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White Bean Extract Review – How Safe and Effective is it?

Sometimes supplements come to block just one hard to deal with macronutrient, this is seen in carbohydrate blockers and fat blockers. They work to bring a pause in the accumulation of just one of these things which means if you enjoy indulging in certain foods, you will ideally will be granted the right to eat the same amount with less of a harm. So calories absorbed though these things are also reduced, which depletes caloric intake.

It has to be known and fully broken down, that the effect is limited to just these few things. This implies more of it is meant to pin one specific issue in weight reduction. Also with this known, still there has to be a sure amount of knowledge to accurately know your specific goals. So if the effects are minimal, then it bears repeating it would not benefit you in a grand manner.

Certainly this outline represented in full will allow you to fully understand what can be expected, in order to assist you in making the choice just for yourself.

What is it?

Referred to in the supplement as a starch or carbohydrate blocker, White Bean Extract makes the rounds as an extract intended to help bring down unsightly pounds.  It also is known as Phase 2 in it’s patented form, but more than likely labels will feature the unpatented version. It gained steam as a popular product after it was positively featured on the Dr. Oz show. The idea is that for those who get an abundance of carbohydrates, this product has come about to help alleviate our bodies absorption of carbohydrates. This extract really became popular after the low carbohydrate craze ran all over the US. A low glycemic diet has been observed somewhat recently as a positive dietary stance as well. So the intention that this extract is intended to accomplish is to not only keep carbohydrates at bay, but reduce blood sugar spikes that occur from high carb meals. Thee blood sugar increases also inevitably lead to a potential risk of diabetes and heart disease.

The real science behind this is that amylase is blocked in the body.  What this means for you is that this makes the transformation from carbs to simple sugar a no longer necessary byproduct. Instead this sugar is mostly released through the pancreas and the salivary glands. Instead of having blood sugar run through the blood it is intended to be filtered out. What this also means is that the calories found in your foods in the form of carbs are not digested, in turn the belief is there will be weight loss.  So this is the supposed belief and science behind White Bean Extract. So far a lot more information is required to make the proper decision. Though those who do not over consume carbs and instead get an excess of fat or protein are excluded, so it does set to fit a specific niche. Luckily do add to the possibility to discover this ingredients potential, there has been a few clinical studies performed.

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This makes it easier to know whether or not this ingredient will serve a purpose, and the results to these studies are really enlightening. I’ll go over them in the “Does White Bean Extract Work?” section.  So far these are the noticeable details about this product’s potential.

Who makes it?

There is one company that holds a patent on a form of this ingredient, and they go by the company name of Pharmachem Laboratories. They actually call the product Phase 2 Carb Controller and they also serve up other patented products featuring natural extracts such as raspberry.. Phase 2 luckily is under the GRAS rating, meaning the FDA has recognized it as being generally safe for consumption. The company also adds a short video of the possibilities of this extract… .Apparently when mixed alongside carbohydrates it shows an immediate effect on limiting the digestion breakdown into simple sugars.  There’s even an added claim that it reduces the intake of carbohydrates by up to 66% in some studies. Since the studies are self imposed it can be hard to take the claims as 100% factual.

Usually other brands that feature this ingredient do not offer their own studies which is a shame seeing as how each company sets their own standard for dosing.  As with any product one should give more weight to those with a GMP certification. It ensures proper handling in a clean environment with a focus on maintaining quality.

Does White Bean Extract work?

A few 12 and 10 weeks clinical studies were performed testing this ingredient in a handful of double blind studies. Typically double blind studies are considered the holy grail for proper education and testing of an idea. So a few tests were ran on obese people that showed some interesting results.  When taken alongside a carbohydrate rich meal there has been a drop in the absorption of carbohydrates albeit in a small way. This has been shown to potentially reduce weight but once again, only with a high carb diet. Most studies performed have actually showed a meager change in weight up to 2 pounds in 2 months. This is really a small amount and still, there is a margin for error which could account for the extra pounds lost. Often the scientific trials will add more information is needed for long term support and to really see if the results are stable.

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White Bean Extract Ingredients and Dosage

So far this ingredient has been considered safe up to 2500 mg daily for 28 weeks. More long term studies documenting information is needed to test overall safety and use.

Now typically manufacturers will keep this ingredient solo and not alongside other additives. However one must still clearly read the label and make sure one is supplementing with the right dose. Since there is still lacking support to test an average or good amount of this extract it becomes important for customers to track their own individual concerns.  Without a universal set standard one is actively in the process of testing themselves to see if the product has an effect of any kind. Often excluded from taking this product are pregnant and nursing females.

Each brand supplies their own flavor but this is an example for a label with only White Bean Extract included to the mix:


Are there possible side effects?

As with many new products on the market,  so far there is a lacking amount of information as to White Bean Extract’s long term use. So one should be vigilant in making sure there are no sudden drops in your health and to track and monitor progress.

As far as short term effects there have been a few reported. Some of the usual suspects include bloating, gas, diarrhea, stomach cramps and indigestion. One should also make sure they are not under any blood sugar medication. This product has the potential for lowering blood sugar to unstable amounts.  Gluten and legume allergic people are not meant to take in this product. Although the name is White Bean Extract it can be extracted from many different sources related to the same family of ingredients.

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White Bean Extract has a promising allure and there have been a few studies performed on the activity of it. The promise of course is to provide a weight loss solution to those who over consume carbs. While it is limited in that it only helps these type of people it still fits a niche market worth figuring out. The real kicker however is that the product is an all natural extract which makes it seem even more enticing. This is of course until you get to read the literature and clinical studies that have been performed so far.

The truth is there is still more one needs to know about it in order to ensure it can actually be useful. First off the studies for it always end with more information is needed. This is not a positive aspect as it makes it seem as if the reports done still haven’t tested all aspects. This is true as many documents state there could be potential issues in the future but it’s hard to tell at this point.

Also added to the folly is the fact the studies performed have shown a very miniscule change that could be a margin for error. Essentially this implies that either the ingredient is very weak or that it actually does not work at all. Until more is revealed it could be a potential waste of time and money.

With all that provided it’s clear it does have a potential that has yet to be recreated across the board. So while we enjoy that it is all natural, the data provided so far leaves a lot more to be figured out before planting down and adding this to one’s diet.

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