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TakeOFF Review – Is TakeOFF Safe?

It is in such a common repeat marketing claim, the idea that a supplement will not only burn fat, but cause a series of other benefits in the body. Energy indeed is the focal point that is presented in TakeOFF,  it in fact tells you clearly within the creation of the name, they are here to create a spalsh within a surge of wholesome energy needed by the body. Of course quality and where it is sourced from is a much more valuable indicator than just simply energy. Stimulants already do this and of course the wide ranging effects have been documented clearly.

So the questions requirs a full fledged answer, what is inside and how is TakeOFF meant to work. A one size works for everyone energy supplement is quite rare as the implications can be multi faced.

So the information found gathered for study in this review make it a simple to fully understand any and all expectations. All the information available from accounts and history are right here.

What is it?

To those looking to burn off fat, increase overall energy reserves and ramp up the rate of concentration and focus, TakeOFF was created for you in mind. This is the pitch so far for this product that was once promoted by a wrestler in the WWE organization. Unlike wrestling however this product is meant to be taken as a legitimate item. The marketing for this product throws around words like “scientifically balanced formula” and “supercharged thermogenic” as well as “revolutionary”. All bold statements but when you break it down you realize you’re dealing with a product with a lot of ingredients that are meant to be stimulants. A fairly simpler explanation for certain.

Overall though the product aims to provide a huge amount of energy and it is specifically targeted for taking before a strenuous exercise. It is available for taking in the morning and afternoon for a quick surge in energy.  What’s presented in this product makes it obvious that it is meant for those in need of quick forming energy. So keep in mind to those that are unfamiliar with stimulants, it should be taken in moderation and caution should be exercised.

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This product is only meant for people who are 18 and older and of course it cannot be stressed enough, it is laden with stimulants. For those who don’t mind I’ve taken the information provided by the brand and broken it down to its main key points.

Who makes it?

MHP, LLC or maximum human performance for long, is a company created by a former bodybuilder. The focus is of course centered around athletic types in need of an extra push.  Apparently each of their formulas have been optimized with an appeal towards science backed research.  There are even claims that these supplements are used by the world’s most elite level athletes.  Though there are a few athletes that sponsor these supplements there aren’t any well known people to make the list.

There wasn’t much information on the company’s customer service satisfaction and no money back guarantee is given.

Does TakeOFF work?

There’s a random 2 sentence blurb by an unknown random customer which states this product works. Other than that no other testimonials or scientific reviews are given here. This is odd considering the company brags of having their formulas scientifically derived and worked with the rules of science to ensure quality. None of these studies are offered which is strange because no doubt a company who can prove their products work would publish these accounts to ward off doubt.

Even looking at the so called “Science Section” all one gets to read are a lot of claims of what the product is meant to do but no details as to how exactly it works. It’s unacceptable to hear a brand call their product backed by science yet lacking any real information as to what the science has to say. Without having this backing information it’s incredibly difficult to ever take the words published on the site as a serious thing. This is a serious charge that needs to be figured out by this company. Saying all the things this product is meant to do without affirmation as to how is a hard thing to accept. An informed customer has to know what they are getting themselves into instead of blinding accepting a stimulant laden product without information as to what went into the process of researching its use.

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TakeOFF Ingredients and Dosage

Much like other harsh supplements that exist this product is meant to be cycled and taken once or twice a day with 2 tablets each session. Now what is meant by cycling is essentially one can only take it for a small period before having to stop taking it for a full month before ever commencing. This term entitled cycling comes from the steroid world, where harsh ingredients are only meant to be taken for a short time to ensure no long term and even short term negatives are felt.

While it is good the company makes sure customers know this product is only meant to be absorbed for a short period, it cries of a hard to process product. With only a short window to take this product it also makes it only a short term solution if it can even be described as such.  As with any products of this nature it becomes imperative to watch out for any symptoms and to talk to a medical professional to ensure it won’t effect overall health.

A clear and easy to read label for TakeOFF can be seen in its whole form here:



Are there possible side effects?

One can certainly expect quite a few potential side effects, that is unfortunately the nature of taking a high amount of stimulants. One thing to consider is the addition of guarana which has caffeine and bitter orange which contains a good amount of stimulant effects. There is a warning that can be read on health websites which states that the use of bitter orange may over stimulate the heart and lead to an excessive heart rate. This is also usually followed by an appeal to make sure to consult a medical professional before taking the product.

Adding to the potential possibility for failure is the food coloring which has shown an increase in potentially adding to hyperactivity. So a clear picture is forming here in the possible excess heart rate and the hyperactivity. Both of these issues also can possibly lead to anxiety, paranoia, mood swings, and an overall uncomfortable sensation.

There’s even a blend intended to work within the adrenal glands. Once again this part of the body effects the production rate of adrenaline. All of this will surely motivate one to move but there is concern for the overall uncomfortable sensation that can be an extreme possibility when taken together. This cocktail of ingredients is not the most optimum source of nutrition as it can potentially overwhelm even those without a sensitivity to stimulants.

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Across all the supplements I’ve seen very few have had the overall mixture of stimulants that one can find here. Of course stimulants can provide a bit of weight loss at least in the short term. Studies performed on products like these show an eventual dip in production while still keeping a potential risk for side effects. That’s most likely why the product is meant to be taken sparingly and for a short amount of time.

For many others this is not a suitable option for weight loss. It’s much too limited and even the potential short term results will be squandered as the short window to take this product is only meant to be a very short lived experience. Much less invasive and overall safer products are available. There’s really no need to introduce so many ingredients into your body which can potentially harm you. The product really needs to be revamped in order to secure people can take it without fear of consequence. To the crowd that likes stimulants there is also the issue of this products claims. Apparently there is science to back up the use of this product but for unknown reasons it has not been produced here. In fact no information is given at all to show if this product has been tested and if so what were the results? Clearly a company who bases their marketing on saying they used science should actually back up their claims with some clear science so customers can supplement without fear of repercussions. Instead you’re left without much to look forward to and instead a flood of doubt.

TakeOFF works a weird line of being too extreme for many yet not strong enough for actual measurable and satisfying results. Overall a better supplement is needed to ensure one does not experience potential side effects with a long term use.

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