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Zantrex-3 Review – The Truth About This Product.

When people think about weight loss, the frame of mind that they like to think about is the aftermath. Rarely are people excited about the process of actually getting there, which takes a lot of work and sweat. Exercising on a regular basis and ensure that the diet being consumed is free of trans fats and sugars is essential. Sometimes people don’t want to put in the effort of doing this. To try to get around this, some people turn to diet pills, in the hopes that the self they want to see will just easily appear.

The sad fact however, is it usually takes more than just a diet pill to get people the results they pine for. That doesn’t stop some companies from still trying to market themselves to this crowd. Zantrex-3 is such a diet pill, that alleges that its users may get the results they want with little or no change in their lifestyles.

So is this diet pill the rarity that can really get people to shed pounds with no assistance whatsoever? The answer to this question may be found below.

What is it?

Zantrex-3 is a diet pill that asserts to it’s audience that regular exercise and a healthy diet are not necessary to keep up when this product is being ingested. There are a plethora of stimulants in this product, which are meant to supercharge energy levels, along with the metabolic rate.

The official website however is pretty vague about how else it goes about aiding people in dropping weight. There is only  a brief product description added, as well as directions on how to take the product.

The website claims that Zantrex-3 will have people losing 546% more weight than an ephedra pill, but nowhere does it provide the study that proves this. Instead what we are given is a brief summary saying that this really is incredibly effective. There’s a difference between saying something can help decimate fat and actually showing proof that it does.

EDITOR'S TIP: Combine this supplement with a proven fat burner such as Sletrokor for better results.

A lot of people miss out on that difference, and it’s companies like this one that play on the ignorance of people. Top Rated Products would never employ such tactics.

Who makes it?

Zoller Laboratories are the ones responsible for bringing Zantrex-3 into existence. This Salt Lake City, Utah based company lacks its own website, which I found to be peculiar. Instead, the company markets its product through Zantrex-3’s own official website.

The company has garnered attention in the past for its implementation of celebrities such as The Jersey Shore’s Snooki, as well as Jenny McCarthy. While obviously eye catching, I can’t help but feel that this is more of a gimmick than anything.

On the Zantrex website, I was also unable to find any real information about the company, as they even lack an “About Us” section. Companies that do this always seem strange to me, because why wouldn’t they want people to know who they are? Are they trying to keep something hidden in the shadows? Without any real information, all these questions remain assumptions.

Does Zantrex-3 work?

There have been declarations that Zantrex-3 may give it’s users a explosion of energy, however there is not much else that this is known to do. Sometimes people may think that the energy that is newly derived will get people up and moving more, however this really only aids if the person is already an active person.

The problem with Zantrex-3 is that it alleges that weight loss is possible without making any kind of lifestyle change. So if the user is eating foods high in sugar and doesn’t exercise, well what is this diet pill really going to do? Not much of anything.

Additionally there is a void of scientific data to back up any assertions that this product does indeed work. The marketing uses a humongous percentage (546% better than ephedra pills), to entice people towards this product, but there is no proof that this product really is so much better than it’s competition.

With the exception of niacin, every other ingredient in this product is in a proprietary blend. While the amount that the blend itself is given, there are no given amounts for any of the ingredients. As such, I can’t really say for certain what ingredients are actually working and which ones are in amounts that are so infinitesimal that they don’t really matter.

EDITOR'S TIP: Check our list of approved diet pills to make a right purchase decision!

Top Rated Products always have their ingredient amounts listed.

Zantrex-3 Ingredients and Dosage

Users are informed to take 2 capsules with a full glass (amount not specified) of water 15 minutes before the major meals of the day.

●     Niacin-                                            30mg
Proprietary Blend:                                      1,160mg

●     Guarana                                         N/A

●     Black tea                                        N/A

●     Green tea                                       N/A

●     Damiana                                        N/A

●     Yerba mate                                    N/A

●     Kola                                                N/A

●     Rhodiola crenulata                         N/A

●     Trimethylxanthine                           N/A

●     Asian ginseng                                 N/A

●     Schizonepeta                                 N/A

●     Maca extract                                   N/A

●     Black pepper                                  N/A

Are there potential side effects?

Caffeine is a central ingredient associated with Zantrex-3, as it comes not only in the form of trimethylxanthine, but also in plenty of the other ingredients, for example green tea, guarana, kola and yerba mate. People who have a feeble relationship with stimulants are advised to talk to a doctor before using this concoction. It is also expressed that users limit the amount of stimulant based products that they consume while taking Zantrex-3. Side effects from caffeine may include insomnia, jitters, hypertension, nervousness, palpitations and anxiety.

Niacin is another ingredient that is included in this concoction that is known to adversely react with some people as well. These reactions may include abdominal discomfort, headaches, itching, diarrhea, flushing of the skin, heartburn and nausea.


While the company’s website may catch a few eyes because of the celebrities that grace its page, this is really more for showing off than anything. While this product may give it’s users an energy boost, there isn’t much else that it has going for itself, save a few percentage numbers that lack any real scientific basis.

When diet pills mention that you don’t need to eat right or exercise to slim down a few sizes, I always get very incredulous as to the proof behind this. Zantrex-3 tries to act as if it is the one prophetic diet pill that everyone has been waiting for that requires no effort to be added, but alas, in reality it is no better than other quack products who allege similar statements.

Top Rated Products are always available either in stores or online, and they are proven to give their users results.

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