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TrimSpa X32 Review – The Truth About This Product.

When ephedra was still legal to use, there were a plethora of different diet pills that contained the substance. At that time, TrimSpa was one of the most beloved diet pills on the market. With its celebrity endorsements, it seemed as if it were going to stay the supreme ruler of all weight management products. Time however, has a way of twisting fate. Once ephedra became illegal, companies across the country clambered in a panic, trying to find a replacement for the newly outlawed substance. The makers of TrimSpa, a company known as Goen Technologies was no different. Times would get tougher for the product, and the company would eventually end up filing for bankruptcy in 2023. Today a new company owns the rights to TrimSpa, and has even made a new formula for it, one that doesn’t contain ephedra. It is this product that will be the focus of today’s article.

So is this replacement product really all that great? Or is it like many other reiterated products, and does it not have the ability to live up the standards that were previously set by the brand? The article below will break it down.

What is it?

TrimSpa X32 is a diet pill that declares that it can quash hunger pangs as well as decimate fat deposits that may be in existence on the body. There are also assertions that TrimSpa X32 may act as a thermogenic agent, as well as providing antioxidants to the body, and heightening the rate of fat oxidation. It is a bit difficult to find more direct information on this concoction, as when I tried to visit the official website, there were issues about the website not being secure. As such, the information that I have gathered comes from third party resources. This is obviously not a good sign if the offical website isn’t secure, so if you were looking to purchase this product, third party retailers such as may be a better option.

While there is no longer ephedra in TrimSpa X32, the effects that people may have associated with the first itineration of this product may not be lived up to.

EDITOR'S TIP: Combine this supplement with a proven fat burner such as Sletrokor for better results.

There are many people that derogate products that contain ephedra replacements as not being as potent as the original, and I am afraid that may also be the case with TrimSpa X32. This point however, will be expanded upon in a later section of this article.

Who makes it?

In years prior, TrimSpa was a product of a company known as Goen Technologies, but that company has since went bankrupt. TrimSpa X32 has a new manufacturer, that goes by the name Naya IP, LLC, which has its headquarters in Randolph, New Jersey. Unlike other companies that are very liberal about the information that they provide to the public, I was unable to find much information regarding this company. There is no official website from which I may be able to derive any information, nor does the company have any presence on social media, despite its growing importance in the contemporary marketing world.

Does TrimSpa X32 work?

You can’t always base how well a concoction will work based off it’s product description. These descriptions will always be incredibly optimistic and confident in their assertions. It must be remembered however, that the purpose of these descriptions is more than detailing the blend, but also selling it as well. When compared with the realities of TrimSpa X32, it does not add up quite to what is stated in the description. There is a void in the place where clinical trials would have been provided, either on the individual ingredients or the product as a whole. I find this strange, as there are substances within TrimSpa X32 that are known to be beneficial for health, such as green tea. Including studies on these substances would have only helped the argument for people to use this product, as opposed to hurting it. There are however, other ingredients that scientific studies have shown are inept at producing the results that were advertised. Such a substance is hoodia gordonii. This flora corpus has been alleged to quell pangs of hunger, yet studies show that it has no such effect. When looking into independent reviews of this blend, I found numerous people derogating this product for having no effect on the overall amount of weight that they carried with them on a daily basis.

EDITOR'S TIP: Check our list of approved diet pills to make a right purchase decision!

Top Rated Products do not contain ingredients that are only marketed to work, but not actually shown to through scientific trials.

TrimSpa X32 Ingredients and Dosage

There are 8 ingredients of which TrimSpa X32 is comprised of. Of these ingredients, only chromium, which comes in amount of 75 mcg, which is 62.5% the recommended daily value, is not found within the proprietary blend. When all of the remaining ingredients in the proprietary blend are added together, they have a combined mass of 622.5 mg. None of the specific amounts to any of these ingredients has been given, so we have no way of knowing which ingredients may come in incredibly potent amounts, and which ones inadequately small amounts that would have effects that result to nothing. These ingredients are citrus naringin, green tea extract, glucomannan, hoodia gordonii, vanadium, cocoa extract and glucosamine HClHoodia gordonii is well recognized as an appetite quencher, although scientific studies have shown that this ingredient is more inept than anything. Green tea is acknowledged for the caffeine that it contains, as well as antioxidants. Glucomannan is a fiber that is known to expand in the stomach when water is consumed with it. Vanadium is known to assist physical performance, and is also known to govern blood sugar and cholesterol levels. glucosamine is known as an alleviant for back and knee pains, although there aren’t enough clinical studies that have been done that would verify that this does indeed work as it should. Cocoa is known to act as a state of mind uplifter. Citrus naringin is a substance that is commonly in use to enhance other ingredients that diet pills consist of.

Users are instructed to take 4 tablets on a daily basis for 6-10 days for the most superb of results. 2 of these tablets are to be taken in the morning, 1 around after noon and 1 in the evening. Because people have different metabolic rates, the dosage may need to be increased to 2 tablets at each dosing period. It is advised to not take more than 6 tablets in a given day.


Are there potential side effects?

Glucomannan is an ingredient that is found within TrimSpa X32, but it has also been associated with possible adverse reactions. This is because the fibre is known to expand when water is applied to its use. Because of this, there have been reports that this may be a chocking hazard. There is also the possibility that this may cause intestinal blockage. Because there is caffeine contained in the green tea that is present, which is intensified by the inclusion of citrus naringin, there is the possibility that people who have a sensitive relationship to stimulants may want to exercise caution when using TrimSpa X32. Besides this however, there has not been much reported in the realm of adverse reactions that are associated with this product.

Top Rated Products may contain stimulants such as caffeine and as such, there may be adverse reactions associated with it’s use.


What may catch the eye of many a prospective buyer, is the name TrimSpa. Having a well established brand name may go a long way in garnering sales for a product. Be that as it may, that does not therefore guarantee that the concoction will therefore be as robust as it is advertised to be. There are no clinical trials that have been provided neither on the product as a whole, nor the individual ingredients. And that’s notwithstanding that the website itself is not https secure. So if you wanted to find out information on TrimSpa X32, or even purchase it, it would be wise to go through another website entirely. Having such issues, I cannot in a good state of mind recommend that people use this product. There are other diet pills on the market that are filled with natural ingredients that are proven to work. It’s with these products that your time should be spent, not on this itineration of a once popular brand.

Top Rated Products don’t rely on well recognized brand names to garner their sales; they get their profits from producing results in weight subduction.

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