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Scorch Review – Is Scorch Safe?

One of the most beloved kinds of diet pill that people are always interesting in purchasing, are products that advertise themselves to smolder fat from the body. There is an incredible assortment of weight management products on the market that retail themselves to work in a plethora of ways, but what people always find themselves most interested in is getting rid of excessive amounts of fat. Even from a layperson standard, the relation from fat to weight loss seems utterly obvious. So why wouldn’t people want to do consume a product that will have them subtracting pounds from themselves in the most optimal manner possible?

What may get confusing, is which product actually does this the best. In a crowd where every product seems so similar, Scorch attempts to stand out from the pack. So does it really scorch fat deposits from the body as good as it’s creators market it out to?

Or is the name just used because it’s catchy and will stand out from more generic sounding weight loss supplements? In the following article I take a deeper look into Scorch to see what it’s actually capable of.

What is it?

As mentioned in it’s name, Scorch was designed to roast calories and fat from the body. It achieves this goal by arousing thermogenesis, as well as quashing any thoughts that an appetite may conjure up. As if in accordance with what other diet pills offer, this one also makes mention that it steps up the user’s energy levels and enhances the user’s state of mind. Despite heightening energy levels, the makers of this byproduct of substances do mention that this is a product that people who have a frail relationship with stimulants may also consume.

Additionally there are assertions that Scorch may also have the ability for people to more efficiently sustain mass that is comprised of lean muscle as well as ensuring that water weight evaporates from the body. These kind of features seem to make Scorch more geared toward athletic people. Because of this people who are not athletic may feel out of place with this brand and get turned away. The web page for Scorch does offer a generous amount of information in regards to the ingredients that may be found within this product, but not much else. It’s as if there’s more to the story than the company wants to let on.

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So what else is there about Scorch that you, the potential buyers, should know? Read the following article to find out.

Who makes it?

Scorch is manufactured by the Mesquite, Texas based Man Sports. Unlike other companies that feature an “About Us” page, this company decides to instead opt out of revealing anything about it’s personal history or mission statement to the people who may buy their products. They do however leave contact information in case there are people with questions. Despite the company’s name being gender specific, that does not also mean that all the products that this company produces are for men exclusively.

Additionally the company is pretty active when it comes to social media, and the plethora of different posts that they have on their Facebook account. The company also has other social media accounts, but the ones that are shown on their website are mainly Facebook. I found this a bit refreshing, as there are a lot of other companies that while having social media channels, they don’t update them as much as they should, which in turn makes the company feel a bit lazy and out of date. The company has also created a community of users that it calls the 1 percenters, which it markets out as people who have no fear in unleashing their complete and full potential. This applies to health and fitness, but there is a connotation that it also applies to a general attitude that is used in life as well.

Does Scorch work?

The reviews on Scorch are a complete hodgepodge, with some people seeing results, while others berate the product for doing little, if not nothing for them. Of the reviewers who did see results, what I found was that while there was a drop in the overall amount of pounds that they carry on their bodies, the amount was much more modest than the company may want to let on. I also could not find any clinical studies that the company supplied on their website to endorse any of the declarations that the company has made in regards to the concoction. Along with this I could help but notice the disclaimer in small font at the bottom of the webpage stating that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not evaluated any of the statements that the company has made about it’s product. Without the government body or the clinical trials, I cannot say with certainty that the weight loss results that were seen would stay consistent in a larger pool of users.

EDITOR'S TIP: Check our list of approved diet pills to make a right purchase decision!

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Scorch Ingredients and Dosage

Unlike other products that tend to hide the amounts of their ingredients in a proprietary blend, Scorch instead keeps it’s ingredients separate, as well as listing the amounts of each individual substance. There must be a lack of doubts that this is like other diet pills which are filled with pure junk, as Scorch does contain oolong tea, ginger root and green tea, which are all known to be beneficial to overall health. Simultaneously however, there are other ingredients that are not known to have much of an effect on weight management, such as raspberry ketones. Evodiamine is another ingredient that may also not have much of an effect, as it does not absorb well into the bloodstream if separated from the fruit that it comes from. Synephrine doesn’t come in a large amount in Scorch, however it is a powerful stimulant that is the chemical twin to ephedra, which was made illegal because of all the health risks that were in association with it. Because of this, similar side effects may occur when this is ingested.


Are there any potential side effects?

Because of the stimulants in this product, the likelihood of a user experiencing adverse reaction is much higher than if a placebo was taken. There are four substances in this product that are known to carry stimulants. It is also possible that the caffeine included may magnify the effects of the synephrine that is embodied in Scorch, thereby not only making the effects more potent, but increasing the likelihood of side effects as well. These side effects include insomnia, palpitations, anxiety, hypertension, jitters, a higher rate of urination, fainting and in extreme cases even healthy individuals may experience a cerebrovascular accident (stroke) or myocardial infarction (heart attack). Bioperine, the last ingredient on the product’s label, has also been known to increase the absorption rate of substances, and people on medications may have an overdose on what is otherwise a normal dose.

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While this product’s marketing copy may seem to come off as confident and optimistic, the reality at the heart of this product is that it has not been tested in clinical trials, nor has the FDA evaluated anything that the company has stated about this product. Additionally there are a host of adverse reactions that people may experience because of the stimulants that are known to form the makeup of this product. Although there are individuals who did report some weight loss, I would still recommend other products that are known to give results that are known to be greater than “modest”.

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