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Slimming Tea Review – How Safe and Effective is it?

For ages, people have been enjoying tea as a beverage of choice in social settings. While used during gatherings, this liquid has also been known for the positive ways it is able to benefit the health of the people that drink it. With so many different varieties, it’s a kind of drink that is more complex that in may aesthetically seem to be. It is recognized throughout the world for the health blessings that come from green tea consumption, but this is notwithstanding that this is not the only tea that is known to have such positive effects on well being. There are also white tea, black tea and oolong tea, however all these are not the focus of today’s article. Instead we will be focusing on a tea that specifically is meant for weight loss, and doesn’t it have it as a possible side consequence that may happen as with all the aforementioned.

The tea that we will be focusing on is Slimming Tea, a product that many different companies have created, each with their own vision of what the perfect weight subduction tea should be.

What is it?

Slimming Tea is a kind of tea that is specifically meant for weight subduction. There are many companies that have made their own versions of this kind of tea and as such, it may get a bit confusing when trying to search this up. In this article’s case, we will be focusing on Slimming Tea by a company known as 21st Century. The product that they are attempting to sell to people is alleged to purge the body of toxins, as well as heighten the metabolic rate. What makes this a bit different than just a tea, is that the company has also included a diet plan for their users to follow.

The way that Slimming Tea asserts it assists metabolism, is by acting as a thermogenic agent. The tea alleges that it does this through the use of ingredients that are only known to be natural. Much like other kinds of tea, Slimming Tea may be served either cold or hot, depending on what the user may be feeling at the time. While I do give the company kudos with the inclusion of their diet plan, I couldn’t help but notice that exercise was not mentioned. It is undoubtable that diet is important, but without mentioning how exercise plays a role, I feel that people may not be as aware as to why they may not be subtracting as much mass from themselves as they may have wanted to.

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This is what I feel is a weakness of the brew.

Who makes it?

21st Century Healthcare, Inc. is the Tempe, Arizona based company that may be given credit for producing Slimming Tea. The company is known for manufacturing nutritional supplements and vitamins which have been consumed not only domestically, but also in over 50 different countries across the globe. Additionally, the company also has offices in 7 different locations across the world. The company gasconades that it has one of the widest catalogs available, totally in at more than 1000 different products. 21st Century Healthcare also understands the importance that social media plays in marketing and communication in the contemporary world and as such, they have a presence on both Twitter and Facebook.

Does Slimming Tea work?

While it is true that there are benefits from some of the ingredients, such as green tea, that does not therefore correlate to the concoction being effective as a whole. There are a complete lack of clinical studies that have been contributed regarding either the separate ingredients, nor the product as a whole that would authenticate that Slimming Tea really is as good as it is marketed to be. It is true that there is a diet plan that has been included with this brew, but the problem that arises is that, the company doesn’t go much farther than mentioning the diet plan. On top of that, there is no mention as to how regular exercise would play a role with use of this product. Exercise is vital to any weight subduction plan, and should not have it’s importance excluded. What I feel may be a problem with this product, is that it may rely a bit too heavily on the laxative effects that some of the ingredients have. Relying on laxatives for weight loss is not a superb idea, as it may lead to health related complications (more on this below.) While the company does not offer any testimonials from customers, I was able to find independent reviews from third party retailers. Not all the reviewers were satisfied with this concoction, as some derogated this product for not producing an effect in regards to a subtraction of weight.

EDITOR'S TIP: Check our list of approved diet pills to make a right purchase decision!

Top Rated Products always firmly establish the importance that regular exercise and a healthy diet play into seeing a significant drop in weight.

Slimming Tea Ingredients and Dosage

There are 5 different ingredients that are blended together to create Slimming Tea. While the ingredients are mentioned, there is no mention of the amounts that they come in, or for that matter, what their daily recommended values are. This is not because they are concocted together in a proprietary blend of sorts; it simply is not mentioned. These ingredients are senna leaves, natural lemon flavors, licorice root, natural lime flavors and green tea. Licorice root is known as a remedy for indigestion, ulcers, and is known to act as a laxative, but in a mild sense. Green tea is known for it’s ability to temporarily intensify the metabolic rate, as well as improving mental dexterity. It is also known for the antioxidants that it carries within it, as well as caffeine. Senna leaves are known to have a laxative effect on the body.

Users are instructed to put on tea bag in a cup of boiling water for a duration lasting 2-5 minutes. It is to be consumed 15 minutes prior to a meal, or during it. Users are further informed to drink at half the strength by diluting it with water, until their digestive systems adjust to the tea. Sugar may additionally be added as flavoring if so desired.


Are there potential side effects?

Of all the different ingredients that may be found within Slimming Tea, the most common kind of substance used are laxatives. These include both licorice root and senna leaves. Because of the senna leaves, some users may develop loose stools, stomach pains and diarrhea and as such they are advised to stop using this product. The same applies if the user already experiences these ailments. While there are people who may believe that laxatives are a great form of weight loss, this viewpoint however is misguided. It is true that individuals may see a subtraction in the overall amount of weight they carry from laxative use. But there are dangers when relying on this method. With laxatives, people run the risk of fainting, severe dehydration, kidney damage, weakness, tremors blurred vision and in extreme cases, possibly even death. Laxative abuse may also lead to an imbalance in electrolytes and minerals that are within the body. There is also the possibility that the body may become dependent on laxative use, which means that the colon will not operate as it should without having ever increasing amounts of laxatives applied to it. This may result in damage being done to internal organs.

Top Rated Products do not rely on laxatives as their method of achieving weight subduction.


The prospect of losing weight from drinking a tea concocted of natural substances seems alluring, if not assuring that it would work. It is acknowledged the world over about the health benefits of drinking tea. Be that as it may, that doesn’t necessarily mean that this tea will actually benefit weight subduction. There are no clinical studies provided that show that combining the ingredients is indeed beneficial for weight loss. While there is a diet plan included with this product, there is no mention as to how exercise plays any kind of role in conjunction with this product. That is notwithstanding that this product seems to rely on the use of laxatives as it’s method to tackle weight loss, which may not be the healthiest option. While there are natural ingredients in this brew, some of which are known to be healthy for consumption, such as green tea and licorice root, this may not be the best product for weight loss. I would advise looking into other products that don’t rely on laxatives as much, and that also mention the importance that not only exercise, but diet play into making weight management successful.

Top Rated Products may include ingredients that are well recognized to be beneficial to health, such as green tea.

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