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Xtreme Thermoburn Review – The Truth About This Product.

Since ephedra was banned in 2004, there has been a general scramble by companies to find a suitable replacement for the once beloved substance. Once beloved by fitness enthusiasts and individuals who were looking for something that would have an incredible stimulating effect upon their bodies, ephedra has become as scarce as other illegal narcotics have. There are many companies that assert that they contain ephedra, yet what they really have is another substance altogether. Of course there are also products that contained the banned substance, despite it’s illegality. Xtreme Thermoburn is a strange product, in that it alleges that it has the substance, yet at the same time a look at the ingredient lineup reveals that it is not actually within the concoction.

So then, what is the real truth of this product? Are there things that it is attempting to hide from its prospective users? Or does it work just as efficiently as it is advertised to the masses to? The following article will break it down into understandable terms.

What is it?

Xtreme Thermoburn is a diet pill that asserts that it has the capability to act in a thermogenic manner, as well as incinerate fat deposits. As previously mentioned, this concoction contains ephedra, or at least, that is what it is marketed to contain. A simple look at the ingredient lineup reveals that the banned substance is not among the ingredients listed. There are also allegations that this product will give users a surge of energy, that is devoid of the usual adverse reactions that stimulant based products are notoriously known for.

What makes this concoction harder to find, is that it does not have it’s own official website. Any information that may be gathered about it has to come from a third party retailer. This in some ways makes the product as a whole feel less legitimate.

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I’ve come across many a weight management product that has failed to have their own website, and usually these turn out to be closer in existence to scams than anything.

Who makes it?

Thermo Labs is the company that may have credit given to them for creating Xtreme Thermoburn. Past being mentioned on the label however, not much is known about this company as they lack their own official website. In this sense, it is similar to the Xtreme Thermoburn product, although I don’t understand why a company would lack such a necessary aspect of business. Companies that fail to provide websites for themselves, in addition to any kind of contact information, be it a physical address, phone numbers or email addresses, always leave a bad taste in my mouth. Because at the end of the day, it’s not as if I know anything about the people that are trying to sell me their product. And who wants to buy products from a company that doesn’t reveal anything about itself? It’s as if they are hiding themselves because they don’t want people to know the truth about themselves. This void of any real information extends itself into the realm of social media, as Thermo Labs has no presence on any of the commonly used platforms, be it Pinterest, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Tumblr or Twitter.

Does Xtreme Thermoburn work?

Every diet pill that is on the market loves to gasconade that it is truly the one that is known to work in the most efficient manner possible. This is also the case with Xtreme Thermoburn. While it’s allegations may come off as confident, what the product fails to provide are clinical trials that have been performed on it, or the individual ingredients of which it is comprised. Furthermore, the makers of this product make no mention at all of how regular exercise or a diet that is deficient of excessive amounts of sugar, fats and calories play into weight management. These are incredibly important facets of weight management, and to not so much as mention how they play a role may jeopardize any attempts people may have to see a subtraction of pounds from themselves. Because there is no official website for this blend, that therefore means that the product does not have any testimonials from customers to display. While there may be positive reviews that are posted on the websites of third party retailers, these kinds of reviews are always posted at the top spot of any product. As such, you can’t really take them as completely objective. There have also been reviews from people who were less enthusiastic about using this product, with some people asserting that they saw no change in their weight at all.

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Top Rated Products always make sure to mention the importance of regular exercise and a healthy diet and how they pertain to successful weight management.

Xtreme Thermoburn Ingredients and Dosage

There are a total of 5 different ingredients of which Xtreme Thermoburn is comprised of. While it is true that they are all combined in a proprietary blend, what makes this product unique is that the individual amounts of the ingredients are listed. These ingredients include white willow bark (100 mg), synephrine (15 mg), green tea extract (100 mg), black pepper (25 mg) and caffeine (100 mg). Of these ingredients, green tea, caffeine and synephrine are acknowledged to be stimulants. Black pepper is known to be used as an enhancer of ingredients. White willow bark is known as a remedy for muscle pain.

There is no information provided as to the proper dosing of this product, if it should be taken at a specific time of day, with food or water or if there is a maximum amount that should not be exceeded in a given day. Furthermore, there is no supplement label that has been provided for consumers to evaluate.

Are there potential side effects?

Stimulants are the main ingredients that Xtreme Thermoburn is known to contain. The product asserts that ephedra may be found within it, despite not being mentioned on the lineup of ingredients. If it is however, it should be advised that this is an incredibly powerful stimulant, and it has gained notoriety for the dangerous adverse reactions that have been associated with it’s use. This may only be heightened, as synephrine, green tea and caffeine are also ingredients. Side effects that pertain to stimulants include headaches, abdominal discomfort, irritability, anxiety, nervousness, nausea, jitteriness, hypertension (high blood pressure) as well as palpitations (rapid heart beat). There are also more serious side effects that have been associated with an overload of these kinds of substances, the likes of which include cerebrovascular accident (stroke), arrhythmia (irregular heartbeat), myocardial infarction (heart attack) and in the most extreme of cases, even death. It is because of these reasons that people with pre-existing health conditions, especially those pertaining to the heart and women who are in stages of pregnancy or who may be nursing are not advised to use this concoction. If you are someone who is currently on medication, it is advised to contact your doctor before ingesting this product. Barred from using Xtreme Thermoburn are persons who are below 18 years of age.

Top Rated Products may contain stimulants, but they do not come in an amount that is acknowledged to be hazardous to human health.


What the creators of this blend are knowledgeable of, is how to attract attention. Knowing that mentioning ephedra will attract attention, the makers have thought that this and this alone would be enough for people to overlook the $99.95 price tag. However despite what the product may gasconade about itself, no clinical studies have been provided. This includes studies done on the product as a whole and the individual ingredients of which it is made up of. Negative reviews from users harm the legitimacy of this product even further.

Just because a substance is known to be illegal, that doesn’t mean that it is some miraculous substance that the government doesn’t want people to consume. There are people in this world who would believe so, but in this case, that is not true. There are safer, legal substances that are available that are recognized to get people the results in weight management that they have been fantasizing about.

Top Rated Products don’t use illegal substances to entice people to purchase them.

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