fumerate

I have also listed nutritional details for this product:

Amount Per Serving Percent Daily Value
Calories 200 N/A
Calories from fat 40 N/A
Total Fat 4.5g 7%
Saturated Fat 0g N/A
Trans Fat 0g N/A
Cholesterol 0g N/A
Total Carbs 20g 7%
Dietary Fiber 7g 28%
Sugars 8g N/A
Protein 20g 40%

According to this information, each serving of Lean 1 contains 200 calories. That’s a very big number when you compare Lean 1 to other meal replacement shakes like this, which frequently contain as low as 90 calories – a greater number than a half amount of calories found in Lean 1. Given the fact that we know that 40 of Lean 1’s calories come from the product’s fat, we can also determine that a single serving of Lean 1 consists of 20% fat, which technically qualifies it as a high-fat product by the standards of the FDA. So if your quest is towards a meal stand-in device to cut sizable numbers of fat out of your diet, you can definitely do better than Lean 1.

EDITOR'S TIP: Check our list of approved diet shakes to make a right purchase decision!

Are there possible side effects?

None of the reviews I revealed imply that any users have been side-effected as consequence drinking Lean 1. However, the coffee beans in this product’s formula may result in some jittery caffeine-related side effects in the category of restlessness, headaches and insomnia.

Let us be your assistants on your hunt for healthy supplement without any side effects.


While Lean 1 posess more effectiveness than other meal replacement shakes thanks to the inclusion of a few weight loss ingredients in its formula, I still have my doubts that it can result in the quick and effective pound destruction that you may be on a quest for. If your intention is to really be looking for something to set you on a quick path to weight loss, you should look into more conventional supplements such as diet pills with more powerful ingredients than those found in Lean 1.

Check out what we consider approvable and let us be of assistance in locating an item truly capable of providing help.

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