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Tava Tea Review – Does it Really Work?

For thousands of years, the health benefits of tea have been widely known across Asia. Nobles and peasants alike would congregate together to enjoy a cup of hot tea, not necessarily for the health benefits, but for the comfort of being with others. As time moved ahead, people became more knowledgeable and it was found that there were health benefits to drinking teas such as green tea, white tea, oolong tea and black tea. Each are filled with antioxidants, each having a stimulant effect from the caffeine that is found within all; and each coming from the same plant, just fermented for different durations of time.

With the contemporary world’s health craze, people are all about trying to find the right substances that are best for their overall health, and if they could, lose a few pounds in the process. This is why the aforementioned teas are now so popular. But even so, these aren’t the only teas that may benefit the lives of the people that drink it. Now there is also Tava Tea, which is alleged to have people burning more fat than if they had drank green tea.

So is this tea really that much better than the kinds that we have been familiar with for so long? The following article will break it down.

What is it?

Tava Tea is more than just one tea, but is in fact, three teas blended into one. These teas are Wuyi cliff oolong tea, steamed sencha and puerh teas. The kind of teas the company uses they gasconade are only of the most exceptional quality available, the kind that is not for sale at a typical grocery store. With these teas, the body is asserted to receive  a supercharge of nutrients that aid in overall health.

There are four areas that Tava Tea alleges that it will assist its users: It will slow the process of aging, have users burning 2 ½ times more fat than green tea, produce a calming effect on the state of mind and it sinks the spike in insulin that is produced after ingesting carbohydrates. From here the website goes on to source studies that were performed on the benefits of people drinking the specific kinds of teas, as well as more product descriptions of how this is the best tea out there to be consuming. Accompanying all this are various pictures of smiling people, quotes from experts, all with a website with a black background with green and orange colors being used in the forefront, which produces a calming effect.

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If there’s one thing the manufacturers got down, it’s how to produce a confident, calming effect on their webpage!

Who makes it?

The most that I could find on the manufacture of Tava Tea, was that in it is mentioned that this is a product of The address of the company provided is in Miami, Florida. Past this, the company does not reveal much more about itself. I have seen this before with many companies that have turned out to be nothing more than scams; however with company I do not feel this is the case, as I have not come across reviews saying this was so, or that there is some auto-shipment feature that was hidden from plain view at any point in time. Furthermore, unlike other companies that understand the importance of a social media presence, this company completely lacks one on any and all available platforms.

Does Tava Tea work?

What Tava Tea does differently from it’s competitors, is that it mentions clinical studies that the ingredients of which it is composed were performed. This runs contra to many other weight management products that simply state that they have been scientifically proven, while at the same time having no sources. Although I do have to say that mentioning the study and providing a study are two separate things entirely. Also I think it is important to make mention that, the following would not be possible without regular exercise and a diet that is already known to be healthy and has a deficit on calories. I think it is important to remember this last part, because there may be too many people that may see that Tava Tea can decimate calories at an accelerated rate, as claimed, more so than green tea. When people see these kinds of things, they usually get lulled into a sense of security that is not real. Especially when the answer to their problems seems as simple as drinking a few cups of tea a day. While there are definite health benefits to drinking Tava Tea, that doesn’t necessarily mean that people will be shedding pounds. On top of this, some of the teas within this brew, generally do the same thing; it’s not like each ingredient has something truly unique to bring to the table. Each bag of Tava Tea that contains the packets costs $29.97, which while not horribly expensive in the weight management world, is incredibly expensive when compared to just regular green tea, or any other herbal tea that may be purchased in stores.

When I tried to find independent reviews of this product it seemed rather scarce. But from what I found, not everyone was as enthusiastic about this blend as the people featured on the customer testimonials on the website were.

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Tava Tea Ingredients and Dosage

There is a trifecta that is known to make up Tava Tea. These 3 ingredients are, as previously mentioned, puerh, Wuyi cliff oolong and sencha teas. Each of these teas act rather similar; all generally help the digestive system and all support healthy blood flow. Wufi cliff oolong tea and puerh govern cholesterol levels so that they stay healthy, while sencha is known for it’s antioxidants, and aids in keeping blood sugar levels regulated, as well as crusades against heart related illnesses. Being that all are so similar, I can’t say that there is a superior level of diversity with this product. All users are recommended to do, is drink 2-4 cups of Tava Tea a day and the effects that were promised are alleged to surface.


Are there potential side effects?

The official website to Tava Tea gasconades that there are no adverse reactions that may be experienced when consuming this brew. This is true, because it is free of many of the chemicals that are present in other diet pills that would cause these adverse reactions. However, there is still caffeine present in this concoction, a stimulant which is known to cause side effects to users, especially those who have a frail relationship with stimulants. Some adverse effects that are associated with caffeine use may include sleeping problems (insomnia), nausea, jitters, palpitations (rapid heartbeat), irritability, nervousness, high blood pressure (hypertension), abdominal discomfort anxiety and headaches. While it is true that these are all natural ingredients that are generally regarded to be safe, if you are someone that has a pre-existing health condition or if you are on another form of medication, it is advised to consult your doctor before drinking this brew. This may be known to be safe, but everyone is unique, and there is always the possibility that complications may arise. It’s always optimal to err on the safer side of matters.

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With so many diet pills on the market that are known to cause adverse reactions and actually harm health rather than support it, it would seem as if teas are an unquestionable alternative that must be healthy, at least to the layperson that is. While it is true that there are benefits from drinking this tea, it’s not like the different ingredients really act that different than each other, you might as well just be sticking to one of these rather than taking all three! And with the price being as high as it is as compared to the competition that is out there, it seems even less practical to buy this product over what else is already available.

This is not to mention, that any results in weight loss will not be seen without incorporating routine exercise and a low-calorie diet that is deficient of sugars and fats. The problem with this product, is that it doesn’t highlight these two factors, and instead, tries to act as if, using this product alone will get people to lose weight. While it is true that these teas may be healthy, if other aspects of a person’s lifestyle are not addressed in a proper manner, weight loss will not happen. Although there are health benefits from this, and it does come from a natural source, there are cheaper alternatives that may be just as beneficial as this one asserts itself to be.

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