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Z-Burn Review- Is Z-Burn Safe for You?

For some people, the urge to get a snack in the middle of the night may be the downfall to their weight management efforts. The body’s metabolism is slowest at this point, and if any food is consumed then, it will undoubtedly have an effect on overall weight. Other people may have been exercising during the day, and have trouble sleeping in general, thereby making it hard for the body to repair itself after the day’s activities. Z-Burn looks to solve the sleeping problems of these people, while at the same time assisting them in being able to annihilate fat from their bodies, simultaneously!

What is it?

Topically to people who are tired of the usual run down that diet pills may put people through, this unique method may seem interesting enough for people to want to try. Other’s may think this is just a gimmick of a product, but either way, just the thought of losing weight without actually having to physically do anything has been a goal that countless products have declared that the are able to do, with none really succeeding in this goal. The makers of Z-Burn look to break this trend. At least that’s what they say.

This product promises its users that their metabolic rate will not drop as it normally does at night, but instead it will become intensified, which will then allow for more fat to be incinerated. While featuring a general description of the concoction, as well as supplement facts and a testimonial, the webpage on this product is otherwise bare of any supporting texts that would help people believe in it’s arguement.

EDITOR'S TIP: Combine this supplement with a proven fat burner such as Sletrokor for better results.

So is this byproduct of substances finally the pill that everyone has been waiting for? Or is this just another diet pill that makes declarations about itself that it is unable to live up to? Find out below.

Who makes it?

Fitness One Formulas is the Miami, Florida based company that may be given credit for bringing Z-Burn into the realm of existence. The company is incredibly brief about detailing any information about itself. All it really states, are that it is comprised of people who are fitness enthusiasts, scientists, personal trainers and nutritionists that have been hand selected to be part of their team. When I tried searching up any more about this company, all links that are associated with them bring me back to the Z-Burn product. I find it a bit peculiar that there is so little information that this company reveals about itself, as there is no mention of who exactly is running this organization, who their business partners are or anything of that sort. The company also fails to have a community center where users can interact with each other and share fitness and health related knowledge with one another. When companies lack such things, it’s harder for users to get together and find common ground with people who otherwise share similar interests with them. As a grace that attempts to save however, the company does have a presence on social media channels, which include Pinterest, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

Does Z-Burn work?

While the assertions that this product makes about itself may be brimming with confidence, the reality is that nowhere on it’s official webpage are there any clinical studies provided that we could use as sources to back up any of the marketing copy. It is true, that there is a mention of a study saying that having 8.5 hours of sleep will get people to burn more fat than 5.5 hours of sleep, yet that still doesn’t really prove that this product does indeed work. All that really says, is that you may burn more fat with more sleep. It’s a loose correlation to make, and since this is essentially a souped up sleeping pill, it may seem that this therefore concludes that the product works, when in reality there is no evidence of this. I’ve seen companies utilize techniques such as this one before, but the key to finding out the real truth of the matter, is to carefully watch the wording that is being used, and not just take whatever the company says about their product as fact.

EDITOR'S TIP: Check our list of approved diet pills to make a right purchase decision!

Products that have achieved a Top Rated status don’t rely on tricks with wordplay to get people to buy them; it’s the results that pull customers in.

Z-Burn Ingredients and Dosage

Z-Burn contains within it 9 ingredients, 5 of which have been concocted into a proprietary blend. The 4 ingredients that were not inducted into this blend are Zinc coming in at 10 mg, which is 67% of the daily value that is recommended, Vitamin B6 (also known as pyridoxine) at 3 mg, which is 150% the daily value, chromium at 300 mcg, 249% the daily value and magnesium, which weighs in at 150 mg, 38% of the daily value. Inside the proprietary blend are resveratrol, L-glutamine, Valerian extract (root), L-theanine and melatonin. None of these substances have their daily recommended dosage included, and neither do they have individual amounts listed. However it is stated on the label that the combination of these 5 substances totals out to weight 482 mg. Both valerian root and melatonin are known to act as sleep aids. L-glutamine, resveratrol and L-theanine are all used to amp up the metabolic rate, and while chromium is used for that effect as well, clinical studies have shown that this ingredient does not make a significant change in people’s weight. The creators of this product recommend that people take 1-2 capsules about 30 minutes before the sleep. It is also advised not to take more than 3 capsules within a period consisting of 24 hours.


Are there potential side effects?

If you were only viewing the official website of this product, you would find that there are no adverse reactions associated with use of this byproduct of substances. However that is not entierly true, as reviews on have had some users derogate this product for causing abdominal discomfort, as well as nausea after this concoctin was ingested. Because there are ingredients in this brew that are known to act as sleeping aids, the manufacturers of this product advise that people not operate machinery or find themselves doing other important tasks that may require full attention and coordination. Because so many of the ingredients have unknown amounts in the proprietary blend, we cannot therefore which of these substances may cause the adverse reactions that were previously mentioned. In addition to this, women who are in stages of pregnancy or who are currently nursing are not advised to take this product, as there is a chance that the child/developing fetus may interact negatively with this product. The same may be similarly stated to individuals who are younger than 18 years of age. If you are someone who is currently taking medication or if you have a pre-existing health condition, consult your healthcare provider before deciding to use this product, as it may adversely interact with your medication/current condition.

Top Rated Products are generally speaking, not known to adversely interact with the users who consume them.


While it sounds like an incredibly appealing idea to take a diet pill that will have you lose weight while sleeping, the reality of this situation is that there are no scientific studies that have been provided on this product or it’s ingredients may actually cause significant levels of weight loss. Additionally, there is no mention as to how dieting with foods that are low in fats and sugars, or exercising on a regular basis play into weight loss, when both are essential aspects that cannot be overlooked. The problem with this concoction, is that it promises too much to it’s users, while stating that they don’t really need to do anything other than take this product to see results. Everyone out there is always looking for a diet pill that will act as a miracle. The unfortunate truth is that, there is no such thing. If you really want to get the results in weight loss that you may be yearning for, exercise, diet and a well researched diet pill are what will get you to reach your goals.

Top Rated Products always live up the the advertising copy that is written about them, and are backed up by clinically tested, double-blind studies that have been performed on countless occasions.

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