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Complan Review – The Truth About This Product.

If your quest is for a quick fix to your pound problems or a supplement possessing the ability to improve the way your body sheds pounds, you may not possess an interest in Complan. This is because Complan is more of a food stand-in than a proper weight loss product; it is not in possession of ingredients that will metabolically enhance you or achieve any of the effects that most fat-burning items claim to be capable of. Instead, you’re just supposed to drink it in place of one or two of the high calorie meals you may have gotten used to eating every day. The meaning of this is that the method by which you use Complan is pretty much up to you. The opening of your day can feature a big breakfast and then drink two shakes later on instead of eating lunch and dinner, or maybe use a big meal as a treat in the middle period of the day or a satisfying dinner instead. If Complan is employed to banish a decent amount of calories you eat in a day, you should begin to notice some gradual weight loss.

Of course, you may be worried that cutting out meals will leave your body undernourished and fatigued. But the creators of Complan claim that this will not be the case, thanks to the nutrients, vitamins, proteins and fiber found in the product’s formula. While I feel like this issue is up for debate, I’ll discuss that further once I inspect Complan’s ingredients.

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What is Complan?

While not technically a weight loss supplement, Complan is a food stand-in item that comes formed as a powdered shake. It is employed primarily by people who suffer from illnesses that prevent them from eating solid foods, but it is of the capability to be used for the destruction of a few higher calorie meals you may be used to eating as well. Ideally, this should result in gradual weight loss. However, I have no certainty that Complan quite stacks up to products of a similar nature, so you should read my review before deciding if this is really the item ideally employed for shedding pounds.

Who makes Complan?

According to the product’s official website, Complan is produced by Nutricia, which is a part of Numico, a nutrition subsidiary that is now owned by Danone. That’s quite a bit of company history to trace, but the only one of those you really need to focus on is Nutricia. Founded in the Netherlands, Nutricia primarily produces pediatric formulas for newborn people; however, they have a line of nutritional products for adults and the elderly as well, which includes Complan. While it was not a possibility to locate anything about Complan on Nutricia’s official website, I located the separate site that Nutricia maintains for their Complan products.

While the official Complan website contains some information about Complan’s ingredients and how the product works, it’s a miniscule number in comparison to the information provided by other weight loss companies. For example, Nutricia doesn’t even disclose the countable calories this product, which means that we can’t figure out important information like whether or not Complan is a low fat product. I was discouraged to find that an impossibility exists regarding your capability to purchase straight from the Complan site itself. While Complan’s site does offer some helpful links to where Complan can be purchased, all of them seem to be retailers located in the U.K. So if your existence is based in a different country, such as the United States, it could be difficult to obtain this product.

At least it seems easy to contact Complan; the site contains several forms of contact, including a phone number, online emails form and even a mailing address for Nutricia’s location in Wiltshire, U.K.

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Does Complan work?

I located plenty of positive reviews for Complan online, but most of them don’t seem to be written by people who were taking Complan to lose weight. Instead, it seems like this product is commonly utilized by people whose suffering is related to illnesses that create difficulties for them to eat solid foods. So while Complan may be a decent and convenient method by which to obtain the nutrients and crucial vitamins necessary to your body, it seems like it’s more geared towards the preservation of your body’s health than helping you shed pounds.

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Complan’s Ingredients and Dosages

The following lists of ingredients and nutritional information can be found on Complan’s official website:

Amount Per Serving Percent Daily Value
Calories ??? N/A
Calories from fat ??? N/A
Total Fat 9.8g 16%
Saturated Fat .95g 1%
Trans Fat  ??? N/A
Cholesterol ??? N/A
Total Carbs 36.7g 16%
Dietary Fiber  1.4g .6
Sugars ??? N/A
Protein 9g 20%
Water Orange juice Mango juice
Lemon juice from concentrate Passion fruit juice from concentrate Sugar
Whey protein concentrate Sunflower oil Stabilizer
Citric acid Potassium hydrogen phosphate Magnesium hydrogen phosphate
Calcium chloride Maltodextrin L-ascorbi acid
Potassium chloride Sodium chloride Ferrous sulphate
Zinc sulphate Nicotinamide Calcium D-pantothenate
DL-alpha tocopherly acetate Thiamin hydrochloride Manganese sulphate
Pyridoxine Hydroxhloride Riboflavin
Copper sulphate Vitamin A palmitate Folic acid
Potassium iodide Chromium chloride D-biotin
Sodium molybdate Sodium selenite Vitamin K1
Vitamin D3 cyanocobalamin

In my opinion, the nutritional information Nutritia provides for Complan is really disappointing. It fails to disclose how much sugar, cholesterol and trans fat is in this product’s formula. Even worse, it doesn’t even tell you how many calories are in this product. That means we can’t determine what percentage of each single serving is comprised of fat, so it’s impossible to know whether or not this is a high or low fat product. It’s always disappointing to see a nutritional label with this much information missing and it makes it really hard to recommend a product such as this.

Quite frankly, I’m not too impressed by the ingredients in Complan’s formula either. For one thing, it doesn’t contain any fat-burning ingredients typically found in the most effective weight loss supplements. While this isn’t uncommon for meal replacement shakes such as this, I was also incredibly disappointed by the amount of protein and fiber found in this product’s formula. With only 3.6 grams of protein and not even a whole gram of fiber, it seems incredibly unlikely that this product will fill you up the same way a proper meal could, which means that it probably won’t make for a very good meal substitution. While it looks like Complan does have plenty of nutrients and vitamins, I just can’t see this replacement beverage being as effective at quelling your hunger as other similar products that contain more protein and more fiber.

One good thing that you can say about Complan is that its formula doesn’t contain any gluten, artificial sweeteners or genetically modified organisms. A lot of dieters try and stay away from ingredients like this; if you’re one of them, Complan might not be a bad choice for you when it comes to meal replacement shakes.

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Are there possible side effects?

None of the ingredients in Complan’s formula seem capable of resulting in any negative side effects, so I weren’t surprised that none of the reviews I read made any reference to any kinds of side effects.

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While Complan looks like it could be a good way to get your daily dose of vitamins, I’m not too sure that it has the ingredients for it to really work as an effective meal replacement, especially if you’re used to eating high-calorie meals to fill you up. I’m also really disappointed by the lack of nutritional information Complan’s creators provide about its formula. For example, we don’t even know how many calories are in a single serving of this product.  If you’re really looking for something to help you lose weight, you should try a shake with a little more protein and fiber. You should at least look for a product the ingredients of which you can be sure about.

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One Response to Complan Review – The Truth About This Product.

  1. Trevor Williams says:

    I started using complan since I was a teenager now and again to replace a meal, most times breakfast.
    I now have a family of my own and my kids drink complan at times.
    However a few years ago we noticed that the product started to taste diffrent, inferior and was not as filling. Eventually we stopped buying the product.
    So sad to see a product which we grew up with turned out to be such a big let down.

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