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Slim Forte Review – Is Slim Forte Safe for You?

Ancient herbs are said to be the solution for weight loss according to certain brands. The belief is that in the past there was a knowledge of natural substances which were shown to product results without the use of chemicals. Some claim that in the past there was less obesity and more of an acceptance of natural remedies. These strategies are played out in new forms with supplements that exist today. By providing these extracts some believe we go back to our roots.

The issue with the claim of ancient herbs being the solution is that back then there was no science to prove the supposed effects. Luckily now that these herbs have been studied it makes it easier to know what if any benefit there is to be gained. With so many brands on the market it can be hard to distinguish what really is effective.

To allow you the right to know is why this review for Slim Forte exists, it gives you the information to make an educated decision for your own health.

What is it?

Adding only all natural herbs, this brand intends to give off weight loss between 11 to 22 pounds in just a single month. According to the marketing the effects felt will allow for a reduction in appetite and an increase in body fat loss. Apparently the herbs contained inside come from the so called “Kingdom Of Green Vegetation”, otherwise known as the Chinese province of Yunnan.  Although this claim is made on just one website which does not make the brand, there are others who claim this same thing. However it is important to note that the brand is not available from any official manufacturer, in fact all brands are sold only via very odd websites. These websites actually sell a few weight loss brands but they do not actually have any real affiliation with the brand. Another issue comes from the fact the websites that sell it have contradicting information.

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Looking at the official label claims up to 22 pounds of weight loss. However the 3rd party sellers claim one can expect up to 35 pounds of weight loss. It is uncertain where these extra 13 pounds lost are coming from.

Who makes it?

One of the main distributors of this brand goes by the name of LA Beauty Store, Inc. however they do not actually make it. It is unclear who makes the brand but it is known to be produced in China. This is concerning as it is unknown what the company policies are. Without knowing how they run their business it does not allow for an accurate portrayal as to what the brand might offer. Another issue is that since so many sell this brand it does not allow one to know if the batches here are fresh. Of course this issue also extends with the lack of a money back guarantee.

One issue that explains the lack of knowledge on the makers has to do with the 2023 FDA inspection on this product. It contained levels of a banned substance named Sibutramine which is not intended to go inside supplements. It can potentially cause a serious risk in heart rate and blood pressure. It has also been shown to cause damage in people with heart issues, leading to stroke and organ failure.  No notice is given if the new batches of this product still contain the drug. However it makes sense now why the company who makes this brand has decided to keep their name hidden from being associated with this supplement.

Does Slim Forte work?

The knowledge on whether or not this product works is extremely limited to just a few random blurbs on the internet. Some have claimed absolutely no result and this is concerning as the sellers do not offer a money back return. As far as any positive reviews the main focus by customers is talking about the banned substance. So it is unclear if anyone has actually benefited from the use of Slim Forte.

One website mentions that this drug wrongs on the adrenal hormones and in turn gets rid of the hard to dispel of white fat tissue. Instead it allows for the healthy brown fat tissue to take over which leads to an overall better physique. It is also intended to produce effects on blood sugar, regulating the levels. Also it apparently works within the brain and gets rid of the rate of hunger felt. Still, none of these claims are backed up with any studies and they are just statements made on one website. Other sellers of the brand offer absolutely no indication beyond claiming it improves metabolism and gets rid of calories quicker.

Also some sell this brand for a $50 price tag for a month’s supply. Of course this does not come with any money or safety guarantee at all so any and all issues are left to the customer.

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Rated and highly favored brands from customers exist to make weight loss a real attainable goal.

Slim Forte Ingredients and Dosage

One giant red flag here is that not only is there no knowledge of how much of an ingredient is inside, but no ingredients are named at all. Apparently only ancient herbs are added here but how is one to know? There is no indication at all as to what might be in here. This creates even more worry for a product which has been proven to once(maybe still) have a banned ingredient. Any purchase of the brand will not come with any notice of the contents inside. A very troubling issue that cannot be overlooked. Not only is there a lack of ingredient information but there is no real reason to trust the brand considering the FDA warns of no longer using the product. It is mentioned on the letter provided by the FDA to dispose of the product and to avoid taking it. Also it mentions if one were to experience any of the potential issues to immediately seek medical help.

Typically it is customary to provide a label in these reviews, however no label or ingredients listing is available anywhere unfortunately.

Are there possible side effects?

Well all that is known is what the banned ingredient which is not intended to go inside supplements can do. Sibutramine can cause an increase in heart rate and blood pressure which is really harmful to people with issues related to their cardiovascular system.  On the FDA website it mentions that Sibutramine can be life threatening and should be avoided.

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It is not often that a product will come around with several bold claims without evidence, a money back guarantee, a safety guarantee, an ingredient listing and overall any company history. The fact no one is willing to spill the beans on what is inside is an incredibly troubling issue here. How is one ever supposed to research the effects if they are not given the ingredients. Also one cannot blindly trust a product hoping all the positives come true. Even if it is all herbs it does not mean one can expect a well rounded success without side effects. Many potential issues can still come about even if the product has only natural herbs added. So without being able to know what is inside it leaves a lot of doubt as to what to expect.

Also looking at the FDA account for banned ingredients is even more concerning. The addition of this illegal substance means either somehow an ingredient made its way that should have never been exposed in an environment of creation, or that the creators decided to sneak it in even though it could cause potentially fatal effects.

With a faceless company behind the brand it also adds an air of worry. Without being able to determine what can potentially happen it places a lot of uncertainty. So to summarize, the banned ingredient introduced in the brand and lack of ingredient information makes for a potentially troubling item.

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