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Tonalin CLA Review – How Safe and Effective is it?

When a supplement features a patented ingredient it means a few things, one is that it has been tested for a specific use. In this case weight reduction. Then there usually means a lot of science goes behind the making of a ingredient much like Tonalin CLA. However, even if there are results what is fat more important is consistency and of course a safe strength. If it is simply not effective enough to control weight, then it means the ingredient needs far more work to fully believe it will work.

It is a good sign that many extracts have been patented as it means the science is on going for the division of weight loss. Also one can expect that a product underwent a quality control in order to be patented. So now that an ideal patent is explained, most importantly what is Tonalin CLA meant to do vs what it actually does?

Figuring this out is now simplified with the details here in full capacity. You need to know the essentials in order to make a decision for you.

What is it?

Tonalin CLA works as a patented ingredient with the intention of not only reducing body fat but supposedly it can help improve lean muscle mass. It is added to many different sources including supplements but also drinks and food. The original patent is showcased on a sleek website which shows athletic looking people in the middle of an exercise flexing. Even added to the mix is the promise of this ingredient not only being well tolerated; but apparently it has not shown any side effects. Of course more of that will be discussed through this review in order to see what are the real effects one can expect. Also worth discussing is the apparent 18 clinical studies which have been performed on the product. There was even a 2 year clinical study performed on this ingredient.  All that remains to be seen is whether or not the results were substantial enough to ensure one should supplement with this brand.

The patent company have added a video to showcase how to take this product and what is overall needed in order to sustain results. Basically this sunflower extract is meant to be combined alongside healthy diet and exercise in order to provide more substantial results. Also they brag of providing a stimulant free ingredient that is naturally sourced. At its current levels this extract provides much more nutrition then if one were to try and supplement with sunflowers by themselves. Either through oils or the seeds from sunflowers, it apparently does not compare to be the same as the Tonalin CLA. While the company who makes this ingredient put in a lot of research, what happens after they sell it really depends on the manufacturer. Some may add different standards or add extra ingredients.

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However this sole ingredient comes to mind as a way to provide a healthy and functional supplement. So with that out the way, it’s important to focus on what it can provide to us in the long term. Here is what is available on the usability of Tonalin CLA.

Who makes it?

The full name of the company that patented this ingredient is BASF Personal Care and Nutrition GmbH.  They are based out of Germany and they make many supplements of different varietals. Currently their patented CLA seems to be the most popular of their ingredients. The company has allowed about 16 companies and counting to represent this ingredient. Careful consideration must then be added to know whether or not one can expect the company to actually produce some good results.

Though the BASF Personal Care and Nutrition GmbH has created this product with a lot of research in mind, the responsibility for handling and safety are left to customers. The multiple offerings provided by companies all have their own company history and rules for distribution and marketing. So keep mind whether or not the people you’re dealing with have a savory history accompany their sales pitch. A good standard to watch out for is the GMP certification that ensures you are getting a top notch product.

Does Tonalin CLA work?

Just like many other supplements that are mid tier there is some positive reports from customers wile others were left without a change.  What’s particularly noteworthy is that although the product does not explicitly state it’s only for women, a lot of emphasis is placed by brands to show it specifically catered towards females.

Another interesting detail is the fact that diet and exercise are mandatory. Many reviews are left behind from people who engage in steady amounts of diet and exercise. This means a lot of calorie counting and of course having to make sure one exercises with frequency. This is not the most helpful thing to those looking to get easy results. It also really creates complications as how does one really know if the effects given off are due to hard work or if the product is doing what it intends to do.

After looking at all the 18 studies performed on this specific ingredient it became clear that a pattern began to form. This pattern made it easy to see that the results gauged are modest at best. Also it is a steady grind that requires patience and of course a lot of dietary maintenance. So therefore while some may experience small results it really lacks the powerhouse to justify its price tag and need for daily supplementation. Far better options that do a lot more are currently out there.

EDITOR'S TIP: Check our list of approved diet pills to make a right purchase decision!

Much more substantial approaches can be found when taking these proper substances which are Top Ranking.

Tonalin CLA Ingredients and Dosage

Most brands contain this ingredient solo while others may ad some extra vitamins and minerals to improve overall consumption. However since each brand has it in varying amounts it becomes important for customers to watch for the labels content and to really judge for oneself what is to be expected with a specific brand.  Much like any other supplement overdoing it may cause some problematic issues. So therefore it really depends on the brand to see how much is needed to be supplemented with.  What is often included as a side warning to to avoid this product if one has diabetes or if one is pregnant. The diabetic aspect is due to the lowering of blood sugar and the pregnant issue I often added due to the rigors of testing on babies.

Many brands have this specific ingredient featured but this is a common theme one can notice from brands containing Tonalin CLA:


Are there possible side effects?

A few of the common culprits are definite possibilities and they can be in the form of nausea, diarrhea, fatigue and having an upset stomach. In the research of this product these are the most common complaints associated with this particular additive.

Of course it also is worth mentioning that since a brand may include certain additives to make it more of a blend, one also has to watch out for any additives found within a label. A clear and present danger is eminent when not noticing the labeling of a product.

Due to the standardized levels of CLA offered in foods taking an extract like this can increase the rate found within the body. Most diets get up to 174 mg max and this ingredient is offered in much larger doses. So therefore the sudden increase of this ingredient should be gradually added in order to avoid any unsatisfying effects that one may encounter.

Looking at the Featured Products list ensures one does not have any difficult side effects.


So the information provided thus far makes it a clear outcome when taking this brand. One can expect potential results but overwhelmingly many have said the positives are minor. The effect is so minor in fact that even the reported studies have said there are modest gains to be had. So those looking for an all out assault and great increase of fat loss properties would be sorely disappointed. There just isn’t much going on that screams out “please buy me!”. All one has to see from this product is a potential benefit that may not even come according to customer accounts. The response isn’t really that positive with lukewarm results at best. At worst one sees a major disappointing report of no results to be seen.

What is known about this product is that it exists already in most peoples’ diets in sparing amounts. It does come from an all natural source in sunflower which is a good

trait that helps its case, but what is really avoided is a real powerhouse ingredient that can provide some well rounded and clear benefits. All one really see’s here is a modest change that requires a lot of maintenance and change on one’s own part. This just isn’t really bad, it’s not good. It’s mid tier at best. When dealing with the experience of a supplement it now its much easier to find products that are worth the investment of time and money. This product does not cut it.

Making a good judgment call is easy when observing the benefits found within the Elite Level supplements.

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