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Slim Xtreme Review – Is Slim Xtreme Safe?

Not all diet pills are known to have been created equally. While some are known to work, there are others that are known to not work at all, while others may be potentially hazardous to the health of their users. The problem though, is that all these products are jumbled together. As such, people may find it incredibly difficult to ascertain which ones they should be consuming on a regular basis, and which ones they should avoid as if they were an apocalyptic tidal wave. As is the case with Slim Xtreme, the makers of this product were not honest about the ingredients they decided to concoct within their product. The substance that they were hiding is an illegal substance known as sibutramine, which has been known to cause hazardous health consequences to some users.

Based on these two last sentences, if you can guess what kind of diet pill this is, be it either one that you should use or stay away from, you’re probably going to be right.

What is it?

Slim Xtreme advertises itself to be comprised of only natural ingredients, yet the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) sent out an advisory that there is in fact a hidden ingredient in this brew, known as sibutramine, which has been federally recognized to have potential to negatively adversely react with people.

Still though, this doesn’t stop the manufacturers of this product from trying to get people to buy it. If anything, they may be relying on this for people to buy the product. There is a website for this product, yet other than featuring diet pills to sell, it feels rather sparse in other information. There is also a Facebook page which does outline the general features of this concoction, namely that it is meant to incinerate fat from the body, as well as have the metabolic rate soar to higher levels. There are also allegations that this may also support users in controlling their eating impulses in a more efficient fashion, by working to quench any thoughts of hunger that an overactive appetite might induce.

With an FDA warning on this product, going in I was already more than skeptical about this diet pill. Still, that didn’t stop me from being curious about it. Information about the products we consume are what is important to make sure we, as consumers, stay safe and avoid being ripped off by companies that are trying to scam us.

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It is with this in mind that I decided to review this product, so anyone out there who happens to read this will know exactly what kind of product they are dealing with, should they happen to stumble across this.

Who makes it?

Globe All Wellness is the Hollywood, Florida based company that is responsible for manufacturing Slim Xtreme, as well as the Slim Xtreme Gold and Slim Xtreme Platinum products that may be seen advertised on the company’s Facebook page, as well as elsewhere. When looking on Facebook, there is a link to a website known as, yet when I tried clicking on it, the link was dead. If this alone were the only issue I had with this company, it would be enough to make me extremely skeptical as to the legitimacy of this creator. Yet this is really just one aspect of the company that I draw issues from.

After doing an internet search I found numerous articles about how the FDA has sent Globe All Wellness letters that it needs to stop selling its products because of the hidden ingredient found in their product. While speaking in technical terms this is not actually illegal, it still puts users of these products at risk for health related complications. In 2023 the United States marshals went to Globe All Wellness’s manufacturing plant in the south of Florida to seize their supplements, because they included the substance known as sibutramine. There haven’t been any mentions that there products have changed since then, so I would say it’s still a risk to use this product even after this federal seizure.

Does Slim Xtreme work?

The picture of this product mentions that this concoction will allow people to see the results in weight loss that they so yearn for within weeks, being so boastful as to assert that twenty pounds may melt off a user’s bottle in only fourteen days! This sounds incredible, yet at the same time, nowhere are there any clinical studies provided to mention that this is indeed true. There are other diet pills that I have encountered that may act similarly, but at least with them they mention that there are studies, even though not providing them. With this product however, there is a void in the space where these clinical trials would be mentioned. Instead all we are supplied with are product descriptions and advertising copy. That doesn’t really make me confident that this product works, so as such I cannot say that it does.

EDITOR'S TIP: Check our list of approved diet pills to make a right purchase decision!

Top Rated Products have all been thoroughly tested through numerous double-blind studies that were done to ensure that they are only of the highest quality available.

Slim Xtreme Ingredients and Dosage

While I was able to find a list of the ingredients that are induced in this concoction, there wasn’t a label provided anywhere that had any of the amounts provided for any of these substances. I find this a bit concerning, as this is pretty essential information to have to include, because otherwise, potential users have no idea how these different substances will react. Sure, some may be good if taken in only a small amount, but who is to know when there is absolutely no information provided at all on this? The ingredients that are mentioned to be in this byproduct of substances include jobstears seed, lotus leaf, medical amylum, mulberry leaf, konjac root, bitter orange and cassia seed. The from what I was able to gather from websites that feature this product for sale, users are advised to take one pill of Slim Xtreme a day, and to take it in the morning around breakfast, either before or after the meal.

I was unable to find a picture of the label of this product that features the list of ingredients included in this concoction.

Are there potential side effects?

From what is advertised, Slim Xtreme tells it’s potential users that most people don’t experience side effects, a statement which I found to be misleading. As I stated in the previous sections above this current one, there was a hidden ingredient included in this concoction that was known to be dangerous for human consumption. This is sibutramine, and there is potential for it to act adversely in people who have histories of pre-existing conditions. These conditions include arrhythmia (irregular heartbeat), coronary artery disease, cerebrovascular accident (stroke) and congestive heart failure. Sibutramine works in a way that heightens the level that blood pressure is at (hypertension) while simultaneously increasing the rate at which the heart beats. This is notwithstanding the assortment of other medications that people may be on that may also adversely react with this hidden chemical substance.

Bitter orange is another ingredient that may also cause serious adverse reactions, such as hypertension, rapid heart rate, cerebrovascular accident and myocardial infarction (heart attack). This is because it is the chemical twin to the illegal substance known as ephedra. When this combines with sibutramine, the likelihood of experiencing an adverse reaction only increases. Cassia seed and jobstears seed are known to be a laxative and a diuretic respectively, and while they may cause some amount of pounds to be lost, this is only in the short term. Both of these ingredients may also lead to dehydration, which in turn leads to bloating from water retention. When used for longer than it should be, laxatives may cause dependence, which may result in serious intestinal problems.

The manufacturers of Top Rated Products are honest about what goes into their concoctions, and are held by their ethical principles to not hide potentially dangerous substances within the products that they have created.


Since the seizure of these supplements by the federal government, there has been no mention from the company about having an improved new formula, and from what I can gather, things generally seem to be as they have been before. That is not to say that the product now definitely has sibutramine within it, but I would argue for users to stay on the safe side and avoid this product.The company offers no clinical studies that showcase either the ingredients or the product as having any real positive effect on weight loss. Also coming from a company that lacks its own website makes the level of legitimacy this product has fall as well. There are plenty of weight management products available on the market, many of which feature much more information about themselves than this one does. Don’t waste time with this product. Instead invest your energies in a product that will inform you better about what it is, and has data to back up its assertions that it has on itself.

Top Rated Products are all proven to be safe, and are highly regarded by people from all across the world.

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