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Skinny Magic Review – Is Skinny Magic Safe for You?

It can be a tricky situation when you provide a host of stimulants inside the makings of a weight loss brand. Typically any type of stimulant if one feels safe enough to take it, should require a full outline to know what is to be expected and what are the potential pitfalls associated. However for some brands they intend to either keep their solution hidden or just plainly refuse to add any way for a customer to be aware of what they are putting inside their bodies. Either way it requires a lot of insight in order to determine what is to be presented.

So it is no mystery as to how many weight loss products intend to support themselves. A stimulant of any kind can provide some results that people feel, either mental or physical.

Still it cannot be taken for granted and further explanation should be considered mandatory to ensure one is receiving what they know to be proper for themselves.

So to help reach satisfy the understanding to this mystery this review has come into place. To really understand what Skinny Magic is all about.

What is it?

Though the rough idea behind this weight loss supplement is to lose weight, the website has only 3 testimonials and that is it. No other company disclaimer is left, instead 3 random people are meant to express how this product will affect the body.  Luckily 3rd party resellers have added a bit more, though it is unclear if this is an accurate representation since the details are not provided by the makers themselves. Instead the belief is that this brand has a host of antioxidants, appetite suppression properties and metabolism support to help diminish the caloric effects of foods.

The customer testimonials provided by the manufacturers themselves claim that one will forget about eating which in turn leads to weight loss. While a testimonial can be offered saying anything this is no way to support a product. Since it leaves the validation on the hands of a supposed customer anything can be claimed without holding the company liable. In fact the manufactures leave behind a warning exclaiming that any and all testimonials are not to be taken as proof. Instead it is more of a measure on what one individual person has said and nothing other than an unsubstantiated opinion should be noted.

EDITOR'S TIP: Combine this supplement with a proven fat burner such as Sletrokor for better results.

However there is a lot going on here in terms of ingredients, therefore it deserves an analysis to show what it can in store. So here is Skinny Magic without the veil.

Who makes it?

On the front of the label is says HerbShop Inc, and that it all. No mention is given as to what the company intends to do or how they operate. Their website does have a phone number but no address or email is provided. They in fact do not even represent their own brands, instead relying on a few unsubstantiated customer opinions as way to show how this product has affected some individuals.

Another disturbing fact is that there are two websites with the name of the company selling the same brands. It is unknown which is the actual retailer or how this came to be.

While the company does not have a grasp on marketing their own products the real issue here is how they offer absolutely no details on how they operate.

Does Skinny Magic work?

The very few reviews that exist online are on the negative, mostly having to do with the rate of lacking positive effects which many did not feel. For some the results were not better than the potential side effects which I’ll uncover a bit later.

Since the company only has a few testimonials to show any support for itself, it calls into question the rate of effectiveness. If they refuse to add how it works then it clearly creates tension and makes it hard to know what the real results are meant to happen. Unless of course we go to the ingredients list.

EDITOR'S TIP: Check our list of approved diet pills to make a right purchase decision!

Substantial changes can come about when you supplement with the proper brands.

Skinny Magic Ingredients and Dosage

The dosing on this brand can be a bit tricky as it is taken in a series of steps. The first 2 days one must take it before a meal and with an empty stomach, just one capsule. Days 3 and 4 can be upped to 2 a day following the same regimen, but only if one feels it is truly needed.  It should not be taken within 7 hours of sleep and it also requires diet and at least 3 exercise sessions a week.

Now moving unto the various ingredients. The metabolizing blend features digestive aids which are good. The other ingredients get a bit tricky. So for example there is apple cider vinegar and l carnitine tartrate for what is probably meant to increase metabolism.

Stimulants such as theobromine which are found in chocolate are meant to increase blood flow. Caffeine is also added to the mix which has some effects but should be moderated. Bitter orange or synephrine is also added which produces fat burning when mixed with caffeine. Though the mixture is often not recommended as it can increase the rate of rapid blood pressure and rapid heart rate.

A few other vitamins and minerals are added in order to increase metabolism and overall function.

Here is a representation of the Skinny Magic brand:


Are there possible side effects?

Some of the most noted customer accounts relate to side effects associated with the brand. Some including a really nasty case of dry mouth which was not corrected with drinking water. Many reported this issue in where they could not satisfy themselves enough to actually stop the rate of dehydration.

Others mention extreme headaches and an inability to sleep. It might be due to the recommended 7 hour window that must be observed in order to avoid any insomnia. It bears repeating one cannot take it 7 hours before bedtime in order to keep one from staying up all night.

The above 2 common symptoms are most likely linked to the stimulants added. Many customers added they wish they could get their money back, but without the money back guarantee this will never be assured. All risks associated with purchase are therefore left in the hands of those who purchase it.

Making sure you get results without side effects is a concern worth fighting over.


When selecting a supplement at the very least there is a marketing strategy which expresses what one is set to gain if they choose a particular brand. Often it is not left up to a few random blurbs from supposed customers. At the very least the company gives a few sentences to express what is to be gained, or how they intend for there to be positives. Not the case for Skinny Magic, any and all reassurance is left to websites which had no hand in the making of it.

So the first issue is just that, no form of accountability. This extends with the lack of a money back guarantee. So not only are customers meant to take a chance, but they have to do this without a way to even reach to know if they can even leave complaints to the company. Only a phone number is given without a real company name to show for itself. Since it has failed to give this valuable piece of information it leaves a real question as to how is to be faulted if there is an issue.

Finally one of the biggest red flags is the combination of several stimulants. Without a way to reassure safety, quality manufacturing or customer satisfaction there is too much doubt associated. Also since the majority of reviews are plainly negative, it hints at this product lacking in several key areas.

Until the company reveals more about itself and until most of the reviews are not negative, there is too much unsettling about purchasing this stimulant laden brand. Skinny Magic does not offer enough details and instead leaves customers to for the most part, say this product is not good.

Reaching a more substantial change is possible without the risk of no name brands and potential side issues.

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