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Stimerex-ES Review – All You Need to Know About This Product.

While it has been years since the illegal substance known as ephedra was made illegal by the federal government, that hasn’t stopped from being mentioned in every diet pill that is available on the market. In fact, there are companies that don’t even try to hide that their product has it. They may even openly gasconade this ingredient in their advertising! While sometimes this substance is actually used, there are other times that a less potent knockoff is used, they just don’t mention this in the product label.

Stimerex-ES is such a diet pill that is unafraid letting the world know it’s contents, as the makers of this weight management product know that there will always be an audience of people who would be willing to take this substance anyway despite its legal status and the possible hazardous health effects it may cause.

While ephedra may have worked for these people in the past, there is no telling how it will react with them in the future. The effects may be very dangerous.

What is it?

While it may seem peculiar that companies would openly gloat having an illegal substance as one of their ingredients, there are some points to consider. One point to note is that while some companies may say their products contain ephedra, this may not always necessarily be true. Some companies just know that the word “ephedra”  will draw in potential buyers. What users may instead get in some cheaper knock off that doesn’t really act as robustly as ephedra. I’ve read plenty of reviews for diet pills in the past that have made this claim, all for it to end with users being disappointed it wasn’t the real deal. There’s also the fact that if there really was ephedra the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) would have yanked this product from the market long ago.

Stimerex-ES asserts that it works in more than one way, as it affects plenty of the other facets of weight loss that are well recognized to be essential to address. These facets include heightening energy levels, quelling the appetite, torch fat from the user’s body as well as act as a diuretic. The last point here I can’t say is as convincing a point as it should be, and may actually be hazardous.

EDITOR'S TIP: Combine this supplement with a proven fat burner such as Sletrokor for better results.

Diuretics are thought to support weight loss, but this really comes in the short term, and may lead to water retention and bloating. There is also the risk of suffering from dehydration with excessive urination.

Who makes it?

It’s a bit strange, but when I looked up NutraSource, the creators of Stimerex-ES, I was unable to find an address at which their company’s headquarters were located. What I was able to ascertain, was that this company has been in business since 2003, and that they enjoy gasconading themselves as a supplier that has products of high quality that may be purchased at affordable prices. NutraSource doesn’t offer a lot of information about itself, as on the company’s “About Us” page, there are only two paragraphs that are included, hardly enough for any reader of their website to get a real idea of what they are. The distributor of Stimerex-ES is a company that goes by the name of High-Tech Pharmaceuticals. In addition to this, there are also third party suppliers such as that are known to supply this diet pill.

Does Stimerex-ES work?

I found it a bit strange that on Stimerex-ES’s official website that there was very little information as to how this product was actually supposed to work. Of the ten paragraphs that are featured on the page dedicated to showing how this diet pill works, only about two of the paragraphs do anything that really explains the process of how the contents of this weight management product work to incinerate unwanted fat from the body. These paragraphs mention things along the lines that their product has a special system incorporated within that is supposedly competent in helping people quash thoughts of hunger, as well as having fat deposits in areas such as the thighs and buttocks get annihilated.

The other paragraphs on this page act as little more than an advertisement, revealing not much more information than what the homepage already stated. There are mentions that there are medical journals that prove that Stimerex-ES truly is robust, yet I could find none of the actual clinical studies that were performed, primarily because the website doesn’t supply them. There’s also the first paragraph to this web page that states that this weight loss pill is 29% more competent than any other competing diet pill, but again, there are no studies supplied to back this up at all.

I also found it a bit strange that the official website doesn’t feature any customer testimonials. I found this a bit inconsistent with how the diet pill has liked to market itself, for surely if it was such an amazing product, then it would showcase the very people that it has worked for. Why not, are the makers unable to find any customers that truly loved their creation? A little more research and I was able to find independent reviews, of which I saw some that did not have much to say. Some people allege that the side effects from this make it not worthwhile, while others say that all this does is heighten energy levels, and only for a limited time at that.

EDITOR'S TIP: Check our list of approved diet pills to make a right purchase decision!

Top Rated Products are known to have plenty of fans that will readily voice their opinion of these products so that other potential users may be encouraged to join in.

Stimerex-ES Ingredients and Dosage

Of the ingredients concocted in this diet pill, there are only four measurements that are supplied to use potential customers. One is obvious, as it’s stated all over the official website, that there are 25 milligrams of ephedra in each of these pills. Second, there are 150 milligrams of caffeine anhydrous. Lastly there are 510 milligrams of the product’s proprietary blend, which includes ephedra, green tea extract 1,3 dimethylamine, yohimbe bark extract, 6,7 dihydroxybergamottin, acacia rigidula extract, citrus aurantium extract (25 milligrams) and naringin fruit. Of all the different ingredients, I am not quite sure why the amount of citrus aurantium was the only one specified, but I think it may be because both citrus aurantium and ephedra are chemically nearly identical. As such, it is possible that the creators of Stimerex-Es thought it would be important to include this detail.

What I notice from looking through this list of ingredients, are that there are a lot of powerful stimulants included in diet pill, which to me comes off as a bad sign already for the potential health concerns that may arise from this (more on this in the next section). These ingredients include acacia rigidula extract, citrus aurantium, 1,3 dimethylamine, ephedra and yohimbe. And that’s not including the caffeine anhydrous nor green tea! Additionally, no where on the official website was I able to find any information regarding as to how to take this supplement. For being such an effective product, I don’t know why the makers would not include this incredibly necessary information.


Are there potential side effects?

As stated in the previous section, because of all the different, powerful stimulants, there is a high risk of adverse reactions resulting from use of this product. What makes this a bit more dangerous in my opinion, is that for the most part, these ingredients lack any amounts given, as they are hidden within the proprietary blend. Side effects resulting from stimulants may include dizziness, palpitations (rapid heart rate), insomnia, nausea, jitters, anxiety, hypertension (high blood pressure) and in more extreme cases, myocardial infarction (heart attack) and cerebrovascular accident (stroke). The more extreme side effects have been associated with ephedra, but are also known to be possible to experience through citrus aurantium. 1,3 dimethylamine is another ingredient that, like ephedra, was also banned because of the health risks associated with it’s use. As such I do not advise people with pre-existing health conditions, nor women who are in stages of pregnancy or who are breastfeeding from taking this weight loss pill.

And that is only including those ingredients. Caffeine is known to operate as a diuretic, and may result in dehydration. Theobroma cacao is known to elevate blood pressure, as well as the heart’s rate of beating, which may only be exacerbated with all the other stimulants in this diet pill. There is also some chance that ingredients such as naringin and 6,7 dihydroxybergamottin may interact with other medications that people take.

Top Rated Products would never blend together an assortment of stimulant based ingredients that may result in adverse reactions to a wide range of potential users.


It’s not uncommon for less some diet pill companies to make bold declarations about themselves, while at the same time lacking the ability to live up to any of them. Nowhere on the official website are there any links to clinical studies done on this product or any of the ingredients that may be found within it. Moreover, the ingredients that are known to be in this product include some incredibly powerful stimulants, the likes of which, may not be the best for people to think about consuming, especially if they have a pre-existing health condition. While the use of a smiling model in a bikini may draw some users in to want to try this product, past this image this diet pill lacks any real substance. If you take anything away from this product, it’s what a bad weight management pill looks like, and it’s what you should try to avoid when looking into supplements in the future.

If you are looking for examples as to what more legitimate, robust diet pills look like, check out our page on Top Rated Products.

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