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Svetol Review – Does it Really Work?

There are plenty of diet pills out there that may promise their potential users a subtraction in weight from their bodies. So many of the companies that make such products say so, but few actually have clinical data that would back up any of these allegations. There are many other there that also fail to address the essential aspects of weight loss. Svetol however stands out from the crowd, as it gasconades that it has 9 different studies which verify that it truly is as efficient in supporting weight management as it is advertised to. These studies were not only done in the United States, but by the Korean and Canadian governments as well. Additionally, Svetol comes from a well known company, which runs contra to the array of other diet pills that come from relatively lesser known companies, or ones that fail to mention anything about themselves at all.

So what’s the real deal with this supplement? Is it really as good as it declares itself to be? Find out in the following review.

What is it?

Svetol is a diet pill that alleges that it may get people to manage their weight in a more efficient manner through the use of it’s primary ingredient, green coffee bean extract. The makers of this product assert that this is not a low quality form of the substance either, but instead it is a registered form that is know to be of a much higher potency. This kind of coffee bean is known as coffea canephora robusta, which is native and harvested in Africa.

What makes the green coffee bean stand out from regular coffee, is that the substance isn’t roasted as it usually is when people consume it. While roasting does give the substance more of an enjoyable flavor, it also eviscerates the bioactive qualities that are present in the substance. With these bioactives still intact, Svetol alleges that not only may users see a drop in the amount of pounds they carry on their frames, but their blood sugar levels may be governed in a much more efficient manner.

While the official website of Svetol does include the studies that back up its assertions, I have noticed that generally the website feels pretty bare. There is very little text provided on any of the web pages, which gives off a feeling to me that there is information that is missing.

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In truth I don’t really see this as the case, as the company instead decides to show the data that drives their creation to be so superb, rather than merely telling us, the potential buyers and users of this product, that it is indeed so great.

Who makes it?

Naturex is a company based in France that is responsible for creating Svetol. The company has branches spanning across every continent with the exception of this rule being Antartica. Naturex was established in 1992, first setting it’s ambitions towards the food market by creating plant extracts that antioxidant, coloring and flavoring properties. It was around this time that the company opened two of its factories, one being in Kenitra, Morocco, the other being in Avignon,  France. The company has since expanded on a much wider international scale, and it’s products not only encompass the food industry, but beauty and health industries as well. The company provides clear information regarding who their leadership is and also gasconades that they employ 1700 people under their brand name.

Contra to other diet pill companies that only offer scant details about themselves, Naturex provides a plethora of information about themselves, notwithstanding their company history. Additionally the company also provides to people who happen to view their website, information on conferences and tradeshows where their brand name may be present as well. The company also provides financial information for their shareholders and anyone else who is interested on the business side of Naturex. Lastly, the company also understands the importance of social media, and has implemented itself across various platforms that are popularly used. These include LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Twitter and SlideShare.

Does Svetol work?

What separates Svetol from so many different products, is that it has clinical research bulwarking the declarations that are made about it. There are too many products on the market that instead just say they are competent in combating excessive weight, but that aren’t really able to do much about it. A problem that I find may arise however, is that there are numerous Svetol products available from a number of companies. As such, it may be easy to confuse this product with another that comes with green coffee bean of a much lower quality. I also find it important to stress that dropping weight was seen when people exercise and diet regularly and properly. There are too many people that forget that these two aspects are incredibly important for a drop in weight to be seen, and without applying either of them, it’s not very likely that any change will be seen at all. Because the official website is not very text heavy, it seems that it may very well be forgotten by people who view this product.

EDITOR'S TIP: Check our list of approved diet pills to make a right purchase decision!

Top Rated Products always make sure to include the importance of exercise and dieting when weight management is the desired goal.

Svetol Ingredients and Dosage

The sole ingredient in Svetol is green coffee bean. This ingredient has become especially popular from the likes of Dr. Oz, who has hailed it as an exceptional weight loss aid. There are studies that have been done on the robustness of this ingredient’s qualities, which topically may seem to assert that this is indeed known to be a competent substance. The issue that arises from this however, is that many of the studies that have been done on this ingredients were performed by companies that were selling this substance themselves. As such, there may be a bias that may make this come off as more competent than it really is. It is mentioned that Svetol comes in a dosage of 400 mg, and that this dosage should be taken on a daily basis over the course of 2 month for results to reveal themselves. For the most exceptional results to be made possible, users are instructed to use Svetol two to three times a year, each time for a duration of two months.

The official website of this product does not feature a label with supplement facts listed. (Strangely enough, the website also does not offer any picture of what the bottle of this product would look like.)

Are there potential side effects?

The website that features Svetol lists that there are no side effects from use of this product. This is because while there is green coffee bean found within Svetol, this ingredient is not caffeinated. It’s the caffeinated version of this substance that is used as a stimulant that has adverse reactions associated with it. In spite of this, women who are nursing or in stages of pregnancy are not advised to use this substance, as there is insufficient evidence to support that green coffee bean will not harm the infant/fetus. When there is insufficient evidence as to what may happen, it is always more beneficial to veer to the safe side, should any complications arise.

Top Rated Products are known to be safe for all kinds of users to consume, and don’t contain powerful stimulants that may adversely react with the people who consume them.


While there are undoubtedly benefits from consuming this substance, people may get overzealous about this product, and assume that it is miracle in pill form. As such, they may not exercise in a routine fashion, nor may they also make sure that their diets are devoid of excessive amounts of sugars and fats. It’s a common trap that people fall into, assuming that what they have will solve all their problems without putting any real effort into reaching their own goals. The official website of this product also lacks text, so it may become easier to overlook than people may realize. There are also many other Svetol products available on the market from other manufacturers that consumers may confuse with the one from Naturex. Because the name of the product is the same, they may accidentally buy another product, which may not have green coffee bean in as superior a quality as it is seen in the product of this review. This is more of a marketing problem than anything, but it may go a long way in hurting the potential sales that would otherwise be made for this particular manufacturer.

Top Rated Products all have unique names and labels, so that their prospective buyers do not’ confusing them with any competing weight management supplements.

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