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Ensure Nutrition Shake Review – All You Need to Know About This Product.

In your battle against undesired pounds an employment you might select is an item titled the food stand-in drink. These items act as stand-ins for the meals that used to exist on your menu but will be replaced by these items from now on. One food stand-in drink to possess an awareness of is titled Ensure.

Each bottle of Ensure Nutrition Shake contains the vitamins and minerals required to consist of one single meal, meaning that you can drink one bottle for every meal you plan to skip. It may be a probably effective method by which to cut out a variety of unhealthier foods you’ve become accustomed or dependent on eating. Instead of going through the drive through for a fast food breakfast while traveling to your occupation just drink a bottle of the drink to recieve strength and sustenance in the necessary amounts to complete your morning.  Due to the high quantities of fiber found in Ensure Nutrition Shake, this product can also work as an appetite suppressant; it’ll leave your body with a satiated sensation for periods of hours to destroy your desire for snacking throughout the day.

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What is Ensure Nutrition Shake?

Ensure is a supplement designed to help you maintain your wait by allowing you to substitute this healthy, tasty beverage employed in the elimination of foods with health deficiencies you may have grown accustomed to or dependent on eating. However, this shake is not a conventional weight loss supplement, a result of this fact being that it will fail to assist or help you lose that much weight. If the interest in your mind relates to having the knowledge of what the product’s capabilities and failures, proceed to read more.

Who makes Ensure Nutrition Shake?

As its name implies, Ensure is produced and sold by Ensure, a supplement company founded in 1973. The website says Ensure is in turned the property of Abbot Laboratories. I looked through both company’s websites to see what kind of contact information they provided only to find that they both did a pretty mediocre job of it. While you can email or call the company, neither sites list the physical or mailing address of either.

The real object of my search, instead, was a complete revelation of the ingredients comprising Ensure. The unfortunate truth however was that neither Ensure nor Abott Labs seems to offer this. There is a frequently asked questions page on Ensure website that responds to several questions asking about whether or not certain ingredients are included, but my feelings consist of it being much easier (and allowing my mind more peace) if Ensure or Abbot simply provided a list entailing all of Ensure’s components. Given that they don’t, I’m in possesion of doubt for this company.

I was also discouraged and disappointed to learn that you cannot buy Ensure Nutrition Shake straight from Ensure or Abbot Labs themselves. While Ensure does have a page that helps you find distributors near you, it seems impossible to buy it from the core of the source. I’m always reluctant to try products where it is not a possibility to buy straight from their creators because it increases the likelihood of having to deal with sketchy third-party distributors. Always make the assurance for buying your supplements from someone you can trust.

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Does Ensure Nutrition Shake work?

As I earlier brought up, Ensure fails as a pound destroying item. While the fiber in its formula can act as an appetite suppressant, Ensure Nutrition Shake doesn’t contain any ingredients like metabolism-boosters or fat-burners that will improve the way your body manages and burns calories and fat. However, the possibility of employing Ensure to shed pounds fails to seem possible. An ideal method for this accomplishment would be to use this food replacer to switch out unhealthier meals you’ve grown accustomed to eating. If you can eliminate parts of your diet like junk food, you’ll start to feel the positive effects bestowed upon your body and even probably begin to lose a little weight, gradually but naturally. However, if your journey is towards a powerful, fast fat burner, this one isn’t it.

Nutrition Shakes are generally more reliable than other kinds of health products like diet pills, but one explanation for this superiority is the claims they make aren’t quite as lofty. If you can inspect the product’s listing on Amazon, you’ll find plenty of positive reviews that claim that Ensure Nutrition Shake praising its ability to help users maintain their current weights while helping them destroy the unhealthier parts of their diets to which they’d grown accustomed. However, your attention will focus in on (with exceptions that are very few) close to none these positive reviews mention weight loss. As stated, this is because Ensure is not a pound sheddert. Drinking it regularly definitely sounds like it could have some beneficial effects on your body, but if lots of reviews are to be believed, weight loss is generally not one of the expected results.

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Ensure Nutrition Shake’s Ingredients and Dosages

Unfortunately, a list of the ingredients found in Ensure Nutrition Shake’s formula is not available on the product’s official website. However, I accomplish uncovering this date after not too extensive a period  spent searching around the internet. The following is a copy of Ensure Nutrition Shake’s nutritional information:

Amount Per Serving Percent Daily Value
Calories 350 N/A
Calories from fat 100 N/A
Total Fat 11g 17%
Saturated Fat 1g 5%
Trans Fat 0g N/A
Cholesterol 5mg 2%
Total Carbs 52g 17%
Dietary Fiber 13g 26%
Sugars 22g N/A
Protein 13g 26%

According to this nutritional information, a sole serving of Ensure contains 350 calories, which is a lot for a food replacements like this. In fact, many shakes like Ensure often contain as few as 90 calories in their formulas. Of these 350 calories, 100 of them come from fat, which means a saolitary serving of Ensure is comprised of 28.5% fat.

I located the titles of the ingredients located in this product:

Water Corn maltodextrin Sugar
Canola oil Sodium caseinate Milk protein concentrate
Corn oil Soy protein isolate Cocoa powder
Short-chain fructooligosaccharides Calcium beta hydroxyl beta methylbutyrate Potassium citrate
Whey protein concentrate Magnesium phosphate Natural and artificial flavor
Soy lecithin Sodium phosphate Potassium phosphate
Choline chloride Calcium carbonate Ascorbic acid
l-carnitine Carrageenan Ferrous sulfate
di-alpha-tocopherlyl acetate Gellan gum Zinc sulfate
Niacinamide Manganese sulfate Calcium pantothenate
Cupric sulfate Vitamin A palmitate Thiamine chloride hydrochloride
Pyridoxine hydrochloride Riboflavin Folic acid
Chromium chloride Biotin Sodium molybdate
Sodium selenite Potassium iodide Phylloquinone
Cyanocobalamin Vitamin D3

The product’s ingredients look pretty run off the mill when it comes to meal replacement shakes, but I was bothered by the inclusion of ingredients such as artificial flavorings. It is always the best idea to look for a supplement with all-natural ingredients.

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Are there possible side effects?

There haven’t been many reports of side effects that have resulted from using Ensure Nutrition Shake, but one particularly troubling review that can be found on the product’s own official website describes a former user breaking out into hives and having their eyes swell up. It’s possible that this was nothing more than an allergic reaction to a particular ingredient in the drink, but it’s still enough for me to be a little worried about what other effects Ensure Nutrition Shake could possibly have on the people who drink it.

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While Ensure may help you improve your diet and maybe even begin to lose a few pounds, you’re going to have to stick to pretty strict diet if you want to gradually lose some weight by using Ensure. You must also remember that meal replacement shakes like this are not always the best way to lose weight. This is because of how likely it is that you might put the weight right back on once you stop drinking shakes instead of meals and go back to the food you used to eat. If you want the weight you lose thanks to Ensure to be permanent, you’re going to have to make some pretty permanent changes to your diet as well.

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