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Zylene Review – Is Zylene Safe for You?

The path to becoming an established weight management product is not easy. There are many that have fallen, from problems with their sales numbers or sometimes it’s because the ingredients that are found within them are not known to be safe for human consumption. Then there are are diet pills that have originated from scam companies. The way that these scams operate are not universal; some gain profits from a hidden auto-shipment feature that may be included when people purchase their products. Others, such as Zylene, came from a company that was known to practice multi-level marketing. These products usually aren’t of the highest quality, as that is not the primary focus of the product. The focus at the forefront instead is profits. As inevitably happens with these kinds of companies however, they all eventually end up being found out for what they really are and they disappear, to be forgotten with all the other products that couldn’t make it to the top shelf.

So what was this ill fated concoction all about? The following article will dissect this product into a more understandable nature.

What is it?

It may be rather difficult to find information regarding Zylene, as the product is no longer available. The website that featured this product has been taken down, and the Facebook page that feature this has not been updated in years. From the third party retailers that still for one reason or another, feature this product (even though it is unavailable for purchase), I was able to ascertain that Zylene was a product that alleged to trigger thermogenesis in it’s users, as well as give the users an assault of energy and quash their hunger pangs.

In addition to this, the product also asserted that it was able to oxidize fat in an efficient manner, as well as govern blood sugar levels and heighten mental dexterity. While this may sound spectacular, from what I was able to uncover, the official website for this concoction didn’t reveal much other information about itself, which is always a red flag to be aware of. It’s always important to be aware of the products that you consume. Why would you want to ingest something that you don’t really know much about? Does that even sound safe?

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With a $80 being how much people were expected to shell out for a month’s supply, it really doesn’t surprise me that this diet pill ended up being discontinued. Eventually people are going to wise up to what is really going on.

Who makes it?

Health4Wealth was the company that manufactured Zylene. Although the company may still have a LinkedIn page, the link to their official website is no longer available. There have been multiple reports of people decrying this company, calling it nothing more than a multi-level marketing scheme. A multi-level marketing company is a company that gets people to join them through a promise that people will be able to make money through a form of residual income; the more people they get to join to sell a product, the more money the original person who joined makes. In essence, it is very similar to a pyramid scheme; a person at the top making a lot of money off the backs of others. As such, although there is a product being sold, that is not the primary goal of the company; in some ways the concoction itself is just a front that is used as an excuse to get people to join. Sometimes included with these kinds of companies is an auto-shipment feature that the people who sell the product have to buy. This results in the person constantly having to sell more and more of the product, just to break even with the continual auto-shipments. It’s this kind of practice that has been derogated by many, and seen to be more of a scam than anything.

Does Zylene work?

While it is true that Zylene featured ingredients that are known to be all natural, that doesn’t mean that they would necessarily get people to lose weight. One such ingredient, hoodia gordonii, is alleged to be a quasher of appetites, yet clinical studies have shown it to be nothing more than a dud. This also includes other ingredients such as chromium, which is not known to affect weight management in any kind of significant way. There are other substances within this product that have not been tested either. What Zylene lacked, was clinical studies performed on these ingredients, or on the whole of the product that would have verified that the marketing copy that was used for this product was indeed true. With this lack of information however, it became clear to users that what they were dealing with, was something much less than it was retailed to be. Lastly, I could find no mention as to how exercise and diet played into this. Being two essential facets of weight loss, these two cannot be forgotten, and being that they weren’t so much as mentioned, I don’t see how this product was supposed to actually get people to subtract any amount of weight from themselves.

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Zylene Ingredients and Dosage

There were 20 ingredients that Zylene. I could find no label of this product, and as such, the amounts of these ingredients is unknown. It is also unknown if any or all of them were found in a proprietary blend, or if there were any additional minerals or vitamins that were added to this concoction. I find it also important to mention, that when a diet pill contains a lot of ingredients, that isn’t always a good thing; sometimes this results in an overload, and there may be too mych on a certain substance, while a minimal amount of another. This results in the overall quality of the product being much less than it is marketed to be. The ingredients that Zylene was comprised of included: mulberry leaf, caralluma fimbriata, green tea, cissus quadrangularis, lotus leaf, banaba leaf, green tea, water plantain, hoodia gordonii, poria cocos, resveratrol, cassia seed, eleutherococcus senticosus, gymnema sylvestre, cumquat, bioperine, garcinia cambogia, coix seed, pyruvate and methionine. It was advised that users were to take 1-2 capsules before breakfast and repeat again at lunch. Zylene may cause abdominal discomfort, and as such it was recommended to take this product with food. It was also mentioned that people should not take more than 3 capsules of this product in a given day.

Are there potential side effects?

From what I could tell, there were no adverse reactions with this product, which may have been it’s main selling point. This is of course, not counting that this could upset the stomach if taken without food. This may also be attributed to caralluma fimbriata, which is known to cause such an adverse reaction, in addition to constipation and intestinal gas, but these side effects are only short lived, lasting a mere week.  While generally being safe, there are always people who may negatively interact with substances. Women who were in stages of pregnancy or who were currently nursing, people who were on some other form of medication and people with pre-existing health issues were advised to consult a doctor before use.

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Although it may be true that this product may have cause a lack of adverse effects, that didn’t stop it from being discontinued. What most likely caused this concoction to cease being in existence, was that the company that produced it was found out to be a multi-level marketing scheme. Too many people ended up losing money to this company, all the while seeing no return on profits, nor substantial benefits in their health. The main signs that I was able to ascertain from this, is that when the official website for this blend was running, it featured very little information about itself. Being a multi-level marketing company, there was probably a lot of talk about how much money could be made, and all from home as well. It all sounds too superb to be real, and as is the case for most anything, it probably is. In this case, it really was.

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One Response to Zylene Review – Is Zylene Safe for You?

  1. Jan Mooneyham says:

    I used Zylene for almost a year and lost weight, felt wonderful and I was devastated when they took
    it off the market. I wasn’t selling it, I just took it. I never fell for those gimmicks, pyramid schemes.
    I really love the product and hope it makes a comeback

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