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Resveratrol Review – Does it Really Work?

It seems like everyday there are scientists that are coming out with new and improved diet pills with the aim of helping people manage their weight in a more optimal fashion. Some of these end up being forgotten soon after they are released, while others are able to sustain themselves for years. While the media craze may be all over these kinds of products, I think it’s important for consumers to remember that naturally made substances have been around for centuries, and have been used to relieve the various ailments that mankind has been plagued with.

Found in fruits and wines, Resveratrol is known for the health benefits it may provide to those who happen to consume this substance. Yet despite being natural, the question of this Resveratrol’s competence in aiding weight loss is still something that is hotly debated by nutritional enthusiasts.

There are assertions that it may, but does it really? Or are you better off looking for other natural supplements? The answers to these questions are found below.

What is it?

Resveratrol is a compound that has it’s origins in blueberries, grape skins, peanuts as well as other kinds of berries. The plants that produce this substance do so to chaperon themselves from the environments around them. This insulation exists in the form of an antioxidant. Some of the things that Resveratrol protects plants from are sun damage and fungi.

One of the sources that this is known to be in a bountiful amount is from grapes. Because it is found in grapes, it may be found in wine as well, with red wine having more Resveratrol than white wine. Additionally, the more humid the environment that the grapes are from, the more of this substance that it carries with it.

(An interesting sidenote, but the populace of France has been known to have low levels of heart related illnesses, despite having a high fat diet, smoking and drinking coffee being in vogue. This may be attributed to the French drinking moderate amounts of wine, which therefore gives them the health benefits of Resveratrol.)

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There are supplements available on the market that contain Resveratrol, however these come from Japanese knotweed, as this flora is known to contain the most of the substance. In spite of this, taking this substance orally is not known to produce the most potent results. Top Rated Products are not known to have this kind of drawback.

Who makes it?

Resveratrol is known to be a flora based substance, and as such there is no single manufacturer of it. There are however, companies that like to use this as a supplement, or include it as an ingredient in their products. Examples of these companies include Life Extension, Puritan’s Pride, Source Naturals, Country Life and Nature’s Answer.

Does Resveratrol work?

The antioxidants that are present in Resveratrol are known to ward off the negative effects that free radicals may have in the body. There are also various other health benefits associated with Resveratrol, some of which include stonewalling the body against ailments such as Alzheimer’s, cancer, diabetes, insulin resistance, age related diseases, heart disorders and obesity.

While this may all sound incredible, the truth of the matter is that these are all still believed to be benefits, but they have yet to be solidly proven to act as a remedy to any or all of the above listed ailments. This is because there is a void of data that exists where this information should be. More studies need to be done to further validate that this ingredient lives on the great heights that companies who produce it declare. Top Rated Products are all known to have clinical data that backs up any allegations that are made about them.

Of the data that is known about this substance, the great majority of studies of it have been single blind studies. While this does produce some amount of data, the results are not as conclusive as if this was a double blind study that was repeated in clinical trials.

Another problem with these supplements, is that typically the amount that they come in (250-500 mg) are not really enough for there to be much of an effect on health, if there is any at all. To me this feels like a rip off that companies don’t tell you about; sure, they’ll tell you they have a healthy product, just leave out the part about how much you need to be healthy.

EDITOR'S TIP: Check our list of approved diet pills to make a right purchase decision!

And that’s notwithstanding that Resveratrol isn’t even absorbed very well when taken orally as a pill!

Resveratrol Dosage

The amount that Resveratrol may come in varies, with 5-10 milligrams on the low side, with higher amounts ranging from 250-500 milligrams. Currently there is neither a most advantageous amount, nor general instructions as to how to take this substance.

  • Resveratrol-   5-500 mg

Are there potential side effects?

There have not been enough studies done on Resveratrol to confirm if there are any serious adverse reactions that people may experience from its consumption. In terms of long term use, that remains in the realm of the unknown.

There is some evidence to support the assertion that this plant based substance may react with nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medicines such as ibuprofen and aspirin, which may heighten the potential risk for bleeding. Blood thinners such as warfarin may have the same effect when conjoined with Resveratrol use as well.


Sometimes a technique that health supplement companies utilize, is stating that they have for sale, a substance that is all natural. While this may be true, the proven efficiency of these products may never be stated, only assumed. And all it takes, is a marketer with a careful eye to word a product description in such a way that people will believe a substance really is something that it isn’t.

There are perks for people who are looking to ingest Resveratrol, however none of them have ever been scientifically proven. I’m not saying that this substance is bad for your health, but there is a chance that it may not be as sufficient in contending weight gain than you may think. Your best bet I suggest, would be to go for supplements that actually have scientific data backing them.

While there are supplements that may disappoint consumers with their impotency, Products that have been Rated to be of Top quality never will.

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