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Thermofit Review – Is Thermofit Safe for You?

Thermofit is a diet pill made to help suppress appetite and boost metabolism via its all natural formula.  It contains a blend of stimulant extracts such as green tea, guarana, and caffeine.

The intended benefits include suppressed appetite, increased energy, boosted metabolism, antioxidant support, and increased calorie burning. It also contains a patented thermogenic ingredient in Capsimax. Not much else information is provided on the manufacturers official website, though it’s still possible to determine its overall quality. This review will go over the quality of ingredients, whether or not weight loss is possible, and other important considerations. After much review our experts found the top ranked diet pill of 2023. Sletrokor was awarded the best weight loss diet pill due to its natural plant based extracts and balanced proprietary formula. Click the link here to learn more about Sletrokor.

What is it?

shutterstock_59850859Thermofit was created as a way to rev up ones metabolism through thermogenics. This form of weight loss is intended to help reduce calorie absorption during all parts of the day. Without adding diet or exercise one gets calories fewer calories. This sounds complicated but something as simple as the ingredient found in chili peppers, capsaicin can increase the body’s natural thermogenic rate. The idea behind this product therefore works in theory, it just depends more on the quality of the ingredients inside.  One also gets the added benefit of not being as hungry with an added energy boost.

The marketing behind this product is meant to show how this all natural blend can help one lose weight without food colorings, preservatives or synthetic ingredients. Added to the mix are antioxidants which are intended to further prevent any added stress to the body. This stress of course also leads to weight gain, which is what this brand intends to avoid. Many thermogenics work on the premise that diet and exercise are not needed, however lifestyle changes do help add support weight loss. The top rated diet pills of 2023 can be found in the link provided here.

EDITOR'S TIP: Combine this supplement with a proven fat burner such as Sletrokor for better results.

However there is still a lot more to consider before taking a product of this kind. One must also know about the quality and what other customers are saying. So let’s focus our attention on what Thermofit truly offers. A top 10 list of the best diet pills is offered via the link provided here.

Who makes it?

The multilevel marketing company named It Works! Marketing® Inc which is founded in Florida makes this brand. This company’s business relies on average sellers that they call “Wrapreneurs” to sell and market their brands for a commission. Sales happen through social media, door to door, or whatever tactic the person wants to use to sell these products.

The company has supplements of all kinds, gels and cream for skin care, and most famously a cloth called a “wrap” which is worn in order to help keep one slim and fit.

This manufacturer is quite popular on sites that monitor scam like activities. Ripoff actually has a whole host of customer complaints from people complaining of auto billing practices. This business approach essentially lures people into a promotion and automatically charges one’s credit card each month. Many report not knowing this was the case, they in turn tried calling the company to cancel. One of their campaigns is a 3 month auto billing practice which according to their contracts must be enacted in full. A list of the best 10 diet pills are offered from reputable businesses.

The reviews on this business come from many disgruntled customers who did now know they were going to be credited each month. As of this writing this practice continues, therefore any exchange of credit card information with this company should be heavily guarded as to avoid any problems. Unfortunately these sneaky practices continue due to small print contracts which bind one to an obligatory exchange of money.

Any positive reports on this company must also be carefully examined as their distributors are random people who would benefit financially from making the company look good. Some reviews on for example come from unverified purchasers, which mean the people reviewing it may not have purchased the item. The highest rated diet pills have been compiled in a top 10 list.

Does Thermofit work?

shutterstock_100295567This is where it gets very complicated. As previously mentioned this company has distributors who sell and market this product. Positive reviews are often reported on certain sites that do not have verified purchases of this product. The official website does not have any customer testimonials or any way to review this product. The only details offered are on what this product is intended to do; no evidence of any kind is offered to show it actually works.

Some on (39 as of this writing) have said this product did nothing to help aid in weight loss. The other positive reviews are possibly not real. People have left short snippet reviews with a lot of exclamation points and giant claims (one customer reported 7 pounds lost in 2 weeks, this cannot be taken seriously without proof) without evidence. The people who sell this product will try and market the product as being extremely great. Therefore it’s hard to know which of these customers are real.

What also adds to this product’s mystery is the fact that the bad reviews are extremely negative. Several have said this product was “worthless”, “not worth a cent”, and that it plainly didn’t work. The top 10 ranked diet pills are made available in the link provided here.

EDITOR'S TIP: Check our list of approved diet pills to make a right purchase decision!

Thermofit Ingredients and Dosage

One tablet is needed up to 3 times a day but only during meals. There’s a blend of green tea which is most likely caffeinated, and guarana seed which is caffeinated. Due to the nature of a blend, customers will not be able to know how much of it you are actually consuming. High doses can have some detrimental effects on the body if not taken with caution. Right now you really do not know what’s added, so moderation should be applied with this supplement.

Capsicum and raspberry ketones are also included, both of these ingredients are thermogenics intended to further raise the body’s metabolism.  Diuretics can also be found in the form of dandelion root. This of course furthers urine production which typically means extra hydration will be needed.  There’s nothing out of the ordinary here but what needs to be figured out is why the product fails to add the caffeine content in this brand. Even if it is small, it needs to be known so customers can track their own needs. Stimulant free weight loss options are available in the top 10 ranked list of weight loss pills.

The official label for Thermofit can be seen in its entirety right here:


Are there possible side effects?

According to some customers yes, there is a potential adverse effect when supplementing with this brand. Some have reported headaches which may be caused due to the dehydrating potential from dandelion root or the undisclosed amounts of caffeine inside. Until one knows exactly the caffeine content inside it is hard to accurately judge what one can expect. Everyone has a different caffeine threshold but of course, anybody can have a negative experience with too much caffeine. An informed customer would do well to observe all the customer reports of potential side effects associated with Thermofit. This comprehensive list offers the best diet pills ranked and rated.


The marketing spends a significant amount of time focused on turning potential customers into distributors. The way this business works is by taking people and having them market and sell their products. This is the root cause of all the troubles. There a flood of fake reviews on this product that claim it really works. The truth is many have reported that Thermofit not only does not work, but that it can cause potentially devastating headaches and dehydration.

Another potential issue yet resolved is the high price tag of this product. At a full dose a nonaffiliated customer can expect a $65.00 bottle without shipping and handling to last only 20 days. Even more concerning is the low level of milligrams for their key ingredients. Only 33 mg of both raspberry ketones and their capsicum extract. More needs to be added to justify their high price tag.

This brand has so many negative reports for their hidden auto billing program. Customers have reported being locked into a 3 month contract that must be paid out in full. Unsatisfactory practices like these are one of the many reasons this product fails to impress. In reviewing the best diet pills, the number highest rated option was Sletrokor. It’s a natural stimulant free plant based extract with well-rounded weight loss benefits. Learn about what Sletrokor can offer by clicking on the link provided.

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