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Slim Tea Review – The Truth About This Product.

No doubt there has been a popularity on the use of tea, and that is a huge reason why some brands have added their own twist on teas for intended weight loss. Whether it relies on fat burning or laxative effect,  there is a full host of potentials which are meant to provide a good reason for supplementing with tea. The strategy to uncover if it is effective is figuring out what it can do in comparison to other teas. If it does nothing more than a simple cheap tea blend then obviously, something is glaringly missing.

To know Slim Tea one needs to find out all about the history and fabrication process. Plenty of information exists in order to make the proper decision for yourself. It should be noted while teas have little to no calories, there must be an added benefit beyond simply that fact.

So this review on Slim Tea does just that, it supplies you with the tools to accurately measure your own thought process behind this supplement.

What is it?

According to the website over 700,000 people have enjoyed these weight loss teas that center around the use of Oolong tea.  These people took part in a 30 day challenge and apparently lost at least some weight.  The promise offered is that this product works by helping give an increase in metabolism function, and that it will help provide support for one’s immune system. There’s banners all over their web page that have little tidbits of information and they even add this product will reduce belly fat with just 2 cups worth of tea a day.  Its self described weight loss solution features 6 males and females with before and after photos as proof positive this tea will work.

As of this writing 3 different varietals of this exist. Either their basic formula, a Kenyan blend formula with additional antioxidants, and finally a capsules version for on the go use.  All of them feature an organic strain of Wuyi Oolong tea which comes from China. A infographic picture marks down all the things this product can also aid in. Though it does not seem to be a claim that this product will actually lead to the reported benefits in the list. In fact they add that in Chinese medicine the belief is that the product will affect the body in the following ways. To improve dental health,  prevent acne, lower cholesterol, regulate body temperature, provide vitamin c and antioxidants, relaxes the bronchial tubes and of course aids enzymes which burn fat. However this seems like the brand’s claim to fame but they add this is what it is believed to do, not that it will.. A bit deceptive if one does not read between the lines.

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However with all the pro ported weight loss benefits claimed here there is a lot of information that needs explanation…

Who makes it?

Simply named SlimTea, LLC, the company only makes 3 varietals of their Slim Tea formula. There really isn’t much offered about this company. It is known that they run their operations in Texas since 2023 but oddly enough the company stays hush about their own individual practices and ethics.

The company offers a 90 day money back guarantee for returned packages with a shipping and restocking fee. They also only offer their products online and directly from their own warehouses. So while this seems like a good system, until more is offered by the company its hard to know how effective it truly is. Somehow the 700,000 supposed customers are incognito and have not offered any supporting opinion on the company. Until more is exposed it is hard to take this company seriously. Unfortunately many untrusted manufacturers claim money back guarantees but they do not actually live up to their word.

Even offered is an auto-renewal program which promises a cheaper priced and monthly charged product. By giving faith to an unknown company there is a potential for violations of overcharging and hard to get rid of contracts. So until further knowledge is available one cannot blindly place faith when there is no reason to trust them.

Does Slim Tea work?

Well luckily there is a lot of things that Oolong tea is supposed to be beneficial for and they’re all clearly laid out by the makers. A 400 year tradition of drinking this type of tea has been examined. So far the results can be seen from the addition of caffeine. Caffeine of course stimulates the nervous system and creates a thermogenic effect on the body. This makes calories burn off quicker, however there is a fine balancing act that must be achieved to avoid too much of it.

While the company offers 6 before and after photos no outside opinion is offered. This is hard to see as the product does not feature anything new that can’t already be purchased for much cheaper.  Keep in mind for $57 all you get is a month long supply. This is incredibly expensive seeing as how there is only one ingredient here. This ingredient can be found in many markets for far less money with the exact same results.

Claims of extended weight loss have yet to be proven. All it seems to do is provide mental focus brought on by the caffeine.  Unfortunately this specific brand has not been tested, however results are comparable to other Oolong teas as this brand does not claim to do anything different from others.

EDITOR'S TIP: Check our list of approved diet pills to make a right purchase decision!

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Slim Tea Ingredients and Dosage

All that is inside here is Oolong. Just one simple ingredient that is required to be drank 2 times a day until one is satisfied with their results. The manufacturers luckily add the rate of antioxidants and caffeine inside. 22.7 mg of caffeine are expected in about a cup’s worth of tea. While this may not seem like a lot one still has to consider their own bodies handling of caffeine. There is often a caution added to products containing caffeine that they should not be mixed alongside other caffeinated beverages. The company mentions one should consult a physician if you have an issue with caffeine supplementation.

I tried to find nutritional facts but unfortunately this company refuses to add theirs. They do add however that it is only 100% Oolong tea.

Are there possible side effects?

Most of the typical side effects noted in caffeine are available here. The main potential culprits are headaches, dehydration, nausea, vomiting, irritability, tremors, irregular heartbeat, dizziness, convulsions, confusion, diarrhea, insomnia, and extreme headaches. This is what one can expect from the over consumption of Oolong. However if there is a difference in this blend(unknown as the manufacturers only add it’s Oolong) then there could be additional issues to potentially worry about.

It becomes important to also not drink this tea too late at night as it can keep one up and feeling potentially hectic.

Certain people are less favorable candidates for Slim Tea. For example those with glaucoma can experience extra pressure in their eyes. People with weak bones can experience a calcium depletion. There also could be a sudden spike in blood pressure. Further exemptions include pregnant or nursing women and those sensitive to caffeine in any shape or form. Curiously enough Slim Tea offers none of these well documented potential side effects to their brand. Instead they claim to just drink a certain amount a day and they leave it at that. It’s important for customers to know about the potential threats one can face, especially since the company avoids the issue entirely.

Finding the right brand not laden with caffeine is easy when you know where to look.


Basically what you’re left with here is one sole ingredient meant to tackle a lot of issues related to obesity. The claims are bold and in fact there is a lot that is said to be offered here. The real issue becomes why would you spend over a hundred dollars every 2 months to try a product which can be purchased for much less than half the price? The availability of this tea is offered from many brands. The only real difference here is with Slim Tea you pay for the marketing campaign. There are many sites on the Internet, but provides inexperienced players with the most detailed casino FAQ

Yes the tea is all natural and in fact there is a long history of use in Chinese medicine. But this long use has made it available in many markets. Until this formula adds something else there really is no reason to spend so much money for something you can get anywhere for cheap.

Also the reported benefits here are essentially all based off caffeine. Yeah there is a sudden increase in caloric expenditure but this can be settle with any tea or coffee source. Oolong does not exhibit any more outstanding unique traits than other blends. So until more is added to this product as it stands you would be overpaying for something that is only marginally effective according to the current studies performed on Oolong tea.

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