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Slim Optimum Review – How Safe and Effective is it?

Focuses on more than one aspect of health beyond weight loss is rampant in many new brands making the rounds. This is welcome if it truly works as intended. It’s impossible to not appreciate an extra boost if it truly provides a positive result. So at this stage you are left with still is a marketing pitch, much more discovery is necessary to fully understand any and all expectations. Well now with this in play you might be promised a money back guarantee which seems to quench any fears.  Still this is not enough.

A firm understanding is something required for Slim Optimum, from every angle, being able to truly distinguish all the history. So what is then required is understanding how it came to be and what it truly has done. In taking a substance blindly no matter how good the marketing is, this truly is not the best decision.

This very to the key detailed outline has just that, all the details required for anyone to make the decision for their own needs.  Instead of being told what to take, this outline helps you decide for yourself.

What is it?

Slim Optimum is presented as a weight loss product which helps improve many different aspects of health. By the look of the front page the product intends to satisfy customer curiosity with a few quick bullet points as to what it can do. There’s a lady in a bikini and right next to her is an order page where one is intended to submit their credit card information to gain the supposed results. What the manufacturers claim is inherent here are the potential for a slimmer and more youthful appearance, a far stronger immune system, less hunger cravings, far more energy, a more taut body,  and of course an overall increase of well being. Nothing really new in the way of weight loss supplements, typically these things provided are all by products of losing weight as the body readjusts and becomes more healthy.

Although the front page mentions one has access to a free trial, this page also has a section to input credit card information which means one enrolls into their auto ship program.  Also added on their front page are the pictures of one man and two women who’s before and after photos show a change in weight .Also there are a few written statements but there is no accompanying picture to ensure one is learning about a real person’s change in weight.  What’s really odd about these testimonials is that none of them are true. The company even admits this on the bottom of the website. They add that the before and after photos are intended to show what could happen. The written testimonials are also said to be not real and instead are meant more as representations as to what this product is intended to do. This is very odd as it’s a form of manipulation that makes it appear as if the people featured actually took the product. While I enjoy the company has admitted the reality it still is very odd to ever have that pop up at all. A clear red flag on the practices.

EDITOR'S TIP: Combine this supplement with a proven fat burner such as Sletrokor for better results.

However since the company does have this product out on the market it deserved to be reviewed in the full to ensure one is getting the right product. So let’s discover the truth behind what Slim Optimum is actually here to do.

Who makes it?

The name of the company is also called Slim Optimum and they run their operations straight out of Florida.

Unfortunately there are several websites(the front page of Google when typing Slim Optimum) where customers complain of being scammed by this company. In fact the overall consensus by hundreds of customer accounts is that the company charges people, and that the free trial is just a way to get customer credit card information without actually allowing customers the opportunity to stop the continuing charges.

The trial has lured people as it only requires $4.95 for shipping. This then turns into a monthly charge of $89.95, and many have tried calling the company phone number. Apparently the customer service provided does not really work at an effective rate and instead customers are lead down a time wasting experience. Apparently the customer service representatives say that the free trial is only for unopened bottles. Of course there is no way to actually try the product without opening it. It’s this form of shady business practices meant to trick customers that make it impossible to actually trust this company. Another red flag is raised that has yet to be addressed. With this many customers complaining one cannot assume a coincidence. It’s just too common place to think it isn’t an issue that the company has kept intact.

Does Slim Optimum work?

Well the company outed itself by claiming to add testimonials that they self admit is fake. The amount of customers who tried to stop from receiving the product also state the reason why they wanted out the contract is because they failed to see any results.

One might be confused by looking at the layout of the site, it appears at first glance to be able to produce some valuable results. Until the company releases actual testimonials or any shred of evidence for this product actually working there is too much at stake to believe it can produce results.

EDITOR'S TIP: Check our list of approved diet pills to make a right purchase decision!

In finding the proper product one has to account for the customer reviewed products featured which provide real functional weight shedding.

Slim Optimum Ingredients and Dosage

Another major reason for seeing fault in this product is due to the fact no form of information exists on the amount of the ingredients found within. However with what the manufacturers claim is inside one sees a lot of commonly found ingredients that make the rounds in the weight loss community.  There is caffeine added in unknown amounts and green tea extract. Both of which have thermogenic properties. Also there’s’ apple cider vinegar which is meant to reduce appetite.

Grapefruit and kelp are also added for their nutrients of which they have a good amount of. Finally an extract of garcinia cambogia is added due to the belief of weight loss. However no dosing information or ingredient strength is added for any of these ingredients. Just another red flag to add to the collection already assorted here. Far too many warnings exist. Without knowing dosing one has to purchase the product and then hope there isn’t any extra additives that may cause potential issues.

I usually try to add some sort of nutritional information but the manufacturers fail to provide any.

Are there possible side effects?

Well without knowing the full label one can make only assumptions as to what to expect. With the unknown amount of caffeine found within one can experience a full host of issues. This is found in the results of potential insomnia, hyperactivity, tremors, headache,s nausea, irritability, and dehydration.  As far as the other ingredients the apple cider vinegar if in large amounts, can cause nausea and stomach issues. Also taking too much grapefruit has the potential to interfere with other supplements or medication.

However until the full label is offered by the company these potential side effects may jump tenfold depending on how much is found within.

You now have access to properly labeled and caffeine free supplements without fear of side effects.


Looking at the product on the front end it appears to have all the common traits found in a supplement. Many common ingredients, a small but decent sales pitch, and a lot of intended positive results the company claim can be found.

Out of all the supplements seen this far this one has the most issues that have yet to be resolved. Not only are all the testimonials not real, but the company claims it is what is intended. Why not just show the real results customers have experienced? Surely there must be some benefit if the company is selling the product in large amounts?

Well this question is answered when you research the company. The only form of information offered by customers online is how they continue to be charged for a product that they no longer want. Over and over there is the repetitive cry of this product being not only useless, but operated by a business scam. Looking at the product thus far it appears to be the reality. There are many customers claiming they have been charged on repeat occasions without being able to get rid of the credit card charges. What started as a free trial extends to a monthly subscription to all the customers who left a review on the company. In fact the many add they tried several times to stop being charged but instead of being accommodated, they were told that the trial is only for unopened products. So the charges stuck around. So this business practice continues and there’s no mention of any positive review on the business practices.

In summary, not only is there no indication of an ingredients label or strength, but there’s a habitual statement from customers that they were charged over what was believed to be a free trial. Too much risk is here without reason to sample the product.

Actually reputable business with high ranked product’s are available to promote healthy weight loss.

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