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Slendera Review – All You Need to Know About This Product.

What is it?

Somehow this alongside many other weight loss supplements is the “most advanced formula” for getting rid of weight. Despite this common marketing tactic the brands key ingredient is Garcinia Cambogia. This extract is now making the rounds in weight loss supplements all because of the idea that it works in the body as an all natural weight loss tool. There is not much information on the company websites and instead all one can view is an order page, a blog that relocates one to the ordering page and marketing pictures of women in bikinis. Which also leads to the order page.  The idea behind all this is to show how taking this product can lead to a better figure and that it can help provide energy.  It is meant to supposedly give one the best shape of their lives and even help detoxify the body.

There’s much difficulty in searching for this brands real information as there are several copycat brands who give the almost exact same marketing appeal and similar pictures, but instead they change the name of the product slightly to make it appear similar. In fact it is eerily similar, they even added the exact same formatting to words and similar type pictures of their fitness models.

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However as I delved deep I made out who was actually promoting Slendera and who was trying to just copy the brands appeal.  So with that out the way, let’s uncover the reality behind this supplement.

Who makes it?

Due to the nature of the marketing campaign by this brand, no real mention or website is offered for the company. Most of the advertising done on this product is offered on free blogging sites which are essentially ways to avoid paying for an official website. It’s unclear who the makers are of this product, and the only real knowledge is that the company is based out of the United States. This is a giant red flag as it can mean a number of things which are not suitable for a company.

Perhaps company has gone bankrupt and the sellers of this product are not affiliated with the brand. It can also mean the company for some unknown reason does not care about helping guide customers into taking their products. Or it can mean the company ran a scam and is keeping a low profile as to avoid any issues with customers. Luckily after researching these are some of the key things behind the product.

A YouTube account named “Slendera Garcinia Cambogia” offers a testimonial video from a supposed customer who took this product and found it useful. This was operational in 2023. The last update to the companies blog site was in 2023 as well. Here is where it gets tricky., another YouTube person who claims to be a doctor recommends this brand. Unfortunately there’s another supposed doctor who says the exact same things as the other doctor. Word for word the marketing pitch is exactly the same. The fact all marketing and changes has been abandoned since 2023 is a giant red flag that must be acknowledged.  Keep in mind the 2 doctors who recommend this brand offer no credentials and there’s no way to verify who they actually are and what field of medicine they studied in.

It’s hard enough to trust a company who has some reviews on their site. What makes it a real compromising issue is when the company selling a product refuses to offer any information as to their practices. Another major issue that springs up on multiple sites is customers claiming they have been auto billed each month without being able to get rid of continued charges. This can mean that the people selling the product are not affiliated with the company or that the company itself keeps a low profile to avoid open criticisms. Either way the business dealings are much too secretive to enable trust in their dealings.

Does Slendera work?

Well the marketing pictures of skinny women wearing bikinis intend to prove this product works. Due to the limiting nature of the marketing campaign there is no mention of this supplement being tested at all. Also no money back guarantee is offered in any shape or form.

There are 2 before and after photos offered and the brand says it is effective, natural and even safe. However since the information is limited and does not extend any further, it really places customers in a compromising situation. Without a way to ensure the company you are dealing with is legit(no company name, address, or phone number is offered) it’s really a hard sell.

Online there are a few reports about this brand but unfortunately none of them have to deal with whether or not Slendera actually works. Instead the focus is on customers complaining of being charged monthly for a product they have tried on repeat occasions to stop being billed.

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Slendera Ingredients and Dosage

This has to be a new record. Not only is there no nutritional label but the company does not write down the ingredients of this product. It says it contains natural Garcinia Cambogia without stating the exact amounts. No knowledge at all is given as to whether or not this product contains allergens, extra ingredients or exactly how much needs to be taken. This is really odd because how are customers supposed to know what they’re buying if the company plainly refuses to add any information. Surely the bottle has the details sorrounding the product so it makes no sense as to why they failed to recreate this important details on the website. You wouldn’t just take a random supplement so why would you try this brand. It plainly lacks the information needed for one to track their own dietary demands. Also you will not know what to expect before taking this brand.

Are there possible side effects?

Once again the information regarding anything behind this product is incredibly limited. The product does claim to be 100% natural but this should be taken lightly as any company can make these claims. The company doesn’t even add any potential allergens which may exclude certain customers from trying this brand. Right now the information on this product is a giant void and it’s hard to know what to expect.

In the past a brand containing Garcinia Cambogia actually caused liver problems however, it was uncertain if it was this specific ingredient or the other ingredients in the product. Due to this past concern it becomes even more important to watch out for brands like these that do not offer much information on their safety practices.

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You know it’s a bad sign when a company refuses to give their name and a way to contact them. You also know it’s not normal for a company to not have an official website. Well Slendera has both these issues and plenty other ones that leave me very confused. There’s simply too much at stake with so little reward to ever consider this brand as useful. It really boggles the mind, how can a company selling a product completely refuse to add relevant information to their brands. This is most likely related to all the supposed charges from various other companies and even some websites who claim Slendera is running a scam. This has been alleged on multiple occasions and so far the company has not offered a defense in any shape or form. Copycat brands have stolen their aesthetic but they at least offer company names. It’s only been a handful amount of times I’ve seen a brand be released by an unknown company name. Savvy customers should know that no matter what the selling pitch, if the manufacturers refuse to give their company information, it leaves you with nowhere to go if the product were to not work or even worse cause side effects.

In the quest for the Right Brand you now have options from open faced businesses with good reputations and solid customer approved products.

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