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SkinnyMint Review – Is SkinnyMint Safe for You?

Surging in popularity throught the most recent decade, celebrity endorsed weight loss teas have made the rounds as new and particularly easy approaches in weight destruction. One may conclude that because it is a beverage, it will provide very easy and affordable shifts in weight. Each brand however conveys completely unique and varied results intended to provide unique changes. Some teas have laxative effects, others are loaded with caffeine, some fall right down the mid path.

It calls into mind a very fundamental question on what each tea can actually provide. Often it manifests itself as a blend that has been in use through many cultures, what can a brand like SkinnyMint provide? Does SkinnyMint give off the proper results? Also is the worth of it actually valuable? All the asked questions have answers which are outlined in here in full.

Making sure you wisely invest your money should be a simple process. To clear the air out, I’ve established and given an outline on what is available on the SkinnyMint brand.

What is it?

Now marketed by social media celebrities and fitness types, this weight loss tea aims to provide detoxification and overall weight loss. Apparently all that is needed is a cup of tea in the morning and one cup of tea at night every 2 days. It sounds kind of complex at first glance, but looking at the ingredients one sees that the morning tea is essentially a caffeine and laxative filled product. Meanwhile the night time formula is intended to give laxative and digestive care. The product is all organic so the quality of the ingredients is at least grown at an optimum rate.

While the product does not directly say it is just for women, all their marketing is directed towards women. In fact only pictures of women in bikinis with slim bodies are shown to have taken this product. They do add that men are not excluded from drinking this just that some of the ingredients work better on women. Seeing as how the product is a tea it does limit its consumption as some may not like having to steep tea bags and drink their weight loss away.

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However to those in the lookout I’ve taken all the most important bits to see the reality behind SkinnyMint.

Who makes it?

London based Bodyboost Pty Ltd has been operational since 2023 and so far they have had some popularity with this brand. For unknown reasons they are notoriously hush about their practices. In fact they do not offer any company information of any caliber.  The company also does not offer any guarantee to ensure costumers experience results without financial risk.

Does SkinnyMint work?

Well the company would like one to believe all the Instragram posts on their website are proof positive this product works. There’s several mostly female customers who feature their bodies in a before and after photo. Of course the people are allowed a bit of commentary with many stating they included a diet and exercise plan to follow along the teas intake. It is important to note however that this practice is often a pay for review type of philosophy. It can’t be verified as obviously the company would keep this hidden, but it is suspicious looking at some of the photos. One can’t really know without real trials whether or not results like the ones featured are actually practical.

So what we are left with is an examination of the ingredients. There’s caffeine in their morning tea which of course can lead to a higher metabolism. This however can be found elsewhere for much cheaper. Then we have the idea of this product supplying a detoxing effect. Well our bodies have detoxed toxins in the body fine without ever needing tea. In fact our livers and kidneys work quite efficiently at making sure the body is working at an optimum rate. We know this because it’s rare for an average healthy person to get sick often.

The laxative effects featured in the tea can help one lose a bit of weight but through means that can be a bit uncomfortable. SkinnyMint fails to provide optimum reasoning why one should purchase this brand as opposed to other teas.

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SkinnyMint Ingredients and Dosage

Their morning formula has ingredients laden with lots of caffeine. As of now there is now mention as to how much is added but the company makes it clear to not drink it late in the day as it can keep one up. Also the nettle inside provides a laxative effect, this of course can be bought separately for cheaper. Still, some may not like frequent bathroom sessions in order to potentially lose a bit of weight.

This leaves the night time formula which is a detox and fiber formula intended to help the body in proper digestion. For example their psyllium seed has a bit of fiber, meanwhile their other ingredients aid the body properly digest. However this can also be found separate for a lot cheaper than this brand is selling for.

Their colorful and cheerful label can be viewed here for both their daily morning and every 2 days night formula:


Are there possible side effects?

Yes there are possible side effects, and in fact it is a point of contention that needs to be addressed. Taking their daytime formula one can expect a high amount of caffeine in doses unknown to customers. This is important to document as the effects felt by some include anxiety and rapid heart rate. Caffeine is often added but not necessarily needed by weigh loss products. The possibility for taxing the heart can be a potential hard issue to deal with. In fact customer in some customer accounts some have noted that even the standard dose can result in some issues.

The nighttime blend is another demon. Some have reported feeling nauseous and having to deal with stomach issues. This also means a possible disruption in important sleep time.

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It is not really a huge game changer in the field of weight loss products. In fact these ingredients can be found in abundance in other manufacturers brand. They do have an effect on the body and depending on the person it may be good in small ways but not really that helpful overall. The caffeine added is high in one blend which of course has a limited short term reaction on the body. After one adjusts to the surge of caffeine it’s quite common for the small changes in weight to return back to normal.

Another factor is the detoxing offered by the company. While this sounds like a great thing to include our bodies naturally do that regardless. The lack of explanation by the company leaves me scratching my head. How is this product any better than natural teas that can be bought separately for much cheaper? The answer is there is no reason as to how this product is better than simply buying its components in bulk. Weight loss therefore is better suited elsewhere, where one can expect greater results instead of gimmicks and quick sale tactics.

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