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Thermo Bubbles Review – Is Thermo Bubbles Safe for You?

Fitness gurus tend to come and go, often with the promise of giving fast results for weight loss in the most efficient way. In their rise of popularity they often sell brands or books in order to make a profit off their teachings. Sometimes the advice can be supplemental and other times it could be completely wrong. However their energy and presence is felt and many people buy into what they have to say. Even more powerful is their media presence, often they are on TV with the promise of giving proper results in a fast way.

So when you get a campaign centered around a person’s teachings it raises a lot of important questions. Getting past the social presence should be key in order to really produce results in the body. So Thermo Bubbles is proudly labeled with a gurus name which is intended to give off weight loss. Most importantly however are the surrounding details around the ingredient list and rate of effectiveness.

All of which are going to be tackled in this comprehensive outline. It will allow you to make the decision for yourself.

What is it?

Served inside tiny packets, this powdered effervescent mixture is intended to provide a pink lemonade flavor to be mixed with a glass of water. The intention is to give off energy while reducing appetite, improving metabolism while giving off thermogenic effects. Even added as a benefit is the supposed growth of lean muscle mass.  It is intended to help people who are in the middle of a so called “wellness campaign”. So essentially it works for people who are in need of an extra push during an exercise regimen. It is apparently made for those who have had trouble in keeping the weight off, despite the effort placed into working out hard.  Since it is low calorie and free of sugars and carbs, it is also intended to provide a low calorie drink without an amount of unnecessary additives. Instead it is meant to be a fairly light on the stomach solution to reducing weight.

They do offer 2 written testimonials. One from a women exclaiming how she could not take her mind off food. That was until they supplemented with this mix. Also a random statement which is said to come from Vogue magazine is added. Apparently someone from Vogue added that this brand does all the work needed for weight loss while you enjoy the benefits. Still it is unclear if they really made those statements. No before or after photos are given and the name of the woman cited only has her first name and last initial. No other details exist on whether or not they included a lot of exercise and diet to provide weight loss.

EDITOR'S TIP: Combine this supplement with a proven fat burner such as Sletrokor for better results.

Clearly there is a unique campaign implemented here that suggests it will work. However campaigns tend to be good, so this is not enough to satisfy curiosity.

Who makes it?

David Kirsch Wellness Co creates workout DVDS, exercise equipment, protein bars, detox kits and other supplements for weight loss.

There are claims that celebrities and models use these brands for their own maintenance to provide proof the lineup works.  However they do not name any specific people who have benefited from these brands. It appears he gave advice to Heidi Klum and Kate Upton but no specifics are given as to what he provided.  Also it is suggested David Kirsch provided fitness advice instead of suggesting his own lineup of supplements. So it is unclear if he did more than just provide some fitness tips and physical exercise examination.

The creator David Kirsch is a “holistic wellness coach” though no sort of degree or certification is offered as to how he knows about weight loss. He does appear on many TV programs and is often asked about health and wellness advice.  He also has a 5 minutes a day for 5 days workout routine which is intended to reduce weight.

Does Thermo Bubbles work?

As far as energy goes some customers have mentioned there is a bit of that. Often stated by people is that they were not sure if anything beneficial came from this product. People add that they included a lot of exercise which helped shed weight off. However it seems that people focus more on the energy aspect which gave them more of a push to work out.

Some have added they felt no change at all. So far the majority of the reviews have been incredibly lukewarm. It presents a fairly middle of the road supplement according to most of the customer accounts. Not bad but not great either.

EDITOR'S TIP: Check our list of approved diet pills to make a right purchase decision!

Making sure you get the well rounded benefits for fat loss is just one of the offerings settled here.

Thermo Bubbles Ingredients and Dosage

Inside this product are 2 blends. The thermogenic blend has cinnamon bark which is good for digestion and has small thermogenic effects. Kelp has been shown to give off iodine which is good for thyroid function, however it is only helpful if one has a deficiency. Cayenne pepper has minor thermogenic effects and Korean ginseng is good for mood and memory, but no fat burning properties have been noted. Finally there is white willow bark which has some aspirin like qualities in relieving pain

White and green tea as well as guarana do have stimulant properties in their caffeine addition.

Meanwhile inositol is good for controlling blood sugar and chromium has the same effect. Phosphatidylcholine which can be found in egg yolk is intended to burn fats but it has not been shown to do so. Ornithine is also intended to promote well being, but not much has been shown in that regard. Finally the last ingredient Phenylethylamine is placed to improve mood, but it is broken down in the body and rendered useless.

The intended intake is inside a full glass of water 30 minutes before breakfast and lunch.

Straight from the manufacturers, here is a representation of the ingredients found:


Are there possible side effects?

Some ingredients pose their own unique set of issues. Take Bladderwrack Kelp as an example, it provides iodine which can be good or bad.  Supplying too much iodine makes the thyroid hyper function and could lead to hormone imbalances if not supplemented with a degree of care.

Taking the stimulant effects found in the caffeine sourced from the guarana and green tea can also produce some unwanted effects. This can include a series of potential issues like irritability, mood swings, headaches, insomnia, elevated heart rate and anxiety to name a few.  Also there is around 41,667% vitamin b12, this can lead to allergic reactions such as itching and anemia.

Taking risks with side effects is not the proper way to lose weight, instead look at the various other options.


There is an interesting mix of ingredients placed here inside Thermo Bubbles. While most of them have shown little in the way of fat loss, there are some potential positives on mood and energy. Still, the reason this product exists is to prevent hunger, give energy, and most importantly to provide a loss in weight. Even those who reported positive uplifting effects mentioned they were not sure if any change came about in the form of weight reduction.  Some do claim it gave them more energy to produce results in the gym, however this is not enough. It essentially means one is doing all the work. To justify the price tag there should be even more than just a small change in mood.

Looking at the reviews, set of ingredients, and overall aesthetic leaves a lot more to be desired. It also would have been nice to know the exact levels of caffeine which are not mentioned here at all.

To summarize the product is created by a modern health guru without any form of certification, the ingredient listing has mostly non weight loss producing ingredients, and there is not enough change seen in the customers who have tried this brand. There is a bit too much lacking to ever consider it a good choice for real weight loss.

Quality products exist to make a difference in your life, with the weight loss properties you require.

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