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Relora Review – All You Need to Know About This Product.

While there may be some obvious culprits that cause weight gain, not all of them are as well known. Everyone knows the dangers of overeating, but sometimes what it is overlooked is emotion, and how it may play a role in weight loss. When people are not in a content state of mind, they may find themselves more likely to turn to food as a sort of comfort. This may be because of depressive feelings or even anxiety. Such is the case with stress levels. It is acknowledged that this is known to play some kind of role, but it isn’t focused on nearly as much as it should be. Blends such as Relora attempt to address this issue in what the manufacturers see as the most superb method possible.

There are many ways that weight management may be addressed. This is one possible way. Some may argue that it is the most compelling method to use, others may not be so easily swayed into believing that.

So what is the real deal with Relora? Is it really known to be such a dynamic blend, or is it really not as good as we are told to believe? Answers to these questions are found below.

What is it?

Relora is a patented blend that alleges that it is able to reduce the level of stress that users may feel. Cortisol is the hormone that is responsible for the anxiety driven sensation, and it is with use of Relora that people may feel more relaxed, and therefore, less likely to turn to food as something that may be comforting them in stressful situations. It is a naturally made concoction that is marketed to not make the users of it feel drowsy, as other anxiety alleviating goods may cause users to feel. This is also despite the fact that one of the ingredients in Relora, magnolia officinalis is known to act as a sedative.

There is an official website for the blend, but it does not feature a lot of information. There is a brief description of what the concoction is, as well as 3 different questions, but none of them are very informative past the very basics of what Relora is. There are mentions that there are clinical studies that were performed on this blend, but links to these studies are not provided on the official webpage of this product. I find it a bit strange that the manufacturers would not provide the clinical studies, as doing so would only make the arguement to use their product all the stronger.

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Not including these studies makes the product as a whole more questionable, because then, all we are able to go on, are the words that the company provides and nothing more.

Who makes it?

InterHealth Nutraceuticals Incorporated is the Benicia, California based company responsible for creating Relora. The company was established in 1987, and was founded by William “Skip” Seroy, whose family has been part of the nutritional supplement industry since 1940. The company is known for producing various blends, such as Relora, that are to be used as ingredients in other products or stand alone supplements, always however, with the InterHealth logo attached to them. Such is the case with Relora. Companies which have used this patented blend include Lifetime, Source Naturals, Piping Rock Health Products, NOW, The Vitamin Shoppe, Best Vite and Lindberg. These products may be purchased either in stores that sell nutritional supplements, or on the online market from third party suppliers.

Does Relora work?

While the official website that features Relora mentions that there were clinical studies performed on the blend, they are nowhere to be found on said website. While it may be true that stress levels may sink with use of this product, that doesn’t necessarily guarantee that a subtraction of weight will follow. There is no mention as to how exercise or a diet that is recognized to be healthy play roles in weight management. This is important, as Relora is relying on the argument that, when stressed, people end up eating more, and bad foods at that. While this is noted, it’s not as if the company supplies it’s potential users with a diet plan that they should follow to avoid weight gain. It’s just generally said that if stressed, people eat more. There is no mention as to a recommendation to change lifestyle habits at all. Moreover, the company fails to provide any testimonials from customers on the official website. From the independent reviews I was able to find on this blend, some people derogated Relora for not producing any results, while others decried the adverse reactions that they experienced (more on this below.)

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Top Rated Products don’t ever forgo informing prospective buyers of the importance of regular exercise and diet, and how it applies to successful weight subduction.

Relora Ingredients and Dosage

There are two substances that when combined, are known to form Relora. Both of these substances are combined in a proprietary blend, and as such, we do not know the exact amounts of either ingredients. While the example below has 300 milligrams listed as the amount, this may vary based on the different companies that supply this blend. These two ingredients are phellodendron amurense bark and magnolia officinalis. Phellodendron amurense bark is a chinese herb that is recognized to alleviate bone pain and inflammation in an assortment of different forms, yet it has not been adequately researched by Western scientists yet. Magnolia officinalis has been recognized for it’s use in traditional versions of Chinese medicine, and is known to have effects that are used to alleviate anxiety, as well as depression. Although Relora is comprised of ingredients that may alleviate anxiety, they may not do so well in alleviating more severe forms of anxiety or depression. Users are instructed to take a single capsule 2-3 times in a given day. There is no set time as to when to take these capsules, nor any information about if it should be taken with a meal or water.


Are there potential side effects?

There have been many complaints as to adverse reactions that may be experienced with use of Relora. Some of these side effects that have been reported were so bad, that users had to stop taking this brew altogether! These adverse reactions include headaches, insomnia, anxiety, hypertension (high blood pressure), irritability, asthma, joint pain, rapid heartbeat (palpitations), a tightness in the chest, difficulty breathing and tingling sensations in the legs and arms. It is important to note however, that these adverse effects differed from person to person, so there is no set universal that prospective buyers should be particularly aware of, yet insomnia seems to be commonly experienced. Women who are nursing or in stages of pregnancy are not recommended to use Relora. Similarly barred are individuals who are children and people who are currently taking other forms of medication.

Top Rated Products may have side effects, but there is uniformity in what has been reported. As such, they are easier to take precautions of.


One of the major draws of this man made blend, is that it is not created of synthetic substances. In spite of it being made of all natural substances, that does not mean that this blend is actually a dynamic enough product to positively affect a subtraction of pounds. While there is a mention of clinical studies being done on the substances that have been concocted together to make Relora, they have not been provided on the official webpage that features this product.

While there is mentioning of how stress plays into weight gain and issues that may pertain to overeating, the makers of this blend do not mention how a change in lifestyle may be important to a subduction in overall weight. This by itself is essential to any successful attempt at weight management, and to not so much as to address it makes realizing the sought after goals much less likely. It is for these reasons that I would advise prospective buyers to instead look to other options that may make the production of results much more likely.

Top Rated Products are concocted with natural ingredients that are known to be incredibly robust in the crusade to ensure weight gain is quelled.

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