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Xenical Review – All You Need to Know About This Product.

There are various angles that companies may take when trying to solve the problem of weight gain. Products with stimulants offer a surge of energy that may ultimately get the user to be more active than they previously were. Other products may rely on factors such as thermogenesis, and wait for the metabolism to get raised so that calories may be incinerated at a faster than normal rate. Another method is through the use of laxatives or diuretics, although this is a bit unsafe, as there is the possibility of dehydration and other health complications that may arise.

Despite naming all these different methods, there is one that I haven’t mentioned yet: hindering the absorption of fat molecules into the body. That’s the case with Xenical, which looks to block the fat in foods from being absorbed into the body.

So is this method actually superior to any of the others? Or is this something of a novelty, a passing fad in the diet pill world? Read on to find out.

What is it?

Xenical is the prescription version of a generic drug known as Orlistat. This comes in a lower dosage than other versions of Orlistat, such as the over the counter version, Alli. Unlike the plethora of other diet pills that make declarations about themselves without any federal backing, Xenical stands out as having been approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

When people overeat, the excess fat from the food they consume then becomes lodged into the body, resulting in weight gain. What Xenical does is act as blockade, prohibiting one third of ingested fats from being absorbed into the bloodstream.

Despite this government body approving of this drug, that doesn’t mean it isn’t without it’s drawbacks. In severe cases, people have reported liver and kidney failure, which have inevitably led to costly lawsuits.

EDITOR'S TIP: Combine this supplement with a proven fat burner such as Sletrokor for better results.

There are also issues with other prescription medications not working as they should because of the fat blocking that this product ensues. Top Rated Products don’t have such issues.

Who makes it?

The manufacturer responsible for bringing Xenical into being is the United Kingdom Based GlaxoSmiithKline. There was a time when this company was the 6th largest pharmaceutical manufacturer in the world. The products that it has, and still does, produce include oral health care products, over the counter pharmaceuticals vaccines and nutritional supplements. However this company has not been clean of scandals.

In 2023 prosecuting attorneys have had this company on their hit list for underhanded business practices.The company had been known to give kickbacks to doctors who would prescribe their products. Additionally there were other products that they had for sale that didn’t pass certain safety regulations, while others had been prescribed for teenages, when they clearly should not have been. This all accumulated to millions of dollars in lawsuits.

Since the ash has blown away the company has done its fair share of restructuring, so as to ensure that such episodes do not surface in the nearby future.

Does Xenical work?

The point of Xenical as stated in a section prior to this one, is that it is used to prohibit the absorption of fat into the body. Without this fat anchoring a person into obesity, it is instead voided as excrement.

As seems obvious, without this extra fat being packed into the body, that therefore means that the daily calorie intake of the user goes down as well. The end result of this is a subtraction of pounds from the body. Although some people may see this as a sure way to manage their weight, the company urges that it’s users not eat foods with excessive fats, as this may make whatever results that may have come to fruition instead non-existent.

While there is a level of competence with this product, of the reviews that I have read, this laboratory made product only works so long as you keep using it. Once it’s use is halted, the results that people had seen before seem to vanish as if from a dream. To me it feels as if the product is forcing the user to get addicted to it, that is, if they want to see results. It’s because of this that I can’t recommend this product.

EDITOR'S TIP: Check our list of approved diet pills to make a right purchase decision!

You will never find yourself in a cycle like this with Top Rated Products.

Xenical Ingredients and Dosage

Users are instructed to take 1 capsule three times a day with a meal or up to an hour after it is eaten.

  • Orlistat- 120mg


Are there potential side effects?

Xenical is by no means a substance that is free of adverse reactions. Common side effects from use of this product include flatulence, uncontrollable bowel movements, oily spotting, increased bowel movements and oily or fatty stool. Because the fat isn’t absorbed into the body, this is just a regular way of how the voided excreta looks like.

With fat not being ingurgitated into the body, this has also lead to issues with absorption in other products as well. Medications for seizures are usually fat soluble, and as such these would be affected from this blockade. People that have issues absorbing food into their bodies or who have gallbladder disorders may also experience problems with bile buildup.

As previously mentioned, as the years have passed there have been a building amount of cases involving either liver or kidney failure. While this has raised safety concerns as well as advisories on who exactly should be using this product, it seems that there will be no shortage of these lawsuits in the near future, if not an increase.


There is a lack of doubt that as each day passes, scientists make ever greater strides to advance health related products for people. In spite of this being true, that doesn’t mean that everything that is created is necessarily the best to take. As with this laboratory byproduct, there are complications that may arise, some being as serious as organ failure.

From what I can see, the best advice for people to lose weight is to make sure that their diet doesn’t have the calories that it once did, and that it is balanced with the right kind of foods. Exercise is also essential in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Diet pills such as this may support, but they should not be depended on as the sole reason for weight management.

The makers of Top Rated Products understand this and make sure their creations have the right balance with these factors.

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