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Triadalean Review – Is Triadalean Safe for You?

One of the worst signs that you could see when looking up a diet pill, is if it neglects to inform you of important information about itself. They come off much like a billboard, a lot of flash, but not a lot of information. Such is the case with Triadalean.

What is it?

The first major thing that struck me about Triadalean is that, it has a website that provides almost no real information about it. What is given, are instead assertions about what it is able to do, such as decimate the overall amount of fat mass, ignite thermogenesis, oxidize fat so that calories may be incinerated at a faster than normal rate, and to step up the overall metabolic rate. There is a study that is mentioned about how this is proven to be a dynamic study, but the name of the journal this was published in is never mentioned.

Past this information, the website is literally just a single page with the option to buy Triadalean now. There are no testimonials, no community center, now Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section or any information about the company that manufactured Triadalean. When weight management pills lack these kinds of basic information, it’s usually not a very good sign. None of these are even special features that only premium products have, but are basic parts that any diet pill’s website should have!

The top of the page has a phrase stating that this energetic diet pill is “back”, however I did not ever hear of it leaving and returning at any point in time. There isn’t much other information provided on website, as a picture of a female model’s body takes up nearly half of the room on the webpage. While the graphic of the anonymous model may entice some people’s attention span to the webpage, I am unable to shake the feeling that this is done so as to distract potential buyers from the lack of information that is being provided. There are other diet pills that I have reviewed that have used similar tactics of incorporating visuals as distractions, and the utilization of it here does not surprise me in the least.

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So could it just be the case that the makers of Triadalean aren’t good at webpage design, and are in truth accidently hiding a truly compelling product? Or is it just as shallow and unproven as the website shows this diet pill to be? Read on to find out.

Who makes it?

The manufacturer of Triadalean is a company known as Convaxil Laboratories. When trying to look up information on this company, I was unable to find an offical website, nor any information as to where it’s headquarters are located. When companies lack this basic information, I usually see this as a red flag, for why would a company not want more information of itself available, especially when revealing this information would only help them look more legitimate, and therefore increase the likelihood of them making more money? For a company that is attempting to push a product that costs over $80 when shipping is included, I would have expected more transparency. As it stands now, all I feel is uncomfortable about giving away so much money to a company that doesn’t want to reveal itself. I can also imagine that I am not the only person who has had these concerns, if not similar ones.

Does Triadalean work?

While it is true that there is a study mentioned on the website for Triadalean, as stated in the previous section, there is no mention as to where this study was published in. At the end of the brief text provided that talks about the diet pill being effective, there is an asterisk, but when I checked the bottom of the page all I saw was the usual kind of things you see at the bottom of a weight management product’s page; statements saying that this is not meant to be a cure for any disease or condition and the sort, that this is meant to be used while simultaneously exercising on a regular basis and having a healthy low calorie diet and that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not evaluated any statements made by the company. Not very telling in terms of what this product can actually do. When I searched on third party suppliers such as, I found that the majority of users gave this product a 1 out of 5 star rating, with many people disapproving of this product for it’s inability to cause any form of weight loss, or for that matter, supply people with any amount of extra energy.

EDITOR'S TIP: Check our list of approved diet pills to make a right purchase decision!

Top Rated Products all have websites dedicated to them that are incredibly informative and provide detailed, sourceable clinical trials that have been done on them.

Triadalean Ingredients and Dosage

While the official website for Triadalean does mention that it is important to never exceed four capsules in a given day because of the high amount of stimulants in this product, nowhere does it mention exactly what these stimulants are, or for that matter, any other ingredients that are included in this concoction. With a little research from third party suppliers, I was able to procure a list of the different ingredients, which are: Caffeine, guarana extract, citrus extract, beta phenylethylamine alpha, phenylethylamine 1-PEA, alpha phenylethylamine HCl and theobromine. All these ingredients come in a proprietary blend that totals out to be 945 milligrams. Additionally niacin is found separately in this byproduct of substances in an amount of 25 milligrams. With the exception of this one ingredient, every other ingredient that is found within the proprietary blend has an unlisted amount, making us, the users of the product, unable to ascertain which ingredients are actually working, which substances are in too high an amount and which ones aren’t. While there are stimulants such as guarana extract, phenylethylamine 1-PEA, caffeine and alpha phenylethylamine HCl, as stated in the previous section, there have been numerous users who have complained that they did not feel any kind of energy boost at all.


Are there potential side effects?

Despite there being users that have reported not feeling any effects from these pills, that doesn’t necessarily mean that this product is free of side effects. With all the different stimulants concocted in this brew, the likelihood of adverse reactions I would say is relatively high. The problem with this though, is that I have no real way of knowing, because again, the official website fails to deliver necessary information about this product, such as side effects. All we are told is not to take more than 4 capsules in a given day, because the stimulant content is high.

Adverse reactions that have been related to stimulant use include anxiety, nausea, palpitations (accelerated heartbeat), insomnia, headaches, hypertension (heightened levels of blood pressure) and jitters. If you are someone who has a delicate relationship with stimulants because you either don’t consume stimulants very regularly or for whatever other reason, I would not advise that you use this product, and if so, only after consulting a healthcare provider beforehand. Similarly, I would not recommend this product to women who are in stages of pregnancy or who are breastfeeding, as the stimulant content may negatively adversely react with the fetus/baby’s development.

Top Rated Products are always sure to include any adverse reactions their products may cause, and specify the groups of people that should not take their products, as use may result in health complications.


If there is anything that you have taken away from this review, it should be what to watch out for when go online shopping for weight management products. This concoction offers very little information about itself, not going into detail about how it works, who the makers are, what the ingredients are or where exactly the study they provide can be sourced to. One of the only things it makes sure it mentions, is it’s “Order Now” feature. When you see how much this costs however, you may be even less excited than you already were after looking at the scant information available. With the only real option being to order the product, it is utterly clear what the objectives of this company are; and unlike how it tries to advertise itself, it may not be centered around supporting your weight management program as much as you would like to think. There are better weight loss pills available, and all of the more superb ones off a lot more information about themselves than this one does.

Top Rated Products have a wide range of information available about them, and may be sourced from more than one website as well.

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