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Teami Review – Is Teami Safe?

Teami is a weight loss tea made with all natural ingredients and stimulants for energy and metabolism boosting effects. Tea is often consumed strictly as an approach to take in a healthy low to no calorie beverage for a cheap price. Often it ranges from caffeine, herbal and mixtures of both. Some offer loose leaf without a bag while others are bagged. There is a potential for laxative and even thermogenic effects depending on the brands intention. Since there’s been some historical use on tea, there is good research on what is to be expected. With blends there is a bit more to know however, such as the additives that are added to Teami.

Not all tea is healthy and good for weight loss. This review will provide all the information needed to make an informed decision on Teami. Our experts rated many diet pills and found Sletrokor to be the most effective for weight loss. It has only natural ingredients with no stimulants or unnecessary filler. Click the link here to learn more about Sletrokor. 

What is it?

6 offerings of Teami tea are found here each with their own unique intention, but they’re all meant to promote weight loss. There is also a 30 day pack called “detox”, which contains their skinny formula alongside their colon cleansing blend.  This 30 day package is the popular of the brands.

This tea is loose leaf meaning one needs an infuser which allows hot water to pass through the tea to create a full cup. This is often done as a way to provide a fresher cup of tea. One also has to buy the infuser separately and the company has their own version for sale. So already for those that are not fans of tea this may exclude many as the entire focus is on drinking tea.

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There is a major focus on marketing towards women in their 20’s. The entire site has Instagram photos of women promoting this brand. The company also makes sure to add healthy eating and dieting to their list of essential needs. There’s a full section on the website that lays out a diet plan. The actual desire by the company is to have people submit their email for a free diet plan book.

Why-you-should-drink-green-tea-weight-loss-better-healthIt is “highly recommended” to include proper diet and exercise. There are claims Teami would greatly increase the odds of experiencing a change in weight. They also add how it can help the body detox and ensure one can properly get rid of the buildup of toxins. Though this seems very scientific, our kidneys and livers already do a great job of getting rid of contaminants. So this appears to be more of a gimmick than actually backed science as the results of this are not given. With many claims that these brands can produce weight loss it leaves the marketing to be done by Instagram famous people. Of course this may be considered a form of a testimonial, often this practice is completed by offering someone with a lot of online followers a bit of cash to promote a product. The comprehensive top 10 list has the highest ranked diet pill supplements of 2023.

EDITOR'S TIP: Combine this supplement with a proven fat burner such as Sletrokor for better results.

However with all that out in the open it becomes important to really see what is expected and what potential problems it may have. Those looking for a suitable tea for weight loss can learn all about Teami in this review.

Who makes it?

Founded in the state of Florida, Teami Blends is a company noticeably lacking on much company facts. They add their Miami headquarters can be reached via phone, but do not mention anything else as far as their business practices. They are also not BBB accredited; this system allows customers to leave any complaints or suggestions as to a company’s policies.

Does Teami work?

Depending on the specific brand some may see some changes. These changes are at the expense of a negative. For example, their weight loss formula is essentially a mixture of caffeine laden teas. Detox formula also shares a similar issue in that it has laxative properties.

The main point of this product is that it contains tea blends that are naturally sourced. There’s no difference between this brand and other forms of teas. One can get the same benefits found in loose leaf tea by purchasing it at a less costly price. This product can produce some results, but there’s no real reason to spend money on this instead of other tea blends found in most markets. You’re paying much more for the exact same idea. Our experts created a complete list of the 10 best diet pill supplements in the link provided here.

EDITOR'S TIP: Check our list of approved diet pills to make a right purchase decision!

Teami Ingredients and Dosage

Their most marketed 30 day detox blend is intended to be drunk twice a day on an empty stomach. Other blends have the same basic gist but oddly enough some of them do not add a warning as to how much can be drank in a day. As with any caffeinated beverage it becomes important to hydrate with water and to watch out for symptoms.

As mentioned before, the ingredients in all the blends are fairly basic and aren’t anything that isn’t much cheaper. The markup price on these brands is incredibly high. A month’s supply of this will run $49.99 for the detox pack. One could purchase the exact same ingredients for less than half the price or more.

One can expect mostly a laxative effect which requires maintenance of proper dosing for one of their blends. While this effect comes from an all-natural source it still requires a watchful eye.

So in looking at the ingredients there isn’t anything unique added to the table which can justify the high price tag. Solutions for weight loss are available via the top 10 best diet pills list.

Here is a sampling of the ingredients found in Teami and their skinny tea blend:


Are there possible side effects?

Yes there are a few potential threats here from the sources of tea in oolong, yerba mate, green tea, and their senna leaf. Oolong has theobromine and of course caffeine that has shown to increase the rate of headaches, insomnia, diarrhea, ear ringing, confusion, irritability, and mood swings. All these traits can also occur in green tea and yerba mate due to caffeine.

Their laxative effects that come from senna leaf can also cause a tremendous amount of issues. This can be seen in the form of potential dehydration, headaches, nausea, cramps, and embarrassing bathroom issues. Of course laxative effects are considered a short term solution to weight loss, but the ability to potentially increase digestive issues has been well documented. Stimulant free options for weight loss are available via the top 10 list of diet pill supplements.


tea-weight-lossSeeking to change the game in a big way this product introduces a mix of blends for many different purposes. Weight loss, detox, and overall health are all featured here. It also makes it seem like a good choice seeing as how it has all natural ingredients. Results tend to be a bit modest, but at the very least it could have some effects. There isn’t anything new here that hasn’t already been in the markets, it just has gotten more attention here because the company decided to put forth a strong marketing campaign. Of course marketing is just a form of exposure and not really a satisfying reason to try a product like this. The list featured in this link has the top 10 best diet pills of 2023.

One of the things you notice is that there is a lot of caffeine in certain blends. While an option for short term weight loss, it is either too strong where it can lead to potential side effects, or it is too weak and not worth the money. Speaking more about money these blends are far more expensive than if one worth to get the tea from another source. Whether in a bag or loose leaf, one can get the exact same ingredients for less money. There isn’t enough justification to show why this brand is better than anything else. The basic idea here is that one is paying for the brand’s marketing instead of a superior product.

Another complication here is that there are laxative properties in some of their blends. This is an unnecessary thing that intends to help one reduce weight. It is not only potentially problematic but there are far better and less intrusive ways to lose weight. It doesn’t give enough strength to back up the demand for use. The real promotion behind this product is left to internet famous people who claim to try this brand. Similar blends with the exact same effects do not have this marketing, and that’s the only reason why other blends aren’t as popular.

In conclusion, one would pay extra cash for a product that is already widely available through other markets. Also the intended effect of each isn’t really that groundbreaking as it can be achieved without the marketing provided by this company. In reviewing the top ranked diet supplements, the number one most effective diet pill was Sletrokor. It offers carefully selected plant based extracts that have many weight loss benefits. Learn more information about what Sletrokor can do via the link found here.

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  1. she says:

    HORRIBLE HORRIBLE customer service. I have sent back 2 shipments ,One unopened like the guarantee said too that was in September and one in October with a USPS tracking number ,Hours of paperwork on Pay Pal and still no refund.
    Would not recommend this company to my worst enemy. They do not stand by the money back guarantee

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