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Glucerna Review – Is Glucerna Safe for You?

Food stand-in drinks enjoy the peak of popularity in the pound-destruction business of the current day. One drink with particularly high notoriety is titled Glucerna, and its promise consists of the concept of being able to destroy your pounds thanks to it being consumed. The sound of this is ideal pound destruction.

If you were thinking that Glucerna is a dieting product designed to assist you in slimming down, the regret that I have is in needing to inform you that you unfortunately have the wrong idea. Instead of a conventional diet shake, Glucerna is a replacing drink, specifically designed for users who may be struggling with diabetes. Glucerna is in the possession of the ingredients required as necessary to perform regulation regarding your glucose and lipid levels. While not strictly a diet product, Glucerna is often included in discussions about weight loss supplements because the beneficial effects Glucerna allegedly in the possession of will keep it in the kind of shape allowing for destruction of weight can occur naturally and gradually.

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What is Glucerna?

Glucerna is a dietary meal substitution shake marketed primarily to people struggling with diabetes. It doesn’t look too much like a traditional dietary aid , but you may pick it up in your search for a diet supplement due various claims that it can benefit functions of your body related to weight loss or suppress your appetite. It is in my preference for readers to be in possession of information, though, so keep reading to learn what Glucerna is and isn’t capable of.

Who makes Glucerna?

According to information found on Glucerna’s official website, the line of products to which this shake belongs is manufactured by Abbot Laboratories. According to the official Abbot Labs website, Dr. Wallace C Abbot, a drug store owner and physician, founded the company in 1888. Today, Abbot Labs operates in over 150 countries spanning globally, including a headquarters that makes its location in Illinois. There was a lack of discoverable information of negativity about Abbot Labs online, so they seem like a pretty trustworthy source.

Unfortunately, you cannot buy Glucerna directly from the people who make it through either the product or its’ creators websites. However, while this usually means having to rely on potentially shady third-party distributors obtain a supplement such as this, Glucerna seems to make itself found wherever diet and health supplements such as shakes like this are sold.

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Does Glucerna work?

Being a meal replacement shake, you can use Glucerna to cut out a number of the unhealthier aspects and components of your diet. This may aid your quest in beginning naturally and gradually losing some weight. The possibility is present for an example of this to being starting drinking Glucerna instead of regularly hitting up a purveyor of quick food for lunch, you can cut the empty calories and fats that that handle the responsibility of the addition of pounds  you may start seeing some pleasing results in the way your body changes.

The fiber in Glucerna should also do a pretty good job of keeping your body feeling full for decently long periods of time, which means thats capabilities include destroying your cravings and will probably decimate a major amount of unhealthy junk foods from your diet too. So while Glucerna won’t really improve the number of your pounds, it may help you change some of your habits exclude foods lacking in health that allow for the prevention of pound disappearance.

An amount of great magnitude of positive reviews for Glucerna on sites like Amazon. However, a miniscule number of testimonials making descriptions of the product really mention weight loss. Everyone seems to agree that Glucerna is a tool defined as invaluable in dealing with diabetes, but it doesn’t generally seem employable as something with capabilities including the destruction of pounds. If obtaining a tool to shed off your pounds is a goal of your quest, you should probably think about looking somewhere else.

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Glucerna’s Ingredients and Dosages

Given the knowledge of the intent of Glucerna excludes its employment as a pound destruction devicet, there are no locatable ingredients in its formula that are capable of abilities to make your metabolism peak or improving the way your body burns fat. In fact, the only way Glucerna really resembles a meal replacer drink due to its ability to allegedly suppress your appetite and keep you full, the responsibility claimed by its fiber. Glucerna seems to be composed primarily of the necessary vitamins and what are considered to be essential nutrients capable of resulting in the occurance of various beneficial effects on your body, specially related to blood sugar and lipids. The full titles of  ingredients found in Glucerna’s formula is discoverable on the product’s official website:

Water Corn maltodextrin Milk protein concentrate
Sucromalt Glycerine Cocoa powder
Soy protein isolate Fructose High oleic safflower oil
Canola oil Soy oil Plant sterol
Esters Magnesium phosphate Potassium citrate
Salt Natural and artificial flavors Choline chloride
Calcium carbonate Ascorbic acid Calcium phosphate monoglycerides
Soy lecithin Carrageenan Liquid sucralose
Potassium hydroxide Potassium chloride Acesulfame potassium
Ferrous sulfate di-alpha-tocopheryl acetate Zinc sulfate
Niacinamide Calcium pantothenate Chromium picolinate
Manganese sulfate Cupric sulfate Vitamin A palmitate
Pyridoxine hydrochloride Thiamine chloride hydrochloride Riboflavin
Folic acid Biotin Sodium molybdate
Potassium iodide Sodium selenite Phylloquinone
Cyanoccobalamin Vitamin D3

While the lack of traditional weight loss ingredients such as green tea or garcinia cambogia didn’t surprise me, I was really disappointed to learn that Glucerna contains artificial sweeteners, namely sucralose and acesulflame potassium. If the goal of your journey you wish to see a shake with only natural ingredients, your inspections will have to take place elsewhere.

You can also find this product’s nutritional data on the official Glucerna website.

Amount Per Serving Percent Daily Value
Calories 200 N/A
Calories from fat 60 N/A
Total Fat 7g 11%
Saturated Fat 1g 5%
Trans Fat 0g N/A
Cholesterol <5mg <2%
Total Carbs 27g 9%
Dietary Fiber 3g 12%
Sugars 6g N/A
Protein 10g 20%

It looks like a solitary serving Glucerna contains 200 calories. Honestly, that’s kind of a lot compared to other meal replacement shakes like this, many of which frequently contain half this amount. Since we know that 60 of these 200 calories come from the product’s fat, we can determine what percentage of a single serving is comprised of the product’s fat. All we have to do to determine this is a little math; here is the method to figure out what percentage of fat makes up one serving of Glucerna:

Calories from fat / total calories in the product X 100

60 / 200 X 100 = 30%

So fat makes up 30% of a solitary Glucerna serving. Information of the FDA, a productt must be in the possession of an amount more miniscule than 5% fat per single serving in order to qualify as low-fat, so Glucerna is clearly not a low fat item. The FDA would actually consider Glucerna to be a high-fat product, since it contains more than 20% fat per single serving. Since many dieters obviously tend to avoid products in possession of high fat, it definitely doesn’t seem like Glucerna would be a product that is correct for the necesseties of all. If the attempt your’re making is to exlude fat from the diet you have, you might want to try a different shake.

EDITOR'S TIP: Check our list of approved diet shakes to make a right purchase decision!

Are there possible side effects?

According to independent reviews users who have experience with this product, drinking Glucerna may result in intense diarrhea or outbreaks of itchy hives.

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Glucerna actually seems like a pretty decent product. It sounds like it can be an effective tool for assisting you live your life with diabetes and actually seems capable of keeping your body ideal for the beginning of a pound release process as well. However, the only way you’ll probably lose a significant amount of weight while using Glucerna is to incorporate a decent amount of exercise and healthier foods than you may be used to into your routine. Glucerna might be capable of helping you with that second part because you can use it as a substitute in place of some of the unhealthier meals that you may have become accustomed to eating.

Overall, Glucerna sounds like it could assist you in eliminating some of unhealthier habits that you may have developed and keep your body in a condition where weight loss might come more easily if you can put in some work yourself too.

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