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Slenderize Review – Does it Really Work?

With obesity being such a pressing public health matter, there have been companies that have manufactured goods that are asserted to be able to assist in the crusade for weight management. There are diet pills that have their origins in laboratories, concocted of synthetic substances that may do any range of things, but may also have adverse reactions associated with them. There are also weight subduction products that are instead sourced from natural ingredients, which to some people, may seem safer to ingest. While there are obvious benefits from natural ingredients, that doesn’t always mean that the product actually works as well as it is advertised to. Slenderize is such a product that comes from ingredients that are from the Earth, and not laboratories. Included in this concoction, are popular substances that are usually found within diet pills, such as hoodia cactus powder, chromium, green tea and others.

So with these beloved ingredients, does that therefore mean that the whole of Slenderize is really such a wonderful product? Or is the marketing copy that exists on the blend merely just built up hype? The following article will break it down.

What is it?

Slenderize is a diet pill that declares that it quash hunger pangs, give the user a surge of energy and incinerate deposits of fat. As previously stated, the ingredients of which this weight subduction product consists of are all natural. But this is the most information that the product gives about itself, as it does not have an official website. When I did an internet search on this product, a lot of others came up, some discontinued, some being something else entirely. It is admittedly a bit difficult to find information on Slenderize and it is too easy to get it confused with other products.

The information I was able to gather on this concoction, are from third party sources that may also happen to sell Slenderize, such as I can understand that not every weight management pill on the market may have a ton of information about itself to bequeath to prospective buyers. But being that there is so little information available on this product, I feel that this may in turn harm any profits that the company wants to make.

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And it’s not as if it’s easy to obtain, as there are third party suppliers, such as that no longer carry Slenderize, despite the product still having a page on the website.

Who makes it?

Herbal Remedies is the company that may be credited with bringing it’s short lived product, Slenderize to the diet pill galaxy. There is no information available on this company, be it an address, contact information, even an official website. The most that I have to go on, is the name on the label of the product. Usually when companies fail to provide this kind of information the first thing that pops up in my mind is scam! But with Herbal Remedies I do not believe that it is the case. Being that Slenderize does not seem to be available for purchase anywhere, this leads me to believe that there is the possibility that the company itself is no more. Furthermore I was unable to find any trace of the company on social media, even though there is growing importance of these platforms in the contemporary marketing world.

Does Slenderize work?

While there are ingredients that are widely recognized to be used in diet pills, that does not therefore mean that Slenderize is the most exceptional weight subduction product available on the market. Nowhere was I able to find any scientifically driven clinical studies on either the product as a whole, or of the ingredients of which Slenderize is comprised of. The most that I have to go on, is the scant information that comes in the form of a product description. Points such as this concoction being able to obliterate fat, annihilate appetite or heighten energy levels are never expanded upon, so really the words that I read about Slenderize really just remain that; words. There is no concrete proof provided at any point that would show that this product works as well as it is marketed to. It makes me wonder if that is why I am unable to really find this product anywhere, or that when I do, it’s sale has already been discontinued. Furthermore, I was unable to find a single review of the product. Not only good reviews or bad reviews, but any reviews at all. It’s as if no one ever bothered to try it out!

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Slenderize Ingredients and Dosage

There are 13 different ingredients of which Slenderize is comprised of. Of these 13, only 2 are not concocted in the product’s proprietary blend. Of these 2, only one of these ingredients has it’s recommended daily amount included. This ingredient is chromium, which comes in an amount of 100 mcg, which is 83% the daily recommended amount. The other substance not in the proprietary blend is caffeine anhydrous, which has a mass of 200 mg. The remaining ingredients are all found within the proprietary blend, which has a combined weight of 580 mg. There are no specific amounts given to any of the individual ingredients, so we have no way of knowing which ingredients come in infinitesimally small amounts, and which ingredients may come in completely overbearing amounts that may therefore cause adverse reactions. These ingredients are guarana, guggulsterone, cha de bugre, glucomannan, magnolia bark, maca extract, theobromine, hoodia cactus powder, banaba, green tea and L-theanine. These ingredients are a combination of stimulants, appetite killers, fibres, amino acids and stress reducers.

Users are instructed to take a single capsule in the early hours of the morning with 8 ounces of water, and to repeat the process in the early hours of the afternoon. Furthermore, users are advised to not take more than 2 capsules in a given day.


Are there potential side effects?

The amount of caffeine that is present in a single capsule of Slenderize is equal to that of 2 cups of coffee. As such, there may be adverse reactions that may be experienced by users. These may include hypertension (high blood pressure), anxiety, headaches, irritability, nausea, jitteriness, palpitations (rapid heartbeat), abdominal discomfort, nervousness and sleeping problems (insomnia). It is because of this that people with pre-existing conditions, especially those that pertain to the heart and cardiovascular system, are advised to consult a physician before use. Individuals with a frail relationship to stimulants are also similarly advised to exercise caution before consumption. Glucomannan is a substance that is present within the proprietary blend of Slenderize. This fibre is acknowledged to expand inside the stomach. However, if not taken with sufficient amounts of water, this may become a choking hazard. It is also possible that this may cause intestinal blockage after being ingested. Women who are in stages of pregnancy or who are breastfeeding are not advised to consume Slenderize. Similarly barred are children, as this product was meant for adult use only.

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With so little information available on it, I find it hard to believe that this product did indeed operate as sufficiently as it’s advertising attempted to showcase it to. Being that this concoction doesn’t seem to be available anywhere, it would seem that my assumption would be correct. There are no clinical studies provided on either the individual ingredients, nor on the product as a whole that would authenticate that Slenderize does indeed efficiently get people to subtract weight from themselves as it is retailed to. Moreover, there are no reviews of any kind on this product. This is notwithstanding that neither the product nor the manufacturer have websites. With such an utter lack of any information pertaining to it, I cannot therefore recommend this product for use. But from the scant information I was able to gather, it does not seem that this blend is available for purchase either. You might as well spend your money, energy and time on a product that makes itself more available than this one.

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