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Garden of Life Raw Fit Protein Shakes Review – Does it Really Work?

It is of the appearance that the ideal method to use Raw Fit as a pound-destroyer is to be employed as food stand-in item. With only one hundred and seventy calories per sole serving, it undoubtedly has fewer calories than varieties of unhealthier foods you may have grown accustomed to eating. Thus, by choosing a Raw Fit shake instead of a big breakfast or a fast food lunch, you should make the possibility to banish a bunch of unnecessary and unhealthy calories that you’ve grown used to consuming over a day’s span. The result of this may realistically be pound shedding of a gradual nature. As its name implies, Raw Fit also contains the proteins and fiber amounts necessary to keep yourself feeling full in between meals, which means you’ll be less tempted to perform an indulgence in unhealthy items.

If what you want is a supplement that’s going to speed you towards the weight-shed finish line, odds are that Raw Fit won’t possess capabilities to be exactly what you search is going for. This is because Raw Fit really only contains one fat-burning element that’s typically found in more powerful pound-shedding products, an extract of green coffee beans. While green coffee is believed to help enhancing your metabolic capability to release fat and calories into energy thanks to their concentrations of chlorogenic acid that are high, it’s likely that the presence of this ingredient by itself will not be enough to really boost your metabolism enough to create considerable differences.

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What is it?

Raw Fit is an all-natural food stand-in beverage marketed by Garden of Life, a nutrition company that possesses pride of tradition in employment of nothing but organic ingredients. By simply having Raw Fit stand in for a periodic number of food helpings daily, you should allegedly be able to limit the calories you consume while keeping your body feeling full and healthy. But will this be enough to result in the significant pound destruction you’re probably looking for? Continue reading my comprehensive review of Raw Fit to find out.

Who makes it?

Raw Fit is produced by an organic supplement company named Garden of Life. It possesses an amount of pride in employing nothing but organic ingredients; you will not discover artificial sweeteners or GMOs in their products. Its products even come with the USDA’s organic seal of approval. According to contact information that can be located on its official site, the company operates out of Palm Beach, Florida. Its website also contains various forms of contact information, including a corporate address and several phone numbers.

One aspect of their online presence that disappointed me is there is no appearance that their products are purchasable directly from the company itself. This is always a discouraging thing to learn, as the reality is your trust having to be placed in a third-party distributor if your desires include obtaining this item for your ownt. If you buy a product from anyone besides the company itself, you always run the risk of dealing with possibly untrustworthy distributors who may just be trying to rip you off. If you face a crosspath between buying a company’s product directly from the source or some other distributor that you find online, you should always choose the former. This way you retain peace of mind that reality does not include your money unjustly parting with you.

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Does Raw Fit work?

I was actually able to find plenty of good reviews for Raw Fit written by people who have actual experience with the product. It appears to be a relatively impressive number of users who’ve actually lost weight thanks to replacing some of their daily meals with a Raw Fit shake. However, while drinking Raw Fit assist in the loss of some weight, meal replacement shakes such as this will very rarely result in pound destruction that is long-term. It’s very likely that you’ll start putting weight right back on should you go back to eating the usual diet you’d gotten used to before starting to replace some of your high-calorie meals with Raw Fit.

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Raw Fit’s Ingredients and Dosages

A complete report of Raw Fit’s ingredients and nutritional information are able to be located on its creator’s official website, but it has been recreated by me here for you below:

Amount Per Serving Percent Daily Value
Calories 170g N/A
Calories from fat 10 N/A
Total Fat 1g 2%
Saturated Fat 0g N/A
Trans Fat 0g N/A
Cholesterol 0g N/A
Total Carbs 12g 4%
Dietary Fiber 4g 16%
Sugars <1g N/A
Protein 28g 30%
Organic sprouted rice protein Organic flax meal High protein cracked-wall chlorella
Organic amaranth sprout Organic quinoa sprout Organic millet sprout
Organic buckwheat sprout Organic garbonzo bean sprout Organic lentil sprout
Organic adzuki bean sprout Organic flax speed sprout Organic sunflower seed sprout
Organic pumpkin seed sprout Organic chia seed sprout Organic sesame seed sprout
Raw organic vanilla flavor Organic stevia Sea salt
Decaffeinated green coffee bean extract Organic ashwagandha root Organic baobab fruit
Organic cinnamon Organic alfalfa Organic dakon radish

It would be of the appearance that solitary serving of Raw Fit contains 170 calories. That’s actually quite a lot for a food stand-in drink, considering a numerable of them frequently contain less than 100 calories. While this is still probably less calories than your stomach is used to getting from the edible content you usually eat, you can probably find a shake with much less calories than this one.

Of these 100 calories, we can see that 10 of them come from fat. Using this information, we can determine the percentage of fat able to be discovered in a sole serving of Raw Fit. All that is necessary to be done is a little math to figure this out. Here’s how we can determine the percentage of fat in a solitary serving of Raw Fit:

Fat Calories / Total Calories X 100

10 / 170 X 100 = 6%

So 6% of the calories in a solitary serving of Raw Fit come from the fat in the product. In order to meet the FDA’s definition of a lowered-fat product, a single serving must contain no more than 5%. While Raw Fit doesn’t quite qualify by those standards, it comes a lot closer than many other food stand-in items like it.

With twenty-eight grams of protein, it looks like Raw Fit should be in possession of capabilities for doing a pretty good job keeping you feeling energized throughout your day. However, with only 4 grams of fiber I’m in possession of skepticism that it has abilities to keep your belly satiatedl enough between meals to eliminate your urge to snack.

There is only one notable weight loss ingredient contained in Raw Fit:

Extract of Green Coffee: This ingredient is commonly employed by many fat-burning items for pound destruction. Because they refrain from being roasted like other coffee beans, green coffee retains a peak numberof chlorogenic acid, which many believe is capable of boosting your metabolism. By enhancing the abilities possessed by your metabolism, you can increase the amount of calories your body’s able to burn and reduce the amount that your body is in retension be stored as fat. While this isn’t the opposite of a good ingredient, I am in possession of doubts that it’ll be enough to provide your metabolism with a very substantial enhancement all by itself.

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Are there possible side effects?

None of the user reviews I found for Raw Fit described any adverse effects, but the caffeine found in this product’s green coffee could result in jittery side effects such as headaches, restlessness, insomnia and anxiety.

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Raw Fit shakes actually don’t seem like too bad of an option when it comes to meal replacement products and beverages. They’re pretty low in fat and actually contain a fat-burning ingredient that can be found in other weight loss supplements, such as diet pills. However, you’re still going to have to stick to a pretty strict diet if you want to lose weight using Raw Fit shakes.

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