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Slendesta Review – All You Need to Know About This Product.

So much is now present for the strict purpose of reducing pounds. Extracts that are patented are essentially an approach to giving you the best in an ingredient. Only taking the property which supposedly is the most potent in making the pounds less likely to come on. In getting the patent for an extract, typically it means a lot of examination went into an ingredient. At the very least it must be examined for some time in order to show what it is capable of.

Luckily this information as to what came from this extract can be examined. There is plenty to say about Slendesta. Due to the company revealing their intention behind this extract, it allows you to examine the reality. Placing it under a fine microscope to fully understand all that is to come.

There is no lacking bit of information in this guide, all the full potential and customer insight has been presented for a wide ranging examination. The best part? It is presented with all the important questions fully addressed.

What is it?

This patented ingredient is intended to help improve the rate of weight management from an all natural source of potato extract.   Just by looking at the name Slendesta one imagines a slim body that has been formulated through science. Well the intention is meant to help one keep satiated and less likely to want to consume more food.  Of course another way of seeing this product is as a form of fiber, though it is specifically a protein that happens to work similar to fiber.  The specific extract comes from the skin of the potato and of course its availability is increased to further promote less food taken in. Also it remains often added to products intended to help one lose weight in the long term. Essentially the makers allow other brands to feature this ingredient in their own products.

There’s claims added by the patent holders that unlike other supplements for fat loss, this one is stimulant free and all natural. Of course while this specific extract is all natural, since other manufacturers can use it while adding other ingredients it really depends on the specific brand. However solo, it is manufactured as an all natural extract which is meant to produce some effects for a more satiated sensation. This of course can be very valuable as overeating is definitely a major cause beyond just genetics for weight gain. For many the richness of foods is too much and they find hard to abstain. So this ingredient is meant to cut through all the static and provide some functional results for a healthier way of dealing with food. In order to really produce results for weight reduction it is often reported that the battle starts in the kitchen. A caloric deprivation is difficult and for many isn’t enough to keep weight loss happening. However this product intends to provide the real solutions, assuming it can actually work.

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You can’t help but feel pulled into a relatively new extract that has been formulated under good practices. The overall question that remains to be answered is does it actually produce results and is it worth its price? Let’s figure out all the details.

Who makes it?

Kemin Industries, Inc.  has created this brand and they have patented it for their own distribution and sale to other company’s. In fact including this patent for Slendesta they also have over 500 different unique ingredients available from their own production facilities. All of these facilities work in the USA and they are all GMP certified. A GMP certification is key to have a quality consistent product. It essentially makes it an FDA approved facility which processes and handles these ingredients.

It appears from the information available that the company follows good guidelines in the manufacturing of their products.  No red flags are noticeable from the company.

Does Slendesta work?

Two important issues must be raised before answering this question. First off since this ingredient can be found in several different manufacturers it makes it impossible to know if one can expect some good results. Leaving the handling of the ingredient to other companies makes it hard to know what if anything can come about. Depending on the ingredients and strength the results may vary.

However there was a study performed by the European Food Safety Authority or the EFSA for short. They essentially run much similar to the FDA which governs food and drugs in the US. Essentially the findings were that Slendesta did nothing at all in the form of weight loss.  They made their own studies and the EFSA made it clear no connection between weight loss and this product has been established.  It was also a controlled study which performed the test and the EFSA made sure to go under the recommended dosage. Still no effect was seen according to them.

This makes it easier to see how many of the reviews left on products containing this extract tend to say it is not effective.  Over and over again many products add this to their formulas and the reviews all say the identical thing. Many customers just didn’t see any of the promised weight loss they were expecting. Some customers have added they didn’t know about the European study which showed it didn’t work. Unfortunately it was too late and they instead left warning reviews to let potential customers know it has been proven to not work in some studies. So as it stands there’s no proof of it working on the body.

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Slendesta Ingredients and Dosage

As mentioned Slendesta is a potato extract taken from the skin of white potatoes, processed through a water immersion technique that extracts this component.

It is often recommended to be consumed before a meal with a glass of water as to promote better digestion. Of course since it works to help keep one satiated it works with whatever meal is added. No specific diet is offered so it appears it is meant to be consumed alongside any meal.

Dosage strength may differentiate from brand to brand depending on whether or not extra additives are found. It is also recombined that if one is pregnant or with a nursing child to watch for the support from a medical professional.

A very generic sampling of the Slendesta extract can be seen here:


Are there possible side effects?

There wasn’t any indication that this product would produce side effects, let alone any effect. Virtually all the reviews from different brands all claim the same thing, that nothing was felt. So while it may be good to congratulate the brand for offering no noticeable side effects it still hasn’t produced the results needed.

The warning on making sure to seek a physician’s recommendation if nursing or pregnant however is something to consider. Clearly this means there was some potential issues but the manufacturers have not stated what these potential negatives are.

Also since the company patent does not control what happens after other manufacturers add to their blends, it may produce side effects in some depending on how it is processed and added next to. So one must still stay vigilant and make sure one reads the label carefully in order to keep the potential negatives from forming.

Knowing about all the potential side effects and avoiding them are possible with the top rated listings.


With one quick review of this ingredient it made all the belief of it working come to a halt. It makes sense seeing all the reviews which all shared the exact same common theme, the product was widely seen as not being functional in any shape or form. Many customers have added to this claiming they felt nothing and instead all they had to show for it was a lighter wallet. So the company decided to have a test performed on it by the European equivalent of the FDA and it ended bad for them. Instead of being accepted as working and functional the government panel said they saw nothing change in the form of weight loss. After setting scientific trials per the demands needed by the supplement there was no change whatsoever in the form of reducing the pounds.

So the benefits seem to be so far that it comes from an all natural extract and it does not seem to have any side effects. Also not seen is any effects according to the government panel that reviewed this extract. While this remains a black eye on the quality of use for Slendesta it at least makes this review a lot more clear. It just didn’t work in the trials performed. To add to this fuel is the fact almost all the reviews on this extract have said they felt nothing. Once again this confirms what has already been established.

While this product comes from a legitimate company and it is all natural, it was proven to not work according to the European government review panel.

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    I’d like to know if there is a difference in Slendesta and Solathin? They both are registered and yet they sound the same to me?

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