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Testofen Review – The Truth About This Product.

Handcrafted supplements just for men are here to make a difference within the rate of natural testosterone. Testosterone is beneficial for men as it gives them an extra drive and promotes overall well being when taken in correctly. Currently there is even medical exemptions for testosterone replacement in order to give the edge back in a mans experience. The belief is with a close watch it can produce safe results and that it will not make one feel an overwhelmed hormone shift.

The belief with over the counter supplements is to not only provide an increase in weigh loss, but to do it in a proper and safe fashion. However there must be a known application to ensure one is receiving optimum levels. Instead of believing because it does not require a prescription that is good to consume, you need the valuable research handy.

Here is where this outline comes into play, displaying the full scope of Testofen to give you the resources for an informed and safe chosen brand.

What is it?

Testofen is a patented extract that contains 50% fenugreek which is intended to provide an increase in muscle mass, testosterone in men and increased sexual vigor. This ingredient is has been included into several different brands, some of which add their own variant which added ingredients. However the main application of this ingredient is said to be good enough to work itself into one’s diet. So far what seems to be the allure of this product is because it can specifically help men in an all natural way that does not require nasty synthetic additives.

Fenugreek is basically a plant whose seeds are often added into Indian cuisine.  All parts of this plant are used either for seasoning as an herb and spice which has a slightly sweet smell and taste. However in its supplement form it does not have a flavor profile as it is added into vegetable capsules frequently.  The reason why the manufacturers consider this product to be superior over just natural fenugreek in its pure form, is because this particular extract has some key components extracted which provide an extra powerhouse surge. Or so the makers would like one to believe. Further investigation is required to see if the product can benefit one more than its cheaper counterpart in its cheaper form.

The company who originally created this product and who sells their patent to other brands has had animal and human studies performed for this extract. This is a great way to ensure of all the potential benefits and negatives associated within. So far though what one has in store is an age old ingredient whose extract is now used due to the over 100 phytochemical properties. Apparently the manufacturers had this ingredient in mind to provide several positive health benefits that I’ll uncover briefly. The most important thing to observe is that although the product is all natural, this does not exclude it from being examined further for any potential issues.

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So with all that uncovered it becomes essential to truly figure out the possibilities one can expect from this brand. With the research completed this is what has been observed in its entirety.

Who makes it?

6 different patented ingredients have been created by the original patent holders Gencor. Gencor also allows companies to sell their extract into each of their own brands. Due to this it becomes important to discover for oneself individual business practices that are offered by each company. One can look at the very important GMP certification which ensures a product is created with a certain standard in mind. Also it’s worth figuring out if the company adds anything else to their formula. Gencor itself just sells their patented ingredient and they cannot ensure a quality control process after they sell their product to others. So keep that in mind as one cannot expect an across the board assurance of overall quality sustained.

Does Testofen work?

The company who manufacturers this ingredient offers results from a 60 person study which showed a possible link to the following. A gradual increase in testosterone and immune system function were elevated. As far as weight loss it should a possible stability to weight that was deemed to be not significant enough. So in terms of weight loss all that has been tested is that it can help one maintain but not effectively lose weight. Clearly a lot more is needed to showcase the products strength. One cannot forget that this was just one short lived study and much more is needed in order for customers to make an informed decision on this products effectiveness.

One brand who adds this ingredient to their product has several reviews from customers, unfortunately most are negative.  28 negative reviews on have echoed the exact same fears. These customers had no change at all and were left feeling cheated out of their hard earned cash.  A few positive reviews have noted the product left them with a subtle change. Not really much to brag about thus far. One needs to have a lot more to back up purchase then a small change. Since most felt the product was not worth the investment of money it remains to be seen if this product is actually useful or just a casual dud.

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Testofen Ingredients and Dosage

Each company has set their own standard and the creators that patented this ingredient do not offer their own. So it becomes important for customers to do their own research and follow the manufacturer’s suggestions for proper dosing. Typically there won’t be a warning on the brand to watch out for dosing but just like anything in this world, one has to track their own progress and watch out for any altercations.

Here is one more isolated brand that does not feature any other main ingredient additives beyond just Testofen:


Are there possible side effects?

When taken as a supplement, due to the nature of taking a large amount of an extract there are some possible side effects that customers have noted. There is the possibility of experiencing nausea, bloating, upset stomach, diarrhea, coughing, facial swelling and other type of allergic reactions when supplementing. Also there is the ability to possible lower blood sugar levels to dangerous levels.

All this must be considered and watched out for. Simply put because the product comes from an all natural source does not mean there is no potential complications that can surface.

Another warning has to go out to the individual brands that exist out there. Some brands feature other ingredients which can have their own potential side effects included. Therefore diligent research must be applied to make sure the juice is worth the squeeze.

What is often required as well is for the person taking this to not be pregnant or diabetes. Complications can potentially arise for these two types of people, one must really watch out and heed the warnings provided by medical review sites.

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Fenugreek has a lot of interesting qualities that have been shown to potentially cause some good changes in the body. This is the nature of many plants, one can find a host of potential positives. The real question however is whether or not this product is actually effective and useful enough to be taken as serious. As of now there really isn’t enough compelling information to show why one would consider this product as being particularly useful or effective. All that is know is that one can expect some modest changes at best. This has been documented with several disgruntled customers who expected noticeable changes but instead were left with lukewarm responses.

Also since the product is featured in many brands each one has their own additional caveats that must be addressed. Clearly the manufacturers that used the patented Testofen intend it to be used with regularity. However one has to still find out whether or not the manufacturing process keeps it at a steady and wholesome rate. Without knowing whether or not there is a lot to be offered here it’s hard to take it seriously.

Overall the product is just too modest to really show itself as being a useful product. Even the studies which are hard to take seriously due to bias showed only gradual changes to testosterone and immune system function. All of these qualities can be found much cheaper if one were to purchase the fenugreek extract solo. In terms of weight loss the manufacturers add that the stabilizing in weight is modest and not really something that is noticeable enough to brag about. This is why the product has been delegated to be seen as a testosterone and sex drive boost. Not enough of a strong case is presented to reassure customers into believe this product will provide some important and well rounded results. Much more is needed in order to demand purchase.

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